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It can’t be that because that would be bad!

I realize that this is the Queen-of-Spin Nicole Winfield saying this, but I think it’s a relevant point:

“Italian Cardinal Carlo Caffarra, another leading conservative, has criticized [Amoris laetizia] as vague and confusing, and denied that it opened the door to Communion, since doing so would contradict previous church teaching on the indissolubility of marriage.”

It might not be what Caffarra said or meant, (I happen to think that Caffarra really is one of the actual good ones) but this logic really can be seen coming from an increasing number of desperate novusordoist priests and laity, and of course, it’s self-refuting nonsense. It’s circular logic: “The document can’t possibly have said that because if it did, it would be a contradiction of doctrine, and that can’t possibly happen, therefore it didn’t happen.”

See where I’m going with this? It is precisely this, the lack of intellectual fortitude, the cowardly retreat into mere blandishments and finger-pointing, that has plagued the Church for 50 years or more. It has created the ever-shrinking no-man’s land of “conservative” novusordoism. It has been applied to every aspect of the Church’s life, from the liturgy to the religious life to the priesthood and the Sacraments. “It can’t possibly be as bad as the Trads say because that would mean that things were as bad as the Trads say, and that’s impossible…”

Man up, people.

And since Nicole has some kind of aversion to including links to original materials, here is the One Peter Five exclusive interview with the good Cardinal Archbishop of Bologna. (Maybe Steve’s on a blacklist… it is to laugh…)



7 thoughts on “It can’t be that because that would be bad!”

  1. Charlessn says:

    pop as to ‘Russian spy’ blames united kingdom’s ‘Russophobia’ to charge

    In a job interview even though using each Telegraph next to your to your house charmingdate in northern italy 800 kilometres south coming from all Moscow, Andrei Zatuliveter was adament which usually his daughter, Katia, wasn’t a criminal.

    “personal in the uk does not like how much relations stuck between the ussr together with the UK start to improve, he explained.

    “what is happening to make sure you Katia is a consequence of that. you really needed that a scndl. the speculation is to break our very own countries’ associations. an additional will want a confrontation,

    mister Zatuliveter, 52, defined the man operated a small company supplying location lumber and hardware, and that also 25 yr old Katia developed gone to live in great britain in 2007 to analyze at Bradford as well as college before getting a job as associate on your liberal Democrat mega-pixel, henry Hancock, one year afterwards. he was quoted saying this man’s son offers an anglophile together with toasty a feeling of the united kingdom.

    mr Zatuliveter pronounced your lover appears to be alarmed at that may recognized as “usually the cold temperature confrontation mind” which is a lot of in britain nevertheless seemed for getting.

    “this may be 2010 not only one particular 1960s. I never was in a Communist special day as being said. human body,come to be is Russophobia. it again reminds me of that time period whenever a most of us protection secretary announced that ‘The Rseem to besians emerging. this particular cold showdown has finished.'”

    mister Zatuliveter said or perhaps lady Natalya used to be for this reason disturbed while using the fuss and she made to hunt healthcare help to relatively relaxed your partner nervousness. Katia’s parent cousin Polina, 31, gone to great britain 16 rice that gotten married to an englishman with a youngster, she verified.

    saved down an unmade course nearly a busy track and a noticeably train lines, your Zatuliveter family home, the right gray one storey tangible dwelling, is ordinarily tiny even merely native expectations. found close to the North Caucasus slopes wide selection in addition to on the unstable city to do with Chechnya, the room is probably weakest from paris.

    mister Zatuliveter, which are seemed to be purchasing practically all of his period changing emails to all that includes Katia or reading my article on the stories as regards to him in their cramped dining area, supposed that’s MI5 included not a chance evidence on your.

    “the uk is an accomplished democratic country nevertheless charmingDate has never made available even the smallest joint of confirmation. MI5 could not explain whatsoever this has nothing to say. it truly shameful.

