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Ho hum… another plane presser, another “SHOCK!! HORROR!!!”

Pope’s on a plane! DOWN! Errybody GET DOWN!!!

Seriously, anyone, particularly any priest, “IN SHOCK!!!” and freaking out today are just going to get a smack upside the head from me and a stern talking-to. What wearies me most is not the pope; it’s the people still being surprised and outraged and horrified and shocked! shocked!

Enough. We’ve told you and told you and told you. If you didn’t listen it’s not our problem that you’re having a bad day now.

As our buddy Steve Skojec said on FB today, “He’s like a diabolical Top 40 radio station; the hits just keep on coming!”

It confounds reason at this stage to expect anything else from this creature. The people flipping out now make me think of people who become astonished when it rains. But we all saw the clouds, heard the thunder rumbling, felt the temperature drop and the wind rise. If you didn’t run outside at these signs to get the laundry off the line, don’t moan to me now that it’s all ruined.

Pay attention. It’s part of the job of life. If you neglect to do it, you deserve whatever misery you experience.

The only people who have an excuse to complain right now are those who struggle with same sex attraction and try to live chaste lives.

As an American priest friend just wrote to me on FB: “I have also received a few emails from men involved in COURAGE…… homosexuals who live chastely. All of them say HOW BETRAYED they now feel.”

And when this is all over, and we’re all standing before the Just Judge, I expect there will be a few Lutherans who will be pointing at Pope Francis and saying, “He said it was all OK.”

Telling, isn’t it, that the priests freaking out aren’t really paying too much attention to that part of his comments. And yet, it is in violation of the first three Commandments.

Guys, there’s a reason they’re in that order.

Anyway, I just posted this to do the pro-forma. I’m afraid it is of so little moment to me, I’m already distracted.

I’ve been reading a wonderful work of spiritual theology by the great Reginald Garrigou-Lagrange, the Dominican priest who a friend of mine calls “the last theologian”. The Three Ages of the Interior Life. (full text right there.) It’s on the pursuit of Christian perfection, which is, after all, the actual point of all this.

He writes:

There are those who seem to think that it is sufficient to be saved and that it is not necessary to be a saint. It is clearly not necessary to be a saint who performs miracles and whose sanctity is officially recognized by the Church. To be saved, we must take the way of salvation, which is identical with that of sanctity. There will be only saints in heaven, whether they enter there immediately after death or after purification in purgatory. No one enters heaven unless he has that sanctity which consists in perfect purity of soul. Every sin though it should be venial, must be effaced, and the punishment due to sin must be borne or remitted, in order that a soul may enjoy forever the vision of God, see Him as He sees Himself, and love Him as He loves Himself. Should a soul enter heaven before the total remission of its sins, it could not remain there and it would cast itself into purgatory to be purified.

If you want to know why we’re bothering with any of this, read this book.

Then go outside and do the weeding. The things this pope says about religion, God or politics don’t really matter anymore. We still have people falling over themselves to try to explain him in a “Catholic way”. Why? He has nothing to add to help you, nothing to say that will get you to heaven. It has been evident for some years now that he simply hates the Faith, and hates anyone who follows it. He is irrelevant to your eternal salvation, unless you do what he says (and then, not irrelevant… get me?)

We know what he is. We know that he is the product of the last 50 years of systemic apostasy and heresy. This is the final form of the Church of Vatican II. He has already taught us everything useful that he can. Any new thing he says, any new blasphemies blurted out of his jaw, is irrelevant now. This is what God wanted us to understand with this creature: here is the New Church. Here is the New Religion.

Take the lesson and return to the ancient Faith.


18 thoughts on “Ho hum… another plane presser, another “SHOCK!! HORROR!!!””

  1. JohnK says:

    > “As if this horror is somehow automatically going to end after Francis,” … oh heavens! I never said that.

    No, of course you didn’t. But you did write “This is the final form of the Church of Vatican II.” And it couldn’t be the ‘final form’ if it were to continue — and most probably get even worse, as you said.

    No worries. I chalked it up to the tomatoes coming in. Which I hope they did.

  2. Jim in Seattle says:

    Hilary, you really should create a ‘books’ section for this blog. You occasionally mention some very good books. Today it is Garrigou-Lagrange’s “The Three Ages…” I discovered it after one of my priests spoke on some key points from it in one of his sermons. The book is very clear and readable. I just open it at random and read a few pages at a time for a breath of fresh air. Good recommendation!

