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The conservatives will save us!

From Rorate today, another bishop, in Grenada, Spain has adopted the Buenos Aires directive:

“…on the implementation of chapter VIII of Amoris Laetitia, issued by the bishops of the pastoral region of Buenos Aires. This is especially discouraging as Archbishop Martínez has in the past been known for his courage and orthodoxy.”

I’m afraid I find Rorate’s howling over how “orthodox” he was a little frustrating.

Listen. Get it through your thick little Hobbit-skulls:

No one.

Is coming.

To save us.

There can’t ever be better news than when an enemy of Christ unmasks himself publicly. THE key problem in the Church since 1965 has been confusion, ambiguity, the clouding of issues and the conflating of positions. This bishop is conservative; this one is liberal on some issues… No one has been able to figure out what is going on, so they have been deceived.

This is the end of the deception.

I’ve related many times that about fifteen years ago – in the period in which John Paul II was incapacitated and the ecclesiastical enemies of Catholicism were closing in on the controls – my colleagues and I were discussing how it seemed as though the “sides are lining up.” It was evident then that a great shift was occurring, a kind of ideological troop deployment to key strategic areas.

That was then. This is the time of unmasking. The time of the Great Clarification. If you’re not getting down on your knees every morning and giving thanks to God for putting you in this time – the first time in 50 years when it has been easy to see what is going on and understand it – then you’re doing it wrong. Stop whining and be grateful.

What we have now is the next phase in which the ordinary pew-sitting Catholics, the people like you and me, with no power and no influence, are being forced to choose. The safe and comfortable “conservative” position is gone. Those “conservative” and “liberal” categories have evaporated; there is no more conservative middle ground to stand on. What we have now is a clear choice before us, and we see the various low-level bishops like this chappie here making that choice. I’m always glad when one of them does, and we can thank Pope Francis quite sincerely for providing this demarcation line. Now we know exactly where the line is, and we will see exactly who is on which side of it. Ultimatums are good for everyone, and this pope has provided it.

But the time of peace and ease is gone. The time when we could say that we are “conservative” and by this mean we “accept Vatican II, but…”, that we are good, get-along Catholics who can “find common ground” and rub shoulders with secularists and liberals in a comfy, non-threatening world of happy ecumenical get-togethers over warm milk and cookies.

And we are in a time when keeping the Faith – which includes knowing it – is up to us. We’re it. There isn’t going to be a confrontation between Bergoglioism and Catholicism represented at the highest levels. No bishop is coming to rescue us.

As our buddy Steve said in his latest podcast: this isn’t the movies. There is no cavalry. The African bishops aren’t coming to save us. The Polish bishops aren’t coming to save us. Cardinal Burke isn’t coming to save us. Cardinal Sarah isn’t coming to save us. Bishop Schneider isn’t coming to save us.

lastjudgment_5x10The path we’re on leads to Calvary. And it’s the only path we’ve got. Faithfulness to the end.

The other choice is being made manifest to us every day. It’s Christ or Bergoglianism.

Your choice.



16 thoughts on “The conservatives will save us!”

  1. Jewel says:

    Hello, speaking as a relatively new convert, we do live in interesting times. The greatest comfort I have is that the Catholic interpretation of End Times and all that is far more reliable than the evangelical nonsense I grew up hearing and reading. The greatest discomfort I have is that finding Catholics to trust with my new found convictions is hard. Especially within my Novus Ordo church. I have never been in such a predicament. Some folks are outright papalators while others are seemingly Catholic in name only. I want to be able to trust my priest, but I don’t dare say what I’m thinking.
    On this subject of trustworthy prelates, I think it is possible that we will see a few cardinals and bishops man up. There are hints of it now. Persecution will be as you have said, the great clarification.

  2. Michael Dowd says:

    I like. The way. You talk. Hillary. Because. What you say. Is true.

    Thanks be to God. Let us all be missionaries to paganized Catholicism under the leadership of God Himself.

