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PPA – Papal Positivists Anonymous.


Looks familiar somehow…

There should be, like A.A., a P.P.A.: Papal Positivists Anonymous.

“Hi. I’m Bob. I’m a papal positivist.”

(applause) “Hi Bob.”

“What woke me up was when…”

I’m going to keep saying it and saying it until… I guess, I get tired of saying it and can’t be bothered anymore…

Pope Francis is the only thing that was going to save the Church.

Another “conservative” pontificate – in which a guy like Georg Ganswein, with his para-ecclesiology, is thought a hero of orthodoxy and rationality – was going to be the end of us. The bleeding out from a million papercuts; slowly, slowly falling asleep in a warm bath while the lifeblood ran out.

Instead, we’ve been given, through the mercy of God, the Slap-in-the-Face-with-a-Wet-Flounder Pontificate. And a lot of people are waking up.

For the ones who aren’t, it’s a big help to the rest of us to find out who is and who is not Catholic.




8 thoughts on “PPA – Papal Positivists Anonymous.”

  1. Rory Donnellan says:

    Hey, at least there are still a few Cardinals like George Pell left at the Vatican to provide EWTN pundits with their more conservative brand of Vatican 2. Yep, more “conservative” kool-aid: that’ll fix ’em! If only Vatican 2 had been properly implemented!

  2. Fuquay Steve says:

    Am I in trouble? I find myself extremely bored with Francis….there is nothing meaningful there but just social justice worldly concerns. It is so mundane that it is even spoiling the pre Vatican II traditions…I find myself before and after TLM reflecting on the tragically flawed NO the vast majority are enduring….and wondering how can this all be healed…the staus quo sucks…and is boring. Where has the Mysyery gone and why has world concerns overshadowed spiritual concerns? Bring back the Mystics please.

  3. Hugh says:

    It’s definitely an irregular relationship.

  4. ihsv says:

    With due deference to our holy father… It turns my stomach to see two popes embracing each other in such beautiful pictures.

    We do not have holy fathers. That’s disgusting, it is wrong. I don’t know why more people don’t point it out.

    I am not saying they are, not even a little bit nor at all, but it strikes me as in the spirit of the homosexualist mafia “I have two daddies.”
    Not me, I have one father. Benedict needs to stay in his monastery and take off the papal white or Francis has got to go.

    Anyone else? Or just me?

  5. Barbara says:

    Yes, this will begin to be seen more clearly by many. Time to head for a good parish, a good priest, and the support of like-minded Catholics. The deluge will come very quickly so get ready now.

  6. Tradition et Fides says:

    W obronie Tradycji i Wiary

    Very funny and very true, we are reblogging you in English and in German soon.

  7. Michael says:

    Precisely. The mask is off, we can see exactly who these people are now:

  8. Michael Dowd says:

    Yes, Pope Francis theme song: A Winnowing We Will Go.

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