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It’s an old Indian hunting technique

Sam helpfully helps with something that should have been obvious. How does the nun document work together with Francis’ sudden “desperate” interest in making kissy-face with the SSPX?

Francis needs to gain control over the SSPX so as to block off any escape route for the Catholics stuck in NUChurch. Hence clampdown on contemplative orders.

This has changed. It would appear now that Francis is proposing a “fast-track” escape route for the contemplative orders and all other orders presently experiencing a “Lefebvrist drift”, to come directly under the SSPX. It is as if he is giving them a massive incentive to take advantage of this option. An example would be the Franciscans of the Immaculate (now that the mainline Franciscans understand that the FFI had no property in their name- see here). If the above is true, they can elect to move their congregation under the SSPX Personal Prelature. Or at least, there would be no obstructions for this to happen.

It’s what I was saying before. The contemplative nun document is the broom (along with a bunch of other stuff) and the SSPX is the dustpan. Or, with reference to the headline above, the nun document is so clear a warning that Francis is planning on making the lives of contemplative nuns very difficult in NovusordoLand that it’s going to be a stampede if the SSPX are unilaterally “brought in” and given what Fellay says they’re being offered.

(BTW, Sam, a word of advice from someone who has made a living writing on the innernet for 15 years: no one is ever going to read a 5000 word post. Ever. Your information is pretty useful, but not if no one is willing to slog down through all that to get to the punchline. Start with the “lede” which is like the thesis statement of your essay in school (remember?), then back it up. Briefly. A 5000 word post is five posts.)


25 thoughts on “It’s an old Indian hunting technique”

  1. Virginia says:


    I have been SSPX for over 35 years. When “the nine” left, it was Archbishop Lefebvfe who sent them packing because they were and still ARE sedevacantists. I lived through all the splits. This is the first time in all the years the SSPX has existed that there is real reason to wonder what the superior is thinking! One bishop will never be enough for Tradition and Rome knows it. We have had five at one time and they were still completely worn out with all of the travel to the various chapels and missions and seminaries for confirmations, ordinations and conferences
    Any deal with Rome means the end of the Society and a complete rejection of Archbishop Lefebvre’s wisdom of saying no deal without the conversion of Rome. He also said that Rome had lost the Faith, it was sure, sure, sure.

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  4. Rory Donnellan says:

    BTW, I enjoyed the picture of the Indian on their horses sending bison over the edge. I encountered a similar situation the other day – mustering a mad young cow on horses with my older children. Unfortunately, like many fishermen, we were left to tell the tale of the one that got away. Our cow is still at large taking down fences and upsetting our neighbours.

  5. Marc says:

    I think it is significant to ask whether they’ll continue to conditionally re-ordain priests coming from the New Rite.

    If part of Abp. Lefebvre’s mission was “to preserve the Catholic priesthood,” doesn’t that assume that the priesthood was in danger of being lost as a result of the New Rite? If the SSPX aren’t preserving the priesthood, can it really be said that they are upholding their founder’s mission?

    My question sounded kind of flippant, but it gets at a significant issue with regard to the SSPX’s mission moving forward.

  6. Rory Donnellan says:

    Yes, Pope Francis presents a definite danger, but then prolonged existence in an irregular canonical situation presents a definite danger too. Bishop Fellay is tasked with navigating his SSPX lifeboat through some treacherous waters. On the other hand, the mother-ship needs capable men back on board ASAP to prevent pirates from savaging even more souls. All we can do is provide loyal support to the captain of our little lifeboat – particularly through our prayers and sacrifices – and fight hard against the so-called “Resistance” mutineers.

  7. Wretched Sinner says:

    S.Armaticus: There already is an official Resistance«priestly-society-of-the-apostles-of-jesus-and-mary».600/

    Seriously. How can we for one minute be in ANY way united with those who have clearly lost the Faith? The Roman Catholic Church is ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC, and APOSTOLIC. The “official’ church in Rome (which we were warned would lose the Faith) no longer possesses any of these qualities. It is now the “new Heterodox Church of Rome” spoken of by Bl Anne Catherine Emmerich, – the FALSE CHURCH. She also saw that people were “no longer seeking the true Church”. The true Church is comprised of all those who hold the Faith and its Traditions whole and entire – not a visible structure in Rome, even much less a physical building down the street.