  3. Evangeline says:

    I don’t think these times are like any other times, even in Church history, what time can be compared to this? It is singularly unique to have such a horrible papacy, and more sycophants than you can shake a stick at. Even were he to disappear tomorrow, nothing would be the same as it was before. Now we know, and it likely goes beyond bishops choosing worldly comfort over Christ. It is more that these diabolical “changes” are what they agree with. Oh maybe some of them are so fluffy they’d be happy either way, actual Catholicism or the new improved version, but perhaps this is all just what they are leaning toward anyways. I know when our bishops letters come out, they are all “Francisy” and the word mercy is used often. I know we will never look at a bishop or cardinal the same way again. We believed these were holy men, for the most part. But we’re glad to have our eyes opened. They are mere men and yes, you are right Hillary, they are not coming to save us. Trust in Christ alone, He is the cornerstone, He is the Redeemer, He is the Savior. In Him alone can we trust.

  4. G. H. says:

    Sorry… It should say (think of the pro-homosexual union voices!) in my writing above.

  5. G. H. says:

    I’m guessing that Ms. White is disappointed with the bishop’s silence, as are many of us. That doesn’t mean that she’s given up on God or the Catholic Church. I do not know this woman personally. However, it seems that sometimes women like to talk or write things out to get it out if their systems. Many of us are frustrated, especially with the bishops who should be our true shepherds, but it seems as if they’ve left their posts.
    In fact, I was extremely upset by a bishop in America pushing hard for letting “refugees” into our country. The so called “refugees” are a lot of ISIS members bent on killing the infidel or anyone who does not become a Muslim. However, he had a wonderful talk with people on how to get over their fears and how to be loving Christians and open the doors to the poor “refugees”.
    The bishops are to be shepherds to protect us from the wolves, not open the gate for them to come on in and kill us!
    Look how well it’s worked out in Europe with the “peaceful” “refugees”! First they were made to welcome the “refugees”, but after all of the vicious terrorism, attacks, countless rapes, tortures, beheadings, running over people including babies with a bus, sex slaves as young as ONE YEAR OLDS!!!, they’re trying to stop the flow of “refugees”, (aka ISIS terrorists), and kick them out of their countries. In fact, I just read today that a 90 year old grandmother was brutally raped when she was on her way back from church!
    So of course, I’m furious to see this bishop actually stand up and tell us ‘good Catholics’ to be welcoming of our enemies bent on tortuously killing us… oops, um… welcoming the “poor refugees”, (who are not welcomed in any Muslim nation for fear of terror!!!)!
    My complaining doesn’t stop it, but it might get people to stop and think and complain to the bishops. The only problem is that evil billionaire George Soros gave, at least, $650,000 to the bishops to push for the welcoming of the immigrant “refugees”. Years ago, I would never even believe such a thing would be possible. However, after so many disappointments and downright disgusting words and behavior by some cardinals, bishops, and priests who should have been excommunicated years ago, (think of the pro-gay union voices!), it is just incredibly disappointing. Therefore, I stop to note it. That does not mean that I do not do anything or do not pray about it or do not believe that God cannot send some holy ones to help. As Jesus wept when He lived in the moment when His friend, Lazarus, died, so, in this moment in time, I voice my disappointment at the evil and lack of courage among the “shepherds”.

  6. RodH says:

    Recently I sent my conservative Bishop a letter expressing some concerns I have. He responded with a statement that my assessment of Pope Francis’ Amoris Laetitia as heresy was “unjustified”.

    What I find interesting is that in that letter, I actually never said it was. I was discussing some issues that are unassailable in argument, issues in the specific he didn’t really take issue with.

    So…why did he bring up the word heresy?

    I think because that’s what HE thinks {knows} it is. He knows we are at war. He knows what Pope Saladin is doing. He knows there are serious problems and that little “Freudian slip” gave him away.

