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Gas bill PAID…


Six months worth. The cold rainy ones. In total, about 1400 Euros. I paid the last 900 today.

And I want to run around in a circle, high-fiving all the people who helped me in the last year.

Hit a bad financial patch this winter, with not a lot of writing gigs coming in and pretty much only enough dough to pay rent, water and one or the other of electric or gas. I figured, I’ve got a fireplace for heat, and a microwave, and my stove is on an independant “bombola”. Electric meant keeping the fridge, freezer and lights on, so Unogas got the short straw. They sent me bills, I put them in the “pay it later” file. Well, “later” is finally here, and today I am proud to say I’m totally out of debt…for a while.

I felt bad for a bit, kind of depressed because I thought, “I’m this age and I can’t even pay all the bills…” sobsobsob… But when I quit LSN I kind of understood that things would probably be difficult and the only thing to do would be grit the teeth through it.

You get presented with a fork in the road, you figure out what the cost of each thing would be and you make a choice with your eyes open and you suck it up.

Eventually it gets better. The tunnel’s got a light at the end and it isn’t *always* another train.