  3. Kate says:

    Hilary ~ don’t be sorry that you don’t have the overview. Thank you for making me laugh and encouraging us all to step-up our prayer life. We are working to take the plunge and move closer to the Sacraments. It is probably going to take us a year, but we are working our way to be closer and have a chance to attend daily Mass once again. Thank you.

  4. Fuquaysteve says:

    I now refer to this common occurrence as a PAP smear…Papal Airplane Presser…kinda catchy no?

  5. Fuquaysteve says:

    The timing of it…I was pleasantly surprised when you posted in June….I agree with the content but you knew that and it doesn’t really matter. When you are finished weeding there, my gardens need attention…

  6. Hilary White says:

    “So in ignoring the Pope, (or the “pope”) are we not in practice sedevacantists, just not in theory? ”

    “How can we do this, make this stupendous, radical private rejection of the teaching and guidance of the overwhelming majority of the duly ordained members of the current visible magisterium and their proponents and apologists, and remain Catholic?”

    Guys, I don’t know. I really don’t. I wish I did. But this is the situation we’ve got, like it or not. I can’t figure it out either. I’m not a sede, but I know that the false religion that has been injected into the Church is not Catholicism. I know that Francis is merely the loudest proponent of this false religion, this anti-Christ religion. I know that apart from his boorish personality, he is no different from any of the thousands of others, bishops, priests and cardinals, who promote this false religion either blatantly as he and Cardinal Marx do, or clandestinely while slyly keeping up Catholic appearances as Pope Benedict did. The vast, vast majority of bishops and clergy are either willingly following the programme or have been duped by it.

    But either way, I won’t follow it. If he tells me to do Catholic things, I’ll do those. If he tells me to do things that are opposed to the Faith, are opposed to Christ, I won’t.

    I don’t have any other answers. I’m sorry. The only thing I can suggest is to keep the Faith yourself, and to step up your spiritual game. If you don’t pray regularly, start. Just three Hail Marys in the morning and before bed time. If you do that but don’t pray the Rosary, do a decade a day. If you go to Mass weekly, start going a couple times a week. Read some of the great spiritual writers – the saints before John Paul II abolished the process – and meditate on what they say through the day. Say frequent little prayers throughout the day to keep your mind on divine things. Do a little more. Step it up a bit and hang on tight. I wish I had clearer answers. I’m sorry again.

  7. Hilary White says:

    “As if this horror is somehow automatically going to end after Francis,” … oh heavens! I never said that. In fact, I’ve said exactly the opposite. That he is their trial balloon to see if they can get away with putting someone like him on the throne. I think the next one will be worse because he will be more plausible. They have a thug and a buffoon now, a bull in the china shop blundering around randomly destroying everything in his path. I think the next one will be someone with social skills, whose superior speaking and writing ability will make him a great deal more dangerous. And someone younger. A Tagle, perhaps, someone who is completely on board with the programme but who will be able to dupe even more of the remnants of the Church.

  8. Hilary White says:

    “I was more shocked at your post”… what shocked you, specifically?

  9. Michael Dowd says:

    Léon Bloy agrees: “The only real sadness, the only real failure, the only great tragedy in life, is not to become a saint.”

  10. Mike Gallagher says:

    So in ignoring the Pope, (or the “pope”) are we not in practice sedevacantists, just not in theory? I am unable to see any difference or distinction. My Faith informs me that I’m right in not following him, and can not submit to him. A pope must firstly be a Catholic before anything else. I don’t think that’s lazy or whatever.

  11. JohnK says:

    Still kinda worried that Francis is not the final “product of the last 50 years of systemic apostasy and heresy,” and that what we see now is not anywhere near “the final form of the Church of Vatican II.” As if this horror is somehow automatically going to end after Francis, or at least Real Soon Now. Because mercy.

    And I don’t get how a Catholic can abandon visible, public membership in the current, visible, public, hierarchical Church, and, based on his private reasoning, cling to a “Real” Catholic Church, an ideal Catholic Church, or a Catholic Church that existed, but in the past, that is other than the Catholic Church and her hierarchy that actually and visibly exists and teaches and is present now, and remain a Catholic. And yet, if we don’t do exactly that, we may indeed go to Hell.