    St. Athanasius was not raised to the altars for nothing. Why aren’t people looking back at what was done then, when things are far worse today? They did NOT go into those buildings, nor did they commune with those who succumbed to heresy. Even St Paul strongly forbade such. It really is quite simple, but nevertheless it can be a difficult process to arrive at the proper conclusions because…Satan.

  8. S.Armaticus says:

    @ inara.

    I do not think the 9 left due to “inconsistency”. It was more of a “difference of opinion”.

    Sometimes the students think they are smarter than than the teacher. More often than not, they aren’t. This thread is proof positive. 😉

  9. S.Armaticus says:

    @c matt: I should have put it in quotation marks.

    Guilty as charged!

  10. c matt says:

    the defecation will hit the oscillating device.

    Technically, defecation is a process. A process cannot hit an oscillating device.

  11. inara says:

    No, they won’t. They sometimes do, but are inconsistent, which is worrisome. This was one of the major reasons that “The Nine” priests left the SSPX in the early 80’s.

  12. Jim Paton. says:

    As one who assists at Society Masses, I can assure you that if this is a trap then no one I know of (priest or layman) is actually that bothered about it. Why? Well, if it is a trap and they try to force something on the Society, say, acceptance of the New Mass etc., Then it’s back to what they’ve always done…resist! (They’re actually quite good at it)

    Of course, they’ll be labeled schismatics, maybe even excommunicated, but it’s water off a ducks back.

    The one thing that I do notice is the belief that whatever happens, God wins in the end.

  13. S. Armaticus says:

    @ Elizabeth:

    Let’s start with John Lamont who wrote in the combox in prevous post:

    “The crucial underlying factor is that the main enemy of tradition is not crass modernists of Francis’s stamp. but the neoconservatives. The latter believed in themselves as the true Catholics and were able to put this self-presentation as Catholics across effectively. Francis, Madariaga et hoc genus omne cannot do this convincingly.”

    They (the neo-cons) have the most to lose.

    Their weapon of choice is Nostra Aetate, or the doc that sets out the Catholic Churches with other “religions”. I put the word “religions” in quotes since it is an oxymoron. There can only be one religion, just like there can be only one mathematics or physics. But the neo-modernists can’t accept this (for ecumenical considerations) because it by definition means that Rabbinical Judaism is a sect, like the proddies. This creates problems since adherents to proper logic (i.e. us) run the risk of being painted as anti-Semitic.

    Operationally, this plays our as follows:

    What we are seeing now is that the TLM is being attacked through the Holy Week prayers for the conversion of the Jews. The neo-cons take the prayer (even though they all agree that “perfidious” has a different meaning in Latin) and try to attach a causal effect between the prayer and European anti-Semitism (even though they agree that Vatican I resolved this issue). It is subtle, but it is there. This is (most likely) the reason we see an attack on the Holy Week rite (as modified by BXVI) from of all places, the Team Bergoglio (from the conclave that elected Bergoglio) members from England and Wales. The German Episcopate, from where this garbage usually originates, has found a proxy.

    Going forward, once the SSPX comes on board, this “religious indifferentism” can’t be maintained any longer, nor can it be nuanced any longer. The neo-cons will then bring the entire +Williamson into this mix and so forth. (Aside, this is what makes the +Pozzo on VII position presently that amazing!)

    The reason that this doesn’t affect TeamFrancis and the left is that they are functional anti-Semites anyways. The left has their political agenda which is to back to Palestinians regardless of what the Palestinians do. So they are immune to the charge of Anti-Semitism.

    Which leaves our side open and in this caged-death match with the neo-cons.

  14. Elizabeth H says:

    What exactly is meant by the comment that the neo-cons will come after us with Nostra Aetate? What are you suggesting we need to be ready for? My apologies for my ignorance here. I am following this very closely and think I have a good general understanding but am wondering if you would mind filling in the lines a bit?

  15. Fuquaysteve says:

    Tis really a ‘Trojan’ horse…sorry, I thought I could combine two ‘gifts’ of a spirit of a kind.

  16. Linda says:

    This this this.