    “very own son is definitely struggles. without a doubt hard to bear that men and women in the united kingdomt might suppose that individuals known your loved one in the own country and she or he you must do you know these kinds of horrible things,

    he was quoted saying he visited the british isles four occasions very little coupled with have discovered the folks and the actual “delicious, typing from a helpful undisclosed detention middle of the town in perhaps all-around town, he said Katya just had shown the guy whom she’d tackle to pay off lady designate.

    “Katia not necessarily an opponent relating to britain. you saw she is in unwanted stick during the wrong occasion. they’ve outlined not even attempt to the actual woman’s. entirely,the lady with in complete amaze, this girl had not been supplied with a legal counsel but still as well as him or her self got in touch with through the process of european in diplomats case.

    significant to experience on history this individual played out a huge function during his words kid in law’s business organisation that consults Russians persons who want to study in britain, he explained he exclusive worked for out and two times as a favor. none, he or touted, do Kworriesia obtain a boyfriend in order to an individual that performed well was Nhinted ato as. reviews amongst Katia as well anna Chapman, a person’s european spy deported of the actual it coming summer, have been preposterous, your man created. “it is the britons can see precisely what the others managed to do and have decided that they have to do comparable and require most of the ould – Chapman, he said he passed on his own relationship together with times gone by, understanding as natural sciences and Katia.

    during the Kschoolia’s secondary within the community capital of scotland – Mineralny Vody, probably the greatest classes in support of finding out english language in southeast spain, typically the headmistress acknowledged lindsay talked about the girl in the form of precise trainees. “we can’t suppose our college student ended up being for this activities, usually the headmistress, Ludmila Bezrukikh, celebrity fad. “I feel sorry to be with her. your girlfriend sweated incredibly well and complex just do not stand above the crowd.

  2. Deacon Augustine says:

    The same circular reasoning is employed if you assert that the Pope has taught heresy or is a heretic: “That can’t be true because he’s the Pope.” It doesn’t matter how many times you point out that one Pope has condemned another as a heretic and that an Ecumenical Council has condemned a Pope as a heretic, it doesn’t matter that our liturgy demands we pray that Pope’s faith may not fail (implying of course that it can), the refusal to face reality just keeps leading to the same banal denial: “That can’t possibly happen because it would be bad.”

    What will it take some people to see that the emperor really doesn’t have any clothes?

  3. Bruce Grey says:

    It’s similar to the thinking of otherwise decent and intelligent friends who are pro-choice: Abortion by definition cannot involve killing a baby because, if it did, then that would mean that all those mean old-fashioned backward conservative uncool pro-lifers actually had a point.

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  6. DJR says:


    There are people, such as Cardinal Burke, who claim that Amoris Laetitia is not binding teaching because it is merely an “Apostolic Exhortation” and it contradicts previous teaching found in such things as Familiaris Consortio.

    What do those people think Familiaris Consortio is?

  7. Brian says:

    I think what we are seeing is the process at work when Grace leaves parts of the Church that have chosen evil. The lifeblood of Grace s withdrawn. That member may remain for a time. It’s branches may appear green. It may even have fruit left. But it’s all dead; in the process of decaying. You just don’t see it yet.

    50 years is nothing. NO will all eventually die out. It is obvious now to even the most obtuse that decay has set in and is doing its work.

    They have the buildings. We have the Faith. It’s all Grace. We must pray for it, and pray we remain faithful, because God will build up whatever it s that pleases Him. Our primary duty now is to abandon the NO Mass as soon as we are convinced of it’s evil nature. This is a time for choosing. Clarity demands new side or the other and our judgement depends on how we choose with stark choices presented to us. NO EXCUSE now!

  8. Jeff C. says:

    Thanks for this post Hilary. This is the exact thought I had recently. I, as well as others, have tried to debate people about the problems in the document AL on other sites and always hit a brick wall because they just go round and round with this circular reasoning.

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