    However, he reinforced the position Hilary has presented here by in no way suggesting or implying that he is saddling up the horses to rescue the covered wagon train. Funny, I didn’t expect him to. Isn’t that sad? I don’t expect ANY Catholic bishop to stand for the truth or to put their life or retirement on the line for Christ. I just don’t. If one does, Halleluia, but I don’t expect it. Oh, well…

    I think some of us ex-Protestants have a bit of an advantage in navigating the eel-infested waters of the Sea {See} of Bergoglio. We have always lived as sort of loners. In Protestantism there is really no “orthodoxy” in unity. So for myself, I am coming to grips with the fact that I am simply going t have to cling to the Truth that Christ has given us and march on with as much joy as I can allow into my heart, for Christ WILL grant me joy if I open my heart. I get a lot of joy from the knowledge that I am in the company of Great Popes and Saints and Doctors of the Church in what I affirm. That is far better than I ever had in Protestantism.

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  9. Tom Healey says:

    It seems like you’ve been disappointed one too many times. I’ve never been impressed with Cardinal Burke apart from the fact he is so stolid and has no charisma. He’s not a leader, and he certainly isn’t holy. Cardinal Sarah is much more interesting. But he too is intimidated by Rome,or perhaps it’s sophisticated European civilization. In any case, none of the few faithful bishops show any depth of holiness. And to think otherwise is just grasping at straws. On a somewhat similar note, the fantastic letter to PF from Matt, Ferrara and John…(forget his name)was a waste of time. Nothing is going to dissuade Francis from his demonic take over except an act of God.

    I’m not sure I understand you regarding the rest of your comment – Hunker down folks and pray, pray, pray, no one is coming to our rescue. That is problematic.

    From the earliest days, to church fathers, the Arian crisis, the Protestant revolt, the French Revolution, et al, God always raised up holy men and women to be martyrs, scholars, mystics, to lead the faithful through very trying times for the church. And this crisis is no exception. God has not abandoned us.

    The reason is simple, difficult but simple. Spiritual profundity is always simple. Those whom God raises up, their souls have been transformed by Sanctifying Grace. Which enables them to be the great leaders they become. They enable demoralized Catholics to hope, to see past the very real presence of sin and evil. To be able to trust that God is always near. That He loves us. Think Catherine of Sienna, Francis de Sales. Devout, faithful Catholics are not holy and need those exceptional few who are. It’s not optional. God will never abandon us if we remain faithful.

  10. Claudio Tarabocchia says:

    There is someone who is coming to save us. It is Christ.

  11. Michael says:

    There is the triumph of the Immaculate Heart. It is almost here

  12. Tomasz M. says:

    > The Polish bishops aren’t coming to save us …
    True. I’m from Poland. Polish bishops are a few years behind universal Novus Ordo Church (in terms of destruction of Catholic faith),
    but they’re really quickly catching up.
    It’s just enough that they remain silent, it’s just matter of time. Truly there’s no neutral ground.
    I came back to God & Church 12 years ago, and already through this short time I see a big shift in polish religious live.

  13. Bosco49 says:

    I agree, Hilary,

    La Stampa (link below) now paints those who are opposed theologically to Francis as politically cozy with Vladimir Putin and a variety of other dangerous sorts of similar stripe.

    “Catholics who are anti-Francis but love Putin”

    The enemies of Francis-peace are being tarred in the public square and marked for elimination.

  14. Vox Cantoris says:

    I choose Christ!

  15. Magdalene says:

    It is Our Lord who will save us just as He has redeemed us, but not without our cooperation. We can only look to the age old teachings of holy Mother Church and to Our Lord and Our Lady and let all else run its course. No, even the most faithful of bishops cannot ‘save’ us even if they want to because they are marginalized, deposed, ridiculed, slandered, detracted, sued, and exiled. Ah, there are still saints among us!

  16. thetimman says:

    Just like Bob Dylan said, “There’s only one road, and it leads to Calvary.”

  17. Fuquay Steve says:

    Well, that is settled and all before lunch. I am going to Mass.

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