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“I love your blog, and I’m totally with you, but if I say anything publicly…”

The next priest who says this to me in any forum whatsoever, who tells me how much he wants to say out loud the things I say here, but who just can’t because of his bishop or his religious superior or because of his job, is going to get outed on the blog.

I’ll do a feature on him. With photos.

And then email it to his bishop

and to the president of the National Bishops’ Conference in his country,

and then to the Nuncio

and then to the secretary of the Congregation for Clergy.

We don’t need any more “personally orthodox” priests or bishops living in hiding. You’re going to be hurt by what’s going on. That’s the whole point.

1018314832Don’t ever, ever tell me how hard it is for you to be publicly faithful.


22 thoughts on ““I love your blog, and I’m totally with you, but if I say anything publicly…””

  1. Rory Donnellan says:

    The price Priests must often pay to keep in good standing with their diocese is to refrain from criticising novelties or siding in any shape or form with critics of the new religion. They may even be permitted to offer the traditional Latin Mass occasionally – but only if they have no objection whatsoever to the Novus Ordo, any of the new Sacraments or any aspect of Vatican 2. Once they voice criticisms of the revolution, they’re toast! Is it not sometimes better to stay under the radar in the trenches, rather than stand-up to the Gestapo knowing full-well that such a move will ensure they are swiftly mowed down?

  2. Rory Donnellan says:

    Let’s cut the clergy some slack please. They often do take a stand e.g. defending illegal aliens, campaigns against bullying and any other forms of discrimination against “gays”, non-judgemental/inclusive language courses, petitions to end the death penalty etc. And for those who believe they don’t care about the community, please remember that they do offer parish bingo nights and plenty of fun interfaith activities!

  3. Greek Fire says:

    This is the greatest blog post ever.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    And this is one reason why, as St Teresa of Avila said, “most priests are damned.” Pray for priests. Effeminacy has stricken all men in one form or another, but especially the priests. Look at the birds of the air….will God not support His own?? We need militant priests and Catholics now more than ever. No fear! Church MILITANT! Where is the faith and trust in God? Especially when you know what you’re doing is His Holy Will? God help us!

  5. Hatchetwoman says:

    If priests are cowardly, it’s likely in part because they know we are, too. Take the example in one of the other comments, where a priest who decided to celebrate Ad Orientem was hounded by a group of liberals. Where were the orthodox parishioners? The hierarchy always wants young people — where were they? Why did they not raise an almighty stink to counter and overwhelm the liberal nonsense? The priests are human; they need to know that there are faithful “out there” who will support them, not just at the time of the controversy, but consistently. They need prayer and sacrifice for their spiritual strength, but they also need action. We are all very good about pointing out faults and flaws in liturgy and sermons to priests, but we’re really bad about praising and supporting them when they do good things. My uncle was a priest and he went through various battles throughout his life; everything from the parishioners being up in arms and writing to the bishop because he dared to tell them not to chew gum during Mass and refused to give Communion to anyone with gum in their mouths (the most amazing thing to me is that the bishop even entertained such complaints). Luckily, enough good people stood up for him and supported him.

    We have to be more than just butts in the pews.

  6. louiseyvette says:

    I have to say, that when you have suffered severely for the Faith, it’s demoralising to see that no clergy will stand by you.

    Women are tired of being abandoned by men.

    But it’s a great opportunity to be forever comforted by our Heavenly Father, Who is always faithful.

  7. louiseyvette says:

    Oh Judy, I did laugh!!

    And here I am trying to pass myself off as some kind of polite, demure ’50s wife (a good thing). It’s not working.

  8. Barbara says:

    Yes, Michael Dowd and Craig, but someone has to go first – and that’s the problem. Here in our home the second decade of our Rosaries is for bishops and priests – we ask Our Lady’s intercession for their CONVERSION.

  9. Michael Dowd says:

    Great idea Craig: mass refusal and resistance. Somebody should push this notion. Maybe Hilary.

  10. RaghnMacConchrú says:

    Just when I thought things were getting better, that maybe a corner had been turned, especially with the SSPX – because Francis is so off-the-wall and cares no more for the actual teaching of Vat2 than he does the actual teaching of JPII or B16, and so on, and thus more likely to recognize the SSPX on their terms than previous popes had been – Cardinal Müller comes along and does the nasty all over my poor hope wheelbarrow.

    I see in the NCR that (the much by-passed, ignored, held-in-contempt) Cardinal is saying the SSPX must kiss Vat2’s brass rings if the Society wants back into the Church’s official embrace. Edward Pentin was reporting it and I had to write ‘em a Comment. I mean, c’mon.

    I wrote (well, I’m rewriting as I go):
    You-all can search for DIGNITATIS HUMANAE on the net and go directly to the doc at I urge you to try it. It doesn’t make much any sense. For instance: “Religious freedom, in turn, which men demand as necessary to fulfill their duty to worship God, has to do with immunity from coercion in civil society. Therefore it leaves untouched traditional Catholic doctrine on the moral duty of men and societies toward the true religion and toward the one Church of Christ.” (In the 4th paragraph)

    Whoa! If “religious freedom” is necessary to fulfill a DUTY, how is it FREE? If people have a moral duty to do X, how can they be “free” to not do it? Gen’ral Lee said, “Duty is the sublimest word in the language.” So where were the Vat2 “Fathers” coming from? The men who write this had enough of the old teaching that “freedom” means “doing what you were meant for” to seem to think this is was they meant, but if so, they didn’t understand that what modern people mean by freedom is something utterly different (or if they knew what they were doing, then it’s Sylvester the Cat descending on the Down escalator for them). (This starts out with Sylvester but then changes to Yosemite Sam, for some reason.)

