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Oh, so you’ve met him, then…


A psychiatrist has given an op-ed to LSN about the “excessive anger” the man everyone calls Francis seems to display all the time towards his predecessors (and towards everyone else.)

Here, let me help with that.

There’s this thing that malignant narcissists do. It’s called “narcissistic rage,” and it comes in weird, scary bursts whenever someone calls them on their crap or looks like he’s going to see through their web of lies.

There’s a whole Wiki page on it:

Narcissistic rage is a reaction to narcissistic injury, which is a perceived threat to a narcissist’s self-esteem or self-worth…

Narcissistic injury occurs when a narcissist feels that their hidden, ‘true self’ has been revealed. This may be the case when the narcissist has a “fall from grace”, such as when their hidden behaviors or motivations are revealed, or when their importance is brought into question. Narcissistic injury is a cause of distress and can lead to dysregulation of behaviors as in narcissistic rage.

Narcissistic rage occurs on a continuum from instances of aloofness, and expression of mild irritation or annoyance, to serious outbursts, including violent attacks and murder…

It has also been suggested that narcissists have two layers of rage. The first layer of rage can be thought of as a constant anger (towards someone else), with the second layer being a self-aimed wrath.

Narcissists use their rage to produce a constant state of dread in their victims. This is why his curial officials are said to be “terrified” of him.

Guys, he’s really not “confusing”. You just have to accompany him and see where he’s coming from.


12 thoughts on “Oh, so you’ve met him, then…”

  1. Gary says:

    Rose: “Did I forget any?”

    Inclusive, nurturing, participation, ecclesial, community

  2. Thomas says:

    I just stumbled on this website and love it. I’ve been wondering for some time about PF’s regular temper tantrums – he seems to be a very angry man, continually lashing out at someone for something. He seems to genuinely despise huge swaths of the Church. The ‘narcissistic rage’ thing is a very useful ‘hermeneutic lens’ through which this very bad man can be viewed.

  3. DJR says:

    Rose says: “Did I forget any?”

    Yes. You forgot the number one term, the term that trumps all others, at least as far as the Church is concerned: “renewal.”


  4. Rose says:

    “Accompany” and all its variations needs to be banned from English usage. Along with discernment, hegemony, patriarchy, sustainable, multicultural, cisgender, oppression, cultural appropriation, microaggression (that one makes me want to give them a personal demonstration of MACROaggression. Like with a baseball bat), diversity, gender binary, privilege, problematic, safe space, redistribution, reparation, trigger, outreach, and dialogue (THAT one is just nails on the chalkboard loathsome ). Did I forget any?

    Strike these words from the face of the earth and the multiculti globalist SJW PC shills would have no words left to use, nothing left but frustrated hissing and squeals of impotent rage. Which is exactly what vanquished demons SHOULD sound like.

  5. Fuquay Steve says:

    He favors Buddy Hackett fron ‘It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad , Mad World’…my eyes my eyes! Welcome back…your friends missed you and your wit and insight! Hope your trip was rewarding , if not physically, at least spiritually.

  6. Hilary White says:


    He’s not very happy with journalists either. His latest “video message” was aimed at them. I think he thought he would always get the easy pass from the media he’s been used to.

  7. Hilary White says:

    Hilary. Not Hillary.

    I’ve been blogging and FBing about it extensively. We’re Ok. The house is fine. I was quite lucky. Picking things up.

  8. Julie says:

    This same comment on the narcissistic rage of Pope Francis could have also been written about Hillary Clinton as reports say she often flips out on people and her rage is easily triggered.

  9. Julie says:

    Hillary I’ve been wondering how you’re doing since the earthquake there? Did your place make it through unscathed I saw pics of the terrible destruction of the monastery there which is sad. How are you doing?

  10. Michael Dowd says:

    What are the triggers for narcissistic rage? This can happen when his prime virtues, or more accurately shtick , of humility and mercy are called into question. In other words, when he is found out to be a complete fraud.

  11. Mark Chaplain says:

    Don’t forget the study and discernment…

  12. S.Armaticus says:

    If I was a betting man, and I am, I would put my finger on the below as the “trigger” of the narcissistic rage:

    Two key “sub-triggers”. First is that Francis is a FAILURE. It is something that has been haunting Francis since he was the District Superior of the Jesuits in Argentina. IN this aspect, he is consistent.

    And next, the bigger “sub-trigger”, has to be that the author identified that “Francis has gained his popularity at the expense of the Church”. If any other organization head did the same thing Francis is doing, he would be sacked immediately. Even a communist revolutionary can only get away with it for so long. After a while, the political bureau starts asking for results and is replaced, or the communist revolutionary kills them.

    One wonders where are the cardinals and bishops and why they aren’t doing the same.

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