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Narcissistic projection: you divisive people are desecrating the Holy Eucharist!


He’s baaa-aaaack!

Yesterday the man most of us call Pope Francis helpfully helped us identify and understand one of the less famous and more confusing aspects of the Narcissistic Personality Disorder: “projection.”

The devil sows jealousies, ambitions, ideas, but to divide! Or sows greed. Everything to destroy the Church.” He tries to attack that which is the root of unity, namely the Eucharistic celebration. The Pope Francis said in the homily of the Mass celebrated this morning in Santa Marta House, commenting on the Letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians, the apostle reprimanded for their fights.

“And the divisions in the Church do not allow the Kingdom to grow; they do not allow the Lord to be seen as He is. Divisions make you see this part, this one against the other. Always against! There is no oil of unity, the balsam of unity. But the devil goes elsewhere, not only in the Christian community, he goes right to the root of Christian unity. And this happens here, in the city of Corinth, to the Corinthians. Paul rebukes them precisely because divisions arise, right at the heart of unity, that is, in the Eucharistic celebration.

In the case of Corinth, riches make divisions between the rich and the poor precisely during the Eucharist. Jesus, the Pope said, “prayed to the Father for unity. But the devil seeks to destroy it” even there:

“I ask you to do everything possible to not destroy the Church with divisions; they are ideological, they come from greed and ambition, they come from jealousy. And above all to pray, and to keep the founts, the very roots of the unity of the Church, which is the Body of Christ; which we, every day, celebrate [in] His sacrifice in the Eucharist.”

“Paul could say this to all of us today, to the Church of today. ‘Brothers, in this I cannot praise you, because you are gathered together not for the better, but for the worse!’ But the Church gathers everyone together — for the worse, for divisions: for the worse! To soil the Body of Christ in the Eucharistic celebration! And the same Paul tells us, in another passage: ‘He who eats and drinks the Body and the Blood of Christ unworthily, eats and drinks his own condemnation.’ Let us ask the Lord for the unity of the Church, that there may not be divisions. And for unity also in the root of the Church, which is precisely the sacrifice of Christ, which we celebrate every day.”

If you are one of those who has been aghast at Bergoglio’s ongoing attack on the Holy Eucharist over the last 3.5 years, you will likely be open-mouthed at this outrageous speech. And that’s precisely what the narcissist is looking for. You’re off balance. You’re standing there, doing the fish, spluttering a little, unable to sort out your thoughts.

It works like this.

You catch a narcissist stealing your chips.

You confront him and say, “Hey! Those are my chips!”

He looks at you steadily and with an expression of concerned sadness says, with perfect sincerity, “I can’t believe you’ve been stealing my chips all this time. I’m really, really disappointed in you for betraying my trust like this. I think to make it up to me, you’d better go to the shops and buy me some more, and we can forget all about it.”

Then he shoves another one of your chips into his mouth and walks away, leaving you wondering whether you’re losing your mind.

That is how gaslighting works.

Here’s some helpful memes to show I’m not making it up and that it’s him, not you.



Narcissists provoke people.


Starting to make a little more sense now?

You’re welcome.



27 thoughts on “Narcissistic projection: you divisive people are desecrating the Holy Eucharist!”

  1. Hrodgar says:

    Re: Evangeline10, 14SEP2016

    My own experience as a convert is that it took me quite a while following the missal to get much of a handle on even the vernacular NO. Then consider that people frequently prefer the first one of a thing which they are introduced to. The TLM may be slightly more difficult to follow, but given the option I think it much preferable to start converts in it right off, particularly males (these last two words being based primarily on the bloggings of Joseph Shaw). Certainly the TLM did not seem to pose an obstacle to converts in past ages of the Church.

  2. Aaron B. says:

    It’s a fascinating process to watch. The pope surrounds himself with men who have been preaching X for years. He calls for a synod and packs it with men who believe X, and there are rumors that he wants the synod to recommend X. He calls a second synod under the same circumstances. When the second synod doesn’t go as far as X, there are rumors that he gets angry with them, and he ends up writing X into the synod’s statement anyway. Then he releases an encyclical openly teaching X. Bishops write to him asking, “Are you sure you really mean X?” He writes back saying, “Yes, I mean X, and nothing other than X.”

    And I still see people saying, “How dare you say the pope is teaching X!”

    I’ve never seen such a literal “Emperor Has No Clothes” situation in real life before. I used to think people wouldn’t listen until Francis came out and said, verbatim, “I do not believe in the teachings of the Catholic Church”; but now I’m pretty sure many would still respond with, “Well, let’s not jump to conclusions. What could the pope mean by that?”

  3. whitney says:

    Ann barnhardt at has done alot of great research on narcissists and gas lighting. She covered this a while ago. Good stuff.

  4. Maggie says:

    I am a little surprised to not see pottery used as the sacred vessels in the picture.

  5. RaghnMacConchrú says:

    I take two of my four kids to a TLM here in Budapest, the only one I know of. It’s exquisitely beautiful, on every level, and the choir is a special case: young people who are reviving traditional Hungarian Catholic music. The two youngest children are too young yet, and it is a long journey, but the older ones will help them acclimatize. It just takes time, and prayer, and being a family apostle of sorts. They’re learning Aristotle; we have a “Four Causes” Game we play on the bus, for example. They take to it like ducks to water. Language teaching is a part of it too, slowly but surely. Few people who have Latin or Classical Greek (or Irish, my favorite tongue) can think like a “modern”. And of course, I’m praying that by the time they get to be teenagers, all this mess will be behind us, or largely so. We all need to keep praying for each other, clergy and laity.