    It also says “They are also bound to adhere to the truth, once it is known, and to order their whole lives in accord with the demands of truth.”
    Gee, that’s nice, but who is going to force ’em to even pretend to “live lives in accord with the demands of truth” if they’re “free” to walk away from it? And by “walk away”, take someone who sells drugs or runs girls or does porn: does his natural human dignity, that which allows him to be free, also allow him to harm others in this way? This is the kind of real-world scenario that Vat2 is clueless about, and thus inherently odious. WE have to LIVE in a world that the Church refuses to use leverage on. It ain’t very nice.

    Oh Cardinal Müller, calling Cardinal Müller! DIGNITATIS HUMANAE uses a lot of verbiage to try to square a circle. The Church has always taught that its teaching is good, valuable, and should be listened to, because IT IS TRUE, and corollary, the error has no rights. Thus we fulfill out “freedom” not by “freedom of choice” in the modern sense of choosing to do bad things but by choosing to be what we were meant to be. And therefore the whole point of the Church was to create a civilization and culture in which people were better able to do just that. And requires some coercion! Such a worldview is the utter opposite of Lockean Classical Liberalism, which worked as long as the world (as GKC said) was living off its Catholic capital. Now that it’s broke, all we end up with is Sex, Drugs, and Rock-and-Roll. (To coin a phrase.)

    And they want the SSPX to get into this cesspool?

  11. RaghnMacConchrú says:

    I know Hillary is thinking we’re living in the worst age of the Church, and she may be right. But remember, all of England’s bishops signed on to Henry’s divorce, except for John Fisher who championed Queen Catherine and was eventually beheaded for refusing to kow-tow to Fat “Arry being made “head of the Church of England” (kinda like making Bill Clinton pope, as it were). In other words, these weasels who hide in the wainscotting today, desperate not to be “outted”, are in a long line of weasals.

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  14. Judy says:

    As I told my husband, “So many men, so few balls.” Sorry to be coarse, but I’ve pretty much had it with Catholic men who want women to play our part but won’t play theirs. That goes for laymen as well as priests.

  15. Linda Clerkin says:

    That’s heaven.
    Away from all the muck and filth.
    And there’s a soul in that wasteland that’s been praying and sacrificing for a good priest. And God granted their prayer.
    You probably know this.
    But for folks who get all discouraged over stuff like this…

  16. Stabat Mater says:

    My 11 year old son asked why our pastor won’t schedule daily Latin Mass at our parish. When I began to explain that he is afraid of retaliation from our bishop, my son interrupted me with, “AFRAID?!?! What the heck is Father afraid of??? Doesn’t he know he was given POWER and grace to have courage in the Sacrament of Holy Orders???”

  17. St. Benedict's Thistle says:

    Just the cynic in me, but those who whisper in your ear about their orthodoxy may also hope to gain your ear, and therefore information. I think many are willing to play both ends against the middle, too.

  18. Marie says:

    I am so tired of pansy assed wussified faux priests who are more worried about human respect, their pensions, and their standing with the Diocese than they are of God and His Eternal Judgement on their souls. It’s like they are standing watching their sheep get devoured. Lead or follow but get the hell out of the way.
    If they can’t step up now they never will. Get the heck away from your Modern N.O. parish, even the Priests who say the TLM and modern Mass are schizophrenic and don’t speak out. I’m fed up. We fled to the nearest SSPX parish and have found peace and truth. No sermons filled with bitter zeal but just honest to goodness preaching about how to be a faithful Catholic. It’s amazing learning about the Faith in its full glory with no taint of modernistic theology or watering down.

  19. Michael says:

    I spoke to my associate pastor about him doing an ad orientem mass at our very liberal parish. I gave him cogent and logical arguments. He agreed with everything, said that my theology is sound, but that he can’t risk his career on such a move. They really have these men scared.

  20. Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalas says:

    No words do justice to these cowards. Do they believe that God IS, and that God SEES them? If they did, and if they knew God’s Word to us (which means – to them also), they would know what God has in store for them. Do I desire punishment for them? – Absolutely and unequivocally – NO. I am not a monster, THEY are.

  21. Craig says:

    I, a layman, work for a diocese in the USA and as such have had many opportunities to speak with different priests about the crisis in the Church and more specifically this pontificate. Of about 50 priest I’d say at least 30-40 are “personally” very orthodox but publicly will tow whatever line needs be to stay off anyone’s radar. These priest are afraid to be disciplined they way one of them was a few years ago for doing the right thing. The disciplined priest had decided to start offering the NO ad orientum, sacred music, no alter girls or EMHC. A handful of lib 50ish lady’s raised enough noise to get him transferred to the wasteland of the diocese. I tell these priests that a bishop can only harass so many at once. If all of these men stood up at once and drew the line, what’s the bishop to do?!? He can’t exile the whole diocese at once! Man up for goodness sakes!

  22. Craig says:

    Things I hate most from greatest to least.
    1). Worldly priests
    2). Cowardly priests
    3). Plague

  23. Barbara says:

    Poor priests. If only one would make the first move he would be surprised that many would follow him into the jaws of the enemy. But who’s going to go first? Is this an example of effeminacy? Or sloth? Or prudence? Or just plain old human respect? Is it fear of pain? Or lack of desire for Heaven?

    There was an Ordination in my diocese last Saturday and the Bishop apparently gave a ‘nice’ sermon. He is quoted as telling the four new priests that they are to be shepherds, and are expected to lay down their lives for their sheep. I’m glad I gave this event a pass. I may not have been able to keep quiet in the face of this hypocrisy from a very, very, very timid bishop.

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