    “And finally, I think you and all of your readers need to get ready. The finally battle is approaching. Francis will recognize the SSPX unilaterally. And that is when the defecation will hit the oscillating device. They (As JLamont rightly pointed out, “they” are the neo-cons) will come after us through the Nostra Aetate. The prep fire is already starting. We will have to back the SSPX with prayers and more. The internet is a huge asset that we have at our disposal. We need to organize a Resistance of clergy and Faithful when that time comes. I notice that voices like your and Steve Skojec, just to name two, will have a large part to play.”

    Even a troglodyte like me knows this.

    Tellin’ ya.
    Battle of Helm’s Deep.
    Sauron’s wrath will be terrible.
    And we know what comes after.

  17. Vox Cantoris (@VoxCantoris) says:

    Is it a trap?

    Here is how we will all know and it is something that I have no doubt, Bishop Fellay and his colleagues are already well aware of.

    It’s about the money. Period.

    The Society is full of it in liquid terms and in land. It has been a good steward of the wealth bequeathed to it and given to it over decades to foster the work of God. The temporal wealth of the Society is what enables the Society to do the spiritual work of educating priests and saving souls. One cannot exist without the other.

    Is Rome, is Francis sincere?

    Follow the money.

    If we find that the Vatican is prepared to make a deal with the Society of St. Pius X that allows the Society to maintain full and complete control over their assets in perpetuity then Rome’s motivation is just and good. If there is any reason on the part of Bishop Fellay to believe otherwise, then he must not sign any agreement and continue on in the current situation until God’s good time and a truly Catholic pope.

  18. Hilary White says:

    “They read the SSPX literture to learn how to…. wait for it…. resist a pope.”

    The situation is truly mind-boggling.

  19. S.Armaticus says:


    I agree, a good editor would be helpful. Yet I do this writing gig on the side. I get 1 hour to read and put something down on paper. Therefore I cut and paste a lot. If you know the reference doc, you can skip reading that bit. So the text is shorter. As to length itself, I know. Mundabor has already mentioned it on several occasions. I try. I really do. But I would rather put it down For The Record then send people through the link rabbit holes. Sometimes the content in those links mysteriously disappears, ya’ know.

    Now, as to the +Fellay video: YOU REALLY MUST WATCH IT. I don’t care how. Anyways, I spent most of last Sunday watching and re-watching it. And the major impact was made only when I transcribed some of the most interesting bits. I couldn’t believe what +Fellay was saying. He is being told by his contacts that a good part of the CDF think that the SSPX has the solution to the current crisis. They read the SSPX literture to learn how to…. wait for it…. resist a pope. Go figure. There is another video by Fr. Stehlin (Asia District Head) in my post titled The SSPX Wants To Know, Who’s On First? I have transcribed most of that one. In that one, Fr. Stehlin explains how many priests are approaching the SSPX and telling them to stay out. These priests are also thanking the SSPX for keeping the Faith un-corrupted and that the SSPX inspires them. The reason I mention this is that this depicts the REALITY within not only the SSPX but likewise Rome.

    What I found the most interesting in the +Fellay videos was actually in my first post titled Satanic Council- The End Game. I know the SSPX well since I am in that tribe. They do not do snark. When +Fellay says he got a letter from a diocesan bishop, he really got a letter from a diocesan bishop. At the end of video 5/6 and beginning of 6/6 +Fellay reads a letter from the a fore mentioned diocesan bishop. The bishop asks him to stay out since it is not safe to “come in from the cold”. But the thing that really got me was that this bishop said that there are many bishops like him. Second piece is the anecdote from the last plenaria of the CDF. Only one cardinal (we know who) was adamant about the SSPX accepting VII. All others held +Pozzo’s position that VII is not binding. We are talking about the CDF for pete’s sakes! SS, what I think is a OBJECTIVELY TRUE statement is that the Francis Effect has killed VII. The illusion is gone. The sane ones in the Vatican and beyond, realize the logical end to where the neo-modernist experiment called VII has led, and that logical end is Francis. He is the end of the road. There is nothing more. I am waiting for confirmation from some of the Vaticanisti as to what is written above. Once I have it, I will put it down in a post.

