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Just in case you actually want to stay in the Matrix…

Sandro Magister offers us a way back in…

Instructions For Not Losing the Way in the Labyrinth of “Amoris Lætitia”

“Intentionally written in a vague form, the post-synodal exhortation allows two opposite ways out. A Dominican theologian indicates the right one here.”

In other words…
“There are two ways out of the Joy of Sodomy labyrinth. One leads back to the Matrix, and the other one leads to the Vatican Bath House. Take your pick.”


6 thoughts on “Just in case you actually want to stay in the Matrix…”

  1. IHSV says:

    Fight. But not like you’re saying it… I think he may very well fight to help the hierarchy realize their own discernment of spirits, correctly. As a capt. Ignatius had a vested interest in his General being of the right mind, so you patch that up first, then you have a place to take your orders.

    Thats my thought, he’s my patron, confirmation saint, he brought me back to the Faith, I love [old school] SJ’s tried to become one… But yeah… Long story.

  2. Deacon_Augustine says:

    Even saints are not exempt from saying some really, really stupid things.

  3. SAF says:


  4. Hilary White says:

    It’s the gaslighter’s stock in trade; to try to get people to start doubting the evidence that is plainly before them, and doubt that they really know what they know.

  5. Michael Dowd says:

    Hopefully Fr. Angelo Bellon, O.P.’s analysis will be widely read, but even so Pope Francis has put Bishops and priests in the most awkward position. Nonetheless, they must proclaim the truth whatever the cost.

  6. PlushGrizzly says:

    “What seems to me white, I will believe black if the hierarchical Church so defines.”

    Ignatius of Loyola

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