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“…fomenting considerable polarization…”

I’m not saying that everything I see is a metaphor for the current emergency in the Church.

Just a LOT of it.

Someone recently noted that the pope’s weird wrecking-ball activities are “fomenting considerable polarization within the Church.” Hah! Yeah, you could say that.

At this point, do we have any hope other than schism? Than a declaration by the cardinals that this man and his gang of beasts are not Catholic, have never been Catholic and have no Catholic intentions or desires for the Church.

In related news, Rorate says the head of the SSPX is coming right out and saying now that they’ve pretty much got a done deal with the current regime of slavering rabid wolves in Rome.

That’s not what I heard from an SSPX priest of my acquaintance, so who knows…

Bishop Fellay, about 4:45, says the big difference with this pontificate is that the de facto schism that has existed for 50 years, is “open now.” We have bishops and cardinals openly joining a faction that is blatantly anti-Catholic. Indeed, anyone who still maintains the absurd farce that there is no civil war ongoing in the Church is simply dismissable.