    And finally, I think you and all of your readers need to get ready. The finally battle is approaching. Francis will recognize the SSPX unilaterally. And that is when the defecation will hit the oscillating device. They (As JLamont rightly pointed out, “they” are the neo-cons) will come after us through the Nostra Aetate. The prep fire is already starting. We will have to back the SSPX with prayers and more. The internet is a huge asset that we have at our disposal. We need to organize a Resistance of clergy and Faithful when that time comes. I notice that voices like your and Steve Skojec, just to name two, will have a large part to play.

    Oops. Went off on a tangent.

    Darn it. I ran long again. My bad! 😉

  20. Marc says:

    Will the SSPX conditonally re-ordain all those brought under their umbrella who were ordained in the New Rite?

  21. Georges Buscemi says:

    When the +Fellay came to the region of the Tiber, he questioned his disciples and closet admirers: “Who do people say the SSPX is?” They replied, “Some say the last hope of the Church; others say schismatics; and still others, traditionalists who can contribute to the greater Church.” “But what about you?” +Fellay asked. “Who do you say I am?” The Apprehensive Disciple answered, “You are the true Church, subsisting within the apostate Church.” +Fellay replied, “Blessed are you, Apprehensive Disciple! For this was not revealed to you by flesh and blood, but by Our Father in heaven. And I tell you that you are Catholic, and with such Catholics will be re-built The Church, and the gates of Hades will not prevail against it. (…) Then He admonished the disciples not to tell anyone that the SSPX was the true Church.

    From that time on +Fellay began to show his disciples that they must go to Rome and suffer many things at the hands of the modernists, sodomites, and Germans, and that the SSPX must be destroyed and on the third day be raised to life. The Apprehensive Disciple took +Fellay aside and began to rebuke him. “Far be it from you to accept any deal with Rome!” he said. “This shall never happen to You!” But +Fellay turned and said to the Apprehensive Disciple: “Get behind Me Satan! You are a stumbling block to Me. For you do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of men.”

    Then +Fellay told his disciples, “If anyone would come after Jesus, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow Him. For whoever wants to save his Personal Prelature will lose it, but whoever loses his Personal Prelature for Jesus’ sake will find the Church, whole, entire and restored. What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits union with the Pope? Or what can a man give in exchange for union with the Pope? For the Son of Man will come in His Father’s glory with His angels, and then He will repay each one according to what he has done. Truly I tell you, some who are standing here will not taste death until they see the Catholic Church returned to Her glory.”

  22. Hilary White says:

    Not much more than what we are doing. Be informed. Keep the Faith. Pass it on to whomever you can.

  23. Maldon says:

    Well said Hillary.
    Since you are good at video-clip analogies, maybe you want to look at that conversation Saruman has with Gandalf:
    “You did not seriously think that a hobbit could contend with the will of Sauron. There are none who can. We must join him, Gandalf. We must join with Sauron. It would be wise, my friend.”

    Gandalf puts up a good fight, but he does end up out of commission for a long time.
    Either way, sounds like Bishop Fellay will spring the trap. We must help as we can.

  24. David Wilson says:

    Miss White, I agree. It’s a trap, and it has every appearance of just the agreement of Bishop Fellay before being sprung. In addition to prayer, what can we, the layfolk do? I say that not with snarkiness in mind,but asking your opinion.

  25. Hilary White says:

    Maldon: The facts are already glaringly obvious. They’re not interested in deceiving anyone. The whole thing is an exercise in raw power. It’s a thing people don’t understand about narcissists. They don’t care if you unmask them. They don’t care if you know they’re lying.

  26. Maldon says:

    I read all of Sam’s article yesterday morning, before reading yours. I did not find it too long, and I was happy to have such contradictory issues fleshed out as he did.

    As I said yesterday, I agree it is a trap. But I believe we need to spring the bloody trap. Get all of the people of good will on board the ship. There are many excellent groups, monks, nuns, groups like FSSP, and so on. Get everyone on board, I say, and spring the trap. When the trap is sprung, there will be many, many more people on board this time, and this time the facts will be glaringly obvious to anyone with good will, and those are the people we are interested in. This is a clarifying moment, and a trap would only serve to clarify even more. And I think that God is on our side here. This is a David and Goliath battle we are shaping up for, and I think their plan will backfire. My only reservation is that I don’t like hearing Bishop Fellay say that it is not a trap. I would prefer it if he said something more along the lines of, “It may be a trap, but if it is, we are ready.”

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