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2 thoughts on “The yoots will save us!”

  1. Hilary White says:

    I’m pretty sure it’s not *quite* that nauseating.

  2. jack says:

    Years ago I read a large Catholic anthology chock-full of literary giants from the first half of the 20th C. I know some consider Romano Guardini a raving Modernist, but something in that anthology he wrote has stuck with me as pure Catholic thought. It’s entitled the “Primacy
    of the Logos over the Ethos” and it’s from his short book “The Spirit of
    the Liturgy”. It’s not long, but read this and consider if the destruction Francis is wreaking on the Church is not the antithesis of what Guardini writes here:

    “For the soul needs absolutely firm
    ground on which to stand. It needs a support by which it can raise
    itself, a sure external point beyond itself, and that can only be
    supplied by truth. The knowledge of pure truth is the fundamental factor
    of spiritual emancipation. “The truth shall make you free.” The soul
    needs that spiritual relaxation in which the convulsions of the will are
    stilled, the restlessness of struggle quietened, and the shrieking of
    desire silenced; and that is fundamentally and primarily the act of
    intention by which thought perceives truth, and the spirit is silent
    before its splendid majesty.

    In dogma, the fact of absolute
    truth, inflexible and eternal, entirely independent of a basis of
    practicality, we possess something which is inexpressibly great. When
    the soul becomes aware of it, it is overcome by a sensation as of having
    touched the mystic guarantee of universal sanity; it perceives dogma as
    the guardian of all existence, actually and really the rock upon which
    the universe rests. “In the beginning was the Word”–the Logos….”

    So I ask again: is not the last 50 years, whose culmination is Francis, a denial of dogma, a denial of sanity, and a denial of absolute truth? Is this not why Catholics have lost their minds?

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