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Ut Laetificet Cor

This is my town.

Was doing housework all day. Almost forgot. Buzzed down the hill and got to the Piazza at quarter past five. First thing I saw was a smiling monk who handed me a beer.

And this is where I live!

Buy your own here.

Birra Nursia


3 thoughts on “Ut Laetificet Cor”

  1. Deb says:

    Looks lovely Hilary. So glad you ended up here.

  2. sta says:

    I’m holding a bottle that I got for “Buy a Priest a Beer Day” on Sept. 9th!

  3. Janet Barbieri says:

    I purchased a 12-pack of both the Bionda and the Extra this past Spring when it first became available in the states. Arrived just in time for Easter luncheon. It is, simply: The. Best. Beer. Ever. I suppose I better get on with ordering a Christmas supply.

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