  6. c matt says:

    Dang, Tom! What did you eat before going to bed?!?!

    As for bringing non-Catholics into NuChurch, where are they coming from? Is their current place not much better? Can they really say they are ignorant of the RCC’s claims? Is it better to be in the true boat, albeit battered and taking on water, rather than a sleek yacht that nonetheless is not assured of getting to port? Ubi petrus, ibi ecclesia and all that. Even when petrus appears to be more like judas.

  7. Rory Donnellan says:

    Now that Pope Francis has become a case-study for the narcissistic personality disorder, are neoCatholics finally going to wake up to the crisis or are they going to continue to keep their heads in the sand – mislabelling as “divisive” the growing number of Catholics who want the traditional Latin Mass instead of the Novus Ordo?

  8. Evangeline10 says:

    Hello Henry, agreed, when they are accustomed to it, but in the case of introducing new Catholics to the Holy Mass, the TLM would perhaps be a harder introduction. The most blessed children are the ones for whom the TLM is what they know, they will grow up remembering it fondly and grow in love for it, but for unchurched contemporary young people, the reverent NO may, may, work better until they have a fuller understanding of the Holy Mass, which, please God, will come in time. The TLM is strange to even adults today, Catholic adults, unfamiliar with it, or those with a vague memory of it. This is just an opinion, which I am not totally wedded to, but seems as if it may be generally true.

  9. Henry says:


    In attending a TLM every Sunday since 9/14/2007–with more children of all ages than one ever sees at a Novus Ordo Mass–I’ve never noticed an age below which it’s not best for them. To the contrary, children who attended the TLM from the cradle onward appear to acclimate to it better than their seniors.

  10. SAF says:

    The Pope’s words here are intended to soften us up for the Lund “celebration” next month.
    This isn’t even challenging anymore.

  11. Wretched Sinner says:

    Nothing but a big, giant… basket of deplorable!!!

  12. Tom Miller says:

    I had a nightmare last night in which all of Catholic history was shown to be evil, and PF to be the first true pope and who propounded the first correct doctrine.

    Wonder what tonight will bring

  13. Evangeline10 says:

    J Ronald Parrish, I don’t know, and have to ask myself that same question. I have family members, young ones, that I can’t in any good conscience encourage into this diabolical mess of a church. I really don’t know what to do except explain a bit based on age and understanding. If they are older, feed them the “meat” of the understanding of the TLM. Younger ones make it a bit more challenging. Tell me when you find the answer. God bless.

  14. Hilary White says:

    @ J Ronald Parrish

    Bloody hell!

  15. Fuquaysteve says:

    Is there a Sacrament that will remain untouched during this regime? I think not. Just when the contemplatives are needed most, they are under attack. This really sux. I always thought the Prelates primary function was to inspire the faithful….I was wrong I guess.

  16. Mike says:

    The photo of him at the top of the post presiding over some strange religious service (which I can’t quite identify) makes it manifest he professes something other than Catholicism, and has left the Church.

  17. Magdalene says:

    How about: “You are JUDGING me!” said by the person who is judging you and is caught in their sin.

  18. Michael Dowd says:

    I suppose one of the folks he has in mind is Cardinal Sarah with his suggestion, among other affronts, to have priests say Mass ad orientem. And let us not forgot those pushy and critical women Hilary White and Ann Barnhardt who are acting like that divisive and uppity Catherine of Siena. No. No. No.

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  21. J Ronald Parrish says:

    I am the presenter on topics of Eucharist, Four Last Things, and Moral Teaching (abortion, death penalty, homosexual activity etc.) The opinions they hear are at least 1950 years old. Can’t question myself. If they accept what I say, it can’t be reconciled with Francis. Is NuChurch better than NoChurch, Protestant. I’m stuck, I found truth. Are they better off in sincere, invincible ignorance. I am not trying to be an aXx, but am l right in helping a sincere Protestant into Francischurch.

  22. Tom Healey says:

    PF is as cunning as THE serpent.

  23. Hilary White says:

    The Socratic method works best in such cases: ask difficult questions.

  24. J Ronald Parrish says:

    Can one still participate in RCIA to bring others into Church, only speaking to them of the True Faith. Almost all attendees already in Church. No TLM for 100’s of miles. Local Church comparatively orthodox numass . Is potential convert better off in ignorance. They love Pope Francis. Help-struggling Bad Catholic. (Probably moot issue if i am ever found posting on your site)

  25. Warren Memlib says:

    Ann Barnhardt couldn’t put any better.

  26. Barbara says:

    Yes, this kind of message is subtle but effective. Pope Francis has told us that Traditionalists are always negative, always putting up impossible to follow rules etc. And now he puts out the call for unity. But his unity is that WE stop and get on board the new-church bandwagon.

    I seem to recall that an old symbol for the devil was the figure of a man upside down. Fits that Francis is fashioning a ‘church’ that is upside down.

  27. Andrew Dunn says:

    In this post’s quote, he refers to The Eucharistic as a “celebration” and here we have a big problem. Bergoglio doesn’t see Our Lord in the Eucharist. He doesn’t see the Mass as a Holy Sacrifice. To him it’s just a community celebration around the table. His Masses are irreverent, his homilies are rambling rants and he does not genuflect at the consecration. Dear God, in your mercy, please remove this man from the Chair of St. Peter and send us a holy shepherd.

  28. Fuquaysteve says:

    Is this opposite day? Just seems like we are in opposite decade. thank you.

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