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Let all the poisons that lurk in the Vatican hatch out

Yeah, sorry. It’s this conference thing happening in Norcia. It’s an annual theology thing that all kinds of people from the US come to, many of whom are readers and want to meet me and buy me lunch and whatnot, and find out what I really think. People always seem to want to meet me and hear what I really think… until they do, and then they often wish they hadn’t. I try to tell people this all the time but for some reason they always think I’m joking.

Anyway, it’s also summer and I kind of just want to go for bike rides or sit in the garden all the time watching the kitties chase bugs. I haven’t even really kept up with the FB newsfeed at all this week. Yesterday, I was totally going to do a thing here – I’ve got a couple of posts half-finished – but then I thought, “Gee, I wonder what’s down at the other end of the valley, and if I can get there on my bike down the country lanes instead of on the highway,” and that was pretty much it for the rest of the day. I did get home at a reasonable hour, but it’s whenever I have these big day-long rides or hikes that I find out that I’m really, actually, for realzies 50 years old and a post-operative cancer survivor. I could move when I got home… sort of…

Also, the home innernet’s July allotment has run out. The good news is that the hotel I sometimes work in when I need the internet and I’m out at home has real, honest-to-goodness air conditioning. I guess their American guests like it. It’s weird though and I’m not used to it anymore. It feels weird to be cold in July.

Actually, lots of things are happening, but they’re all “behind the scenes,” and though it’s very distracting for me it would make for some very dull reading for y’all. And as for the Francers stuff, I think we have seen that the combination of All That with the summer weather makes me cranky.

The latest, I suppose, is that Cardinal Muller is probably going to be sent to be bishop of Mainz. He will take over from Cardinal Lehman, one of the old guard of the ultra-radical post-Catholic German bishops. I know a few things about what it’s like to have a mildly “conservative” bishop get slotted into a hyper-liberal diocese so it seems clear that Muller is being punished for his opposition to the Kasper campaign.

The other half of that equation is that it looks like Francis is going to put Cardinal Umlaut Schonborn in his place as prefect of CDF.

I know, right?

Let’s give em all a big hand.

Just keep saying it to yourself over, and over and over…

“Let all the poisons that lurk in the mud hatch out.”

The false church must die. It must die. And this is the way. It will die by its own hand. It will be killed by its own increasingly brazen falsehoods.

I don’t want to hear one, single lament for this excellent and encouraging news.

And anyway, anyone who is surprised by this really hasn’t come out from his bunker often enough.

One thing is absolutely certain; it is soon going to be impossible for those who retain a shred of Catholicity to continue to deny what is happening.

In case anyone is still labouring under the odd impression that Schonborn is anything like a “conservative,” here’s Fr. Harrison helpfully helping with some clarity and pointing out that we really can trust these people surrounding Francis to come right on out with the truth about what’s really going on.

Schönborn is correct in pointing out that when certain passages are worded in such a way as to manifest the Pontiff’s intention to inculcate some doctrinal truth, that certainly counts as magisterial teaching.

In other words, Schonborn is one of those who knows fine well that Francis is just the latest manifestation of the New Religion that has been installed in the institutions of the Church. The old guys like Benedict who still genuninely thought that the New Paradigm could be seamlessly and harmlessly inserted into the old Faith are gone. These new chaps, this next generation, knows that they are involved in a project to eradicate the old Faith and replace it with something more to their liking.



10 thoughts on “Let all the poisons that lurk in the Vatican hatch out”

  1. James C says:

    Let the balloons go! Hey, he had a leading role in the new catechism. CDF, why not? The Curia isn’t very important in this pontificate anyway. Bergoglio runs the show, and Müller at CDF is little more influential than Burke with the Knights of Malta.

    What with Islamic aggression and the totalitarian imposition of the state religion of Equality and Diversity…let these silly old men have their fun. Those of us who have a grip on reality will still be around when the pieces need picking up.

  2. Isabel says:

    I was reading something BXVI said in an interview as far back as 1969 – well, at that time, this was even pre-Cardinal Ratzinger – which was that he thought the Church was going to be reduced drastically in numbers, betrayed from the inside by the very people who were supposed to protect it, and the small remnant of the faithful driven out and having to survive as best they could. So while he optimistically talked “Reform of the Reform,” it appears that deep down inside he knew this was an illusion. But he probably thought it would comfort people to believe that something could be done, or perhaps he honestly felt that it was incumbent on him to try even though it had been revealed to him that this wouldn’t be possible. And his resignation is just an acknowledgement of this; or, is it perhaps an attempt to maintain the ministry of Peter at a time when it seems that it will very soon be decisively betrayed by that evil old man in the Casa Santa Marta?

  3. Andrew Dunn says:

    When the LCWR feminists (sorry, I can’t and won’t call them sisters) used the media a couple years ago to whine about their “unjust persecution” by the Benedict XVI papacy, my overall reaction was this: Bitch and whine all you want, you have no vocations so the problem you’ve created will (thankfully) die out within 10-20 years. Likewise, have you noticed that THE WORST Novus Ordo parishes with the most despicable liturgical abuses are presided over nowadays by a rapidly aging priest and the attendance is mostly 60-something plus? Same principal here: those lower-case catholic-in-name-only-churches are rapidly dying out and quite frankly, good riddance. But… what about the good young priests in the FSSP, the Institute of Christ the King and in dioceses where the Traditional Latin Mass is respected and offered? That’s where you see attendance on the increase with young and large families in attendance. I hope I’m wrong but I fear it’s only a matter of time before these orders meet the fate of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate. After all, cultivating something that is working and leading souls in the right direction is not understood or tolerated by Bergoglio and his stooges. Should that time come, I will make the shift over to the SSPX – I’ll never go back to the Novus Ordo. I can’t.

  4. susan says:

    UMLAUT, UMLAUT.!…For God’s sake use the UMLAUT!!!


  5. Eric Williams says:

    “The old guys like Benedict who still genuinely thought that the New Paradigm could be seamlessly and harmlessly inserted into the old Faith are gone. These new chaps, this next generation, knows that they are involved in a project to eradicate the old Faith and replace it with something more to their liking.”


  6. J says:

    I thought Schonbon {sp?} had a screw or 10 loose when I had to read his drivel for a theology class >.>

  7. Gerard Brady says:

    Your first paragraph had me in stitches.
    There is no doubt that Pope Francis is a gift to the Church and as time goes on the winnowing fan which he is will complete its work. What happens then is anyone’s guess.

  8. Craig says:

    Corrections above. Satan and devil. I really hate autocorrect before I’ve had my coffee!!

  9. Craig says:

    I’ve always believed that one of the great graces Our Lord gives us is to allow us glimpses of the devil unmasked from time to time. Most people would think this is frightening, but I find it reassuring. When Dayan peeks from behind his masks, we are given a rare opportunity to increase in faith. The more clearly we see evil in all its terribleness, the more clearly we can contrast it to the good. For those with faith and hope, Saran looses power the bolder he becomes.

  10. St. Benedict's Thistle says:

    Yes, they think they are experiencing victory. Vain old men.

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