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Jacques Hamel, martyr

Made it in! Yeah, I’m using the hotel wifi again and it often inexplicably locks me out of the admin site. Sorry about the comments, if you’ve been leaving them. It’s going to be another week before I can get the wifi thing recharged at home, until which time I’m only doing little bits of things on Twitter and whatnot.

But of course, as of yesterday, there’s a lot more to be said.

This is from Antonio Socci:

“This priest who has refused to kneel in the face of Islamic violence; unlike the Church of surrender, the Church of timidity, the Bergoglian Church.”

The outrage of a priest being murdered in his church while saying Mass is hardly new. In fact, as has been pointed out, it happens all the time in the places where Christians are being persecuted in Muslim majority countries. I suppose now we must simply admit that France has become one of those places.

But the pope’s disgusting, limpwristed response – decrying “hatred in all forms” has really got a lot of people seeing red.

Is there nothing, no outrage against the faithful that will prompt this man to defend his flock? Short of actually feeding the sheep to the wolves by hand, it’s hard to imagine a pastor so indifferent.

My friend Riccardo Cascioli, editor of La Nuova Bussola Quotdiniana wrote:
“As has become a reflex, all media have immediately said that it was two people with mental disorders, even before they knew the identity, and the beauty is that they continued to write even after it was known that the two were ‘soldiers’ of the Islamic State.

“And it is not that the point of view of the Church is much better: the ecclesiastically correct [response] is that you never talk about… Islamic terrorists, that Islam always must be defined as a religion of peace, that you should not discriminate with regards to immigration… And when things happen like yesterday’s here that we speak broadly of hatred and violence in the world to which we must not give in.”

I’ve been telling the mainstream media on Twitter today that their refusal to cover the Jihad in Europe, to name it, is why they are a laughingstock, why no one takes them seriously or reads them any more. People know they’re being lied to.

It’s the same with this pope.

We’ve had enough.


16 thoughts on “Jacques Hamel, martyr”

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  2. Deb says:

    Mike’s right…rosary beads in one hand, pepper spray in the other. Thank you, I don’t want my kids to miss daily Mass because of these demons.

  3. Mike says:

    Daily mass kit: pepper spray and short folding knife which is uber sharp. Both fit nicely in pocket.

    I am a sheep but I won’t die like one, Lord willing.

  4. Nick says:

    If Novo Ordoism isn’t Catholic, how can Jaques Hamel be a martyr? He looks like a novus ordo presbyter and doesn’t wear a clerical collar and has altar girls.

  5. Fuquaysteve says:

    Correction…”We’ve had more than enough.”

    Correction …the Pope urged the youth “to create chaos”. He forgot the proper ending…”just like ME”.

  6. SimonB says:

    If one closes one’s eyes, one wouldn’t know that it wasn’t someone like Obama or any other world leader giving a statement on the atrocity.
    This pope is mediocre at best. What people need in a pope is spiritual vision, not banal platitudes; oh Spirit of God are you working in Pope Francis?

  7. Remnant clergy says:

    Aaron B summarizes it well. Francis is a Freemason which promotes indifferentism.

  8. RodH says:

    Mark, I do not doubt that this will be the case.

    Catholic Men: Affirm in your hearts your responsibility to defend your wives
    and your children. Arm yourselves and train. I am not talking about forming
    “militias”. I am talking about keeping yourselves physically fit and in
    whatever capacity you can {depending on country and laws} acquiring the arms necessary to stop the type of senseless evil we have seen from the
    False Religion {you know, the one the Pope calls the “Religion of

    Can it be done?

    Well of course!! Many of us have done/are doing just this. We know our laws and we respect our cultural traditions and we work accordingly. Here for example we can arm ourselves legally, train hard in the use of arms and prepare for what may come. We have totally legal means to arm ourselves and bear those arms essentially wherever we go. In other places, you may be at a
    disadvantage to the Muslim terrorists. OK, well, you have to do some political work, but while you are at it, don’t give up. Do what you can.

    Anarchy and mayhem are not the things of God. Do not fly off the handle. Do
    not allow the passions that arise from seeing Muslim pagans butcher old men
    and rape girls allow you to go and do things just as heinous.

    Stand firm. Pray the Rosary. Read the Bible. Work out and train in the
    defense of the precious ones God has given you as a blessing.

    And when the day comes, if it comes to you, fight and do not shirk from your

  9. Isabel says:

    Socci also quoted some other things Francis said (on the airplane, as usual, since he didn’t even bother to make the first lame statement himself but had Lombardi issue it). Among these was that he didn’t want to call attention to the killing because it might take away the happiness of the WYD attendees! Socci said that what he was really saying was he was afraid that he was being upstaged by the priest’s death and it might take the focus off him, Frank the Magnificent, Idol of the Press.

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  12. Judy says:

    Disgusting, limpwristed response. Modernist, indifferentist, materialist.
    Well, that pretty much sums it up. Might as well be his epitaph.

  13. Evangeline10 says:

    God rest the soul of Fr. Hamel, and may he now pray for us.
    The church, the pope, the Cardinals, the bishops, the priests, are rendering themselves irrelevant, in a world where the flock are lied to, deceived, insulted, and encouraged to take in the enemy who is clearly working to destroy us. We can no longer listen to them, nor trust them. Let it be known this I do not say because of any commentary I have read, but because I can see with my own eyes that this is the painful truth. Liars. Hypocrites. Political sycophants and homosexualists. Diabolical misleaders. You leave the sheep with their throats exposed. God have mercy on you, and may He come to our aid now that we see our churchmen have become frightened and have left us abandoned while they hide under convenient cover.

  14. Fuquaysteve says:

    Some Shepherd he is…welcoming the wolf into the flock. He will not only not defend the faith from modernism, he will leave the faithful amongst the wolves…RESIGN NOW.

  15. GW says:

    Dear Lord, deliver us from this dhimmi pope.

  16. J says:

    I don’t know what kind of man this priest was, but there’s no doubt he was killed 100% out of hatred for the Faith. I pray what’s said of the blood of the martyrs holds true.

  17. Aaron B. says:

    No, there is nothing that will make him defend his flock, because he doesn’t see Catholics as his flock, but only one part of a global flock. Francis will do nothing except to double-down on the obfuscation and denial. As a Modernist, he is an indifferentist (all religions are valid and beneficial) and a materialist (focused on worldly matters over spiritual ones), so he will never see this as a spiritual battle, but only as the result of social injustice and lack of enough government. When he or one of his bishops refers to the killers as “victims,” that’s not hyperbole; he means it.

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