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How if they have called upon Tash, unbelieving, and Tash has come?

“It seems, then,” said the Unicorn, “that there is a real Tash, after all.”

“Yes,” said the Dwarf. “And this fool of an Ape, who didn’t believe in Tash, will get more than he bargained for! He called for Tash: Tash has come.”

“Where has it—he—the Thing—gone to?” said Jill.

“North into the heart of Narnia,” said Tirian. “It has come to dwell among us. They have called it and it has come.”

“Ho, ho, ho!” chuckled the Dwarf, rubbing his hairy hands together. “It will be a surprise for the Ape. People shouldn’t call for demons unless they really mean what they say.”

Good advice.

A short time ago, I had the pleasure of writing an article about the extraordinary achievement of a new rail tunnel under the Swiss Alps. The Gotthard Base Tunnel is one of the engineering marvels of the world. It is a gradient-free tunnel, 37 km long – longest tunnel in the world – and covered by over a mile of solid rock. It links Milan and Zurich, taking 2.5 hours off the previous time (by avoiding all that up-ness) and will have the huge benefit of allowing smaller trains with fewer engines to pull freight and passengers along its perfectly flat and almost straight length.

It will allow nearly all the freight to be transferred from the trucks that had formerly hauled all the goods of the south up and over and through those picturesque little Swiss villages we all love so much. Now the freight, which represents an enormous percentage of the goods shipped in Europe, will go straight through the mountains on trains. No more trucks. No more increased road hazards for the truckers and the passenger vehicles. No more add-on transport costs.

The tunnel was approved by a referendum in Switzerland in the ’90s and cost about 12 billion. It’s going to be only the start of a whole network of rail link tunnels under the Alps.

So, how did the Swiss choose to inaugurate this extraordinary achievement?

Why, by dedicating it to Stan of course. What else?

In an opening ceremony attended by many the elites of the European oligarchy, the tunnel was dedicated with a theatrical-ized Stannic ritual, offering this work to the Father of Lies – a neo-pagan extravaganza! Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande, Matteo Renzi and numerous other European dignitaries watched as Stan was shown as the goat-headed ‘god’ to which the tunnel was offered; dancers depicted demons and damned human spirits writhing in hell, and human figures, led by a red-gowned Whore of Babylon and her goat-headed consort, bowed down with their offerings and worshipped it to the sound of Swiss mountain horns.

Really? I’m exaggerating? Making it up?

OK, go ahead and watch [Nudity and… well… Stanism warning]. It’s only boring for the first three minutes… until the army of zombie tunnel workers tear off their clothes… (The damned spirits and demons show up at 6:29) The commentary is from some American Evangelical protestant group, and they are so astounded that their wildest predictions about where the EU is headed have come true, they hardly seem to know what to say.

Of course, the Ann Barnhardt Rule probably applies here. I’m sure that most of the people there, the dancers and the dignitaries, have no notion at all that Stan is real. I’m sure they think they saw some art.

It’s just art, right? It’s avant garde.

It’s terribly, terribly sophisticated. Right?

I mean, right?


17 thoughts on “How if they have called upon Tash, unbelieving, and Tash has come?”

  1. Fred Costello says:

    Our world is similar to what surrounded Noah. The few faithful keep the world from being totally destroyed.

  2. bvsg says:

    Humans really oughtn’t to mess with angels of any sort, fallen or otherwise. We aren’t their equals in any way what so ever.Our good angels do our bidding in prayer etc..because they are obedient to God and not to us. They are still formidable. Remember the first words of Archangel Gabriel to Mary were to assure her not to be afraid . That should give you a hint of how terrible their magesty and purity must be to our fallen natures.

    We should love and honour them as we would an elder wiser brother in whose charge we are. And ponder just how much we owe to their loving guardianship.

    And as for fallen angels….. only arrogant fools would invite any communication with that cohort…… Well I guess that about says it all, doesn’t it?

  3. Doghouse Riley says:

    12 billion for a 37 km tunnel under the Alps? Meh. We built a one-mile tunnel under Boston for 24 billion. U.S.A.! U.S.A.!

  4. Br. Christian says:

    The almost nude dancing reminds me of St Augustine’s descriptions of pagan Roman worship at the beginning of “City of God”. Get your life cleaned up, grow close to Jesus, amen. Even so, come Lord Jesus. Amen.

  5. GracieLou says:

    I’m sure there’s a flaming choreographer behind it, there’s always a flaming choreographer.

  6. Evangeline10 says:

    This explains the Muslim invasion.

  7. Aaron B. says:

    It may look silly in video clips, but I’d guess it was much more intense if you were sitting through it for real, with the music and smells swirling around you and those images on that huge screen not so far away.

  8. TF says:

    I don’t think Old Scratch would be embarrassed by this at all. Quite the contrary. It appears to have been styled after a Hieronymus Bosch painting of Hell, like this one:

  9. Miles says:

    I pray a good Bishop will go and exorcise the tunnel and consecrate it the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts. Glad to see that the actual workers brought St. Barbara through the tunnel first.

  10. T. Audrey Glamour says:

    I saw a different video yesterday. This one was much more…stantanic.

    Some of those male underwear dancers seemed to be enjoying themselves a bit much.

    I had to avert my gaze and stop watching.

  11. SAF says:

    The Blessed Virgin will crush his head. Pray for these people.

  12. louiseyvette says:

    Sometimes, evil people (and their useful idiots) are just plain incompetent.

    (Church people do not have a monopoly on incompetence – who knew?)

  13. louiseyvette says:

    Ok, so like most of us here, I am not a fan of Stan. Or Stanism. And I take both the Faith and Stanism seriously. It’s deadly serious.

    However… that video was hilarious! I have to say, this seemed to me like the felt-banner-version of Stanism. Does anyone else think Stan should just be plain embarrassed by this. It’s Kumbaya Stanism!

    (That’s not to say this display was not also very serious in its spiritual effects).

    Now, if they had had this in a dark room with candles and pentacles etc, it wouldn’t have been hilarious. But let’s face it, often evil is just plain dumb.

  14. Barbara says:

    I didn’t watch to the end (please!) but did the audience clap when this silliness was over?

    You’re right, Hilary, this is what passes for sophistication now. I don’t feel all ‘devilish’ here, but I do feel sorry for the organizers, dancers, musicians, and the audience. It’s so banal. Hasn’t this been done at Father Flapdoodle’s parish way back in 1979?

  15. Bill Redic says:

    On the other hand, the REAL construction workers…

  16. Aaron B. says:

    I’m not sure how to tell the difference between real satanism and people making ‘art’ from pagan and satanic symbols because they’re trying to be edgy and offend the last few Christians in Western Europe. But does it matter? If you go through the motions of making sacrifice to the devil (or the earth or forest spirits or whatever) does it matter whether you meant it for real? Don’t most Christians generally, and Church teaching specifically, say that messing with the occult is dangerous because you might get what you’re asking for either way?

  17. terri says:

    The demons from the bowels of Hell have been released upon the earth…..without a doubt woe is us. Our Lady of Fatima, Ora Pro Nobis!

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