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Lord Vetinari on how to get things done in politics.


Chapter 1: committees

“[Lord Vetinari] was a great believer in letting a thousand voices be heard, because this meant that all he actually needed to do was listen only to the ones that had anything useful to say, ‘useful’ in this case being defined in the classic civil-service way as ‘inclining to my point of view.’ In his experience, it was a number generally smaller than ten.

The people who wanted a thousand, etc., really meant that they wanted their own voice to be heard while the other nine hundred and ninety-nine were ignored, and for this purpose the gods had invented the committee.

Vetinari was very good at committees, especially when Drumknott took the minutes. What the iron maiden was to stupid tyrants, the committee was to Lord Vetinari; it was only slightly more expensive, far less messy, considerably more efficient, and, best of all, you had to *force* people to climb inside the iron maiden.”


I’ve got such a crush on him…


5 thoughts on “Lord Vetinari on how to get things done in politics.”

  1. Stephen Lowe says:

    What could go wrong? This image dovetails with Ann Barnharts video she just released…which had me in tears at the end.

  2. Kate McAuliffe says:

    My husband a two of my children read (past tense) the Terry Pratchett and knew EXACTLY who this was referencing and thought it was very funny! I know you are thrilled to learn of it. I thought it would give you a lift to know that someone got it without any explanation.

  3. Ee Jay says:

    What is all this about?

  4. Stephen Lowe says:

    Where is Gomer Pyle….’Surprise, surprise, surprise! Yet another Sacrament that will be altered. Extreme Unction is nervous, as it should be.

  5. Isabel says:

    Or you can pretend to be a total flake and say to some visiting sympathizer (probably contacted in advance), “hey, I’ve wondered all the time about women deacons, let’s set up a commission…”

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