    It takes some pretty fancy reasoning to conclude that this exact visible Church that we see, with the duly ordained bishops that we have, the duly appointed cardinals that elected Francis, and Francis as the Pope, is not the one true Catholic Church. And yet this “New Church” cannot be the one true Catholic Church; and yet it also must be exactly that.

    Beyond every other doctrinal horror, this is the worst by far. For the final crisis comes down to a question. This question is the question behind all the others now: where is our Church? Where is she? Where is our visible, real, current, institutional, hierarchical Bride of Christ, with the Pope as her head, and her bishops to shepherd us? How can we cling to her, belong visibly and with full assent to her, if we can’t even see her, or we reject what she teaches (or alludes to), even regarding the most sacred matters, as obvious falsehoods?

    Or are we really just pretending to ourselves that we can still see her, visible, real, definite, incarnate in our time? Can we be Catholic and reject the visible Church that we see now, and pretend to ‘belong’ to some Church that we imagine existed in the past, but we cannot see now? That we find in isolated Masses or parishes or old books, but nowhere else visible and current, let alone visibly and currently hierarchical?

    Are we not thereby admitting that there is actually no way to be Catholic now? That the visible, definite, hierarchical one true Catholic Church has been visibly, definitely, truly swept off the face of the earth through the connivance or weakness of her duly ordained and appointed hierarchy? That to be a good Catholic is to see the Pope himself, and all his dread ilk, as not really Catholic?

    How can we do this, make this stupendous, radical private rejection of the teaching and guidance of the overwhelming majority of the duly ordained members of the current visible magisterium and their proponents and apologists, and remain Catholic? And yet, how can we remain Catholic, and not do this?

    I see much virtue in those who advise soporifics, oh-so-measured criticisms, and lame excuses. Keeps your brain from exploding.

    So I say this: there is no solution. Those who see that there is a problem, but claim that there is a solution beyond hiding out in caves, radically misunderstand the depths of this evil, which coruscates even the idea of the Catholic Church. We will not get our heads around any sort of solution in this generation; this evil is too vast. Our ‘solutions’ to it are pitiful, private, inept, blatantly romantic. So much must be different, for that to change.

    This whole thing has reduced the best among us to the intellectual, social, and moral equivalent of hiding out in caves, and no mistake.

  12. Deb L says:

    Thank you Hilary. You are absolutely right. Weed your garden, there is nothing left to say that you haven’t covered already!

  13. Andrew Dunn says:

    Here’s what I predict will come following Bergoglio’s little “coming out” speech this weekend and I hope I’m wrong. In the U.S. there is a rather viscous movement by the GLBT people and their allies to criminalize groups that are offering to help rid homosexuals of their same-sex attractions. I don’t know if any state laws against this have passed – several bills of such are in state legislatures – but some municipalities have enacted ordinances that forbid faith-based groups from converting homosexuals to a chaste or (gasp!) a straight lifestyle. Courage technically falls into this category. And so my prediction is that Bergoglio will put an end to Courage either directly or by proxy via the weaklings running the USCCB. But not only that, perhaps sooner than later, we’re going to see in the United States, Catholic clergy working WITH the secular authorities to turn in faithful priests, religious and laypeople who aren’t afraid to defend the Church’s teachings on sodomy. First will come the fines as we’ve seen with bakeries who refuse to create wedding cakes for gay “marriages.” Next up is going to be jail time and imprisonment for “hate speech” (as a side note, muslim clerics will be off the hook on this because progressives are too afraid to confront islam). Lastly, ala the French Revolution, we’re going to see those who still, despite the fines and imprisonment, standing firm in alignment with Holy Mother Church’s teachings and they/us will be executed in the name of “justice.” Like I said, I hope I’m wrong but I now feel a greater sense of darkness following Bergoglio’s latest remarks than I ever have before and that includes his heretical remarks recently about Jesus being “stained by sin” and Our Lady calling the Archangel Gabriel a “liar.”

  14. Fuquaysteve says:

    I was more shocked at your post (but appreciate it greatly) than I was at the Pope’s error.

  15. Eejay says:

    This Pope is more predictable than the England football team, but at least we don’t have to endure watching them for a while.

  16. ChrisR says:

    Wow, Snakes on a Plane. Hollywood beat us to it.

  17. Camilla Cameo says:

    Someone had to say it.

  18. Camilla Cameo says:

    I have had it with this monkeyfighting pope on these monkeyfighting planes!

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