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Catholic Cardinal: no obligation to follow a pope who betrays the Church


I know we were all expecting the crack to come from a completely different corner of the Church, and that hardly anyone has been paying attention to the eagerness of the Francis Vatican to throw the Catholic Church in China to the communist wolves.

As with every jurisdictional Vatican compromise with Communist governments the one in the offing smells of betrayal. There have been four secret meetings between Vatican representatives and Chinese government officials in the past two years, the most recent being at the end of April. Cardinal Zen, retired Bishop of Hong Kong, is not at all optimistic. He does not trust anything that Beijing would offer:

“We do not see any sign that would encourage the hope that the Chinese Communists are about to change their restrictive religious policy…..It is unthinkable to leave the initial proposal in the hands of an atheist government who cannot possibly judge the suitability of a candidate to be a bishop.

The gist seems to be that the Vatican is working on a deal with the Chinese communists to “ratify” the government’s picks for Catholic bishops, essentially, placing the faithful into the care of those kinds of bishops that their brutal communist bully-boy government thinks are suitable.

But here it is: the first Cardinal of the Catholic Church who has finally confronted Francis.

Cardinal Zen – who has been one of the most outspoken defenders of the Faith in the worst possible circumstances – has said it: Do not follow this pope into his evil designs to destroy Holy Mother Church.

Zen to Chinese Catholics: If agreement with China is signed, do not follow the Pope

Should an agreement be reached between China and the Holy See, this will certainly have “the Pope’s approval”. But China’s Catholics will not be obliged to take it into consideration if their “conscience” tells them it is “against their principle of faith”. This is according to the Bishop Emeritus of Hong Kong, Cardinal Joseph Zen.

Don’t discount this, people. It means there are still lines that can’t be crossed. Cardinal Zen has been fighting this battle for the Catholic Church and the Catholic faithful in China for many years. And for most of that time he has had to fight it on two fronts; from attacks from Beijing – which are often of a most physically brutal kind – and from diplomatic attacks from Rome. It has been many, many years since anyone in the Vatican has had the bests spiritual interests of the faithful in China at heart.

Ostpolitic wasn’t just something that got invented at Vatican II to bring in Russian observers from the KGB-controlled Russian Orthodox. Vatican Secretaries of State have been applying the flagellum to the Body of Christ in China for most of my lifetime. Given that we’re talking about a Catholic population of about 65 million people – about the equivalent of the population of Italy or Britain, twice the entire population of Canada – that’s not an insignificant betrayal. It makes the Mindszenty affair look like an embassy garden party.

It’s also not insignificant that the de facto leader of 65 million Catholics has called for the faithful to oppose the pope who is flogging Christ in the person of the Church in China.

It’s also notable that the article itself is another hit piece from our good friends at La Stampa who recently lashed out at the opponents of Jorge’s little plans for us all.

In this piece from at One Peter Five, Steve speculates that they are lashing out precisely because they are discovering that the opposition is louder and more persistent – and more effective – than they had bargained for. Steve wrote about the Vatican “quietly panicking over its inability to comprehend the sort of asymmetrical information warfare they are faced with.”

“They cannot accurately gauge — let alone neutralize — the expansive influence of critics who operate almost entirely outside of established structures, instead building audiences predominately online and across a broad spectrum of social media platforms.”

I commented that this is something that utterly freaks them out.

They really have no idea at all how the internet works or what it is for. I remember them being completely paranoid about people using their phones in the journalists’ room at the Conclave. They actually had it set up to block all internet access in the hall they set up for journalists, and then couldn’t figure out why no one came to use it. The real journalists did all their interviewing in bars and cafes in the Borgo on the other side of the piazza.

At their press conferences, they really don’t understand how information about what’s being said unofficially (the Q&A) gets out before the press conference is even over. Most of these people have only just started to use email. They are totally accustomed to thinking themselves in complete control of the message, and the fact that they don’t even know how information is spread is something they’re vaguely aware of, but terrifies them.

How do these people keep finding this stuff out?!!!”

We’re magic.

It does seem like the Vatican machine is in defensive mode lately. We’ve been having people contact us with the very interesting information that certain key texts from previous popes have just gone magically missing from the .va website. So far we have seen disappeared Pius IX on the social reign of Christ the King and the inadmissibility of “ecumenism” as the term is currently used in ecclesiastical circles; and some documents from John Paul II (“Saint”) on the nature of marriage and the inadmissibility of allowing those in unrepentant adulterous liaisons to receive Holy Communion.

Now, despite this useful rule of thumb, I think it might just be a bit too far to stretch to imagine that this particular set of items – rather hot topics at the moment in ecclesiastical circles – is an oversight or a matter of the legendary incompetence of Vatican webmasters.



18 thoughts on “Catholic Cardinal: no obligation to follow a pope who betrays the Church”

  1. Maria Cameron says:

    I should add, your assessment of Patricia’s way of trying to do good has been foolish (aka. nutjob) . I only just read about her crusade to uncover gay priests. I hope Patricia will find better ways to do good.

  2. Maria Cameron says:


    Being as you are in the midst of difficulties or helping others in the midst of real and pressing difficulties, I hope you don’t mind if I put in my two cents into your discussion with the lady, whom you called a nutjob with refreshing candor. I did take a look at the link that you provided and the Bishop certainly speaks in a different tone to yours.

    As you say, in his

  3. Philip says:

    I like what is happening. Mr. Pope Francis is a beast as prophesied in Daniel and revelation. He’s not to be taken seriously. He is an Antichrist and can not be infallible. China should follow Christ not Francis

  4. Hilary White says:

    You are free to do the necessary research/fact checking that everyone must do when you create a newsletter. One of the first things that will become clear when you do this is that the “evil designs” comment you have quoted does not have quote marks around it, making it evident that this was my own writing, not Cardinal Zen’s. The original article was linked, and quoted in the indented and italicized section above. There is another that is linked and indented/italicized immediately below it, making it plain what is and is not attributed to the original article I was quoting. The easiest and most immediate way to check a quote is to click the link. If there is a problem with the link, I’m happy to fix it.

    It is the general practice to offset quotes in some way as I have described above.

    Anything that is not offset in this way is not a quote, but my own writing.

    This is what we call “comment” which you and your readers are free to disregard.

    One of the comments that I stand behind most forcefully is that you are and remain a nutjob, your having given me no reason to reconsider that opinion. To that I must now add careless. I certainly encourage you most heartily to continue to ignore me.

  5. Patricia McKeever says:

    I am reliably informed that you have misquoted Cardinal Zen and I am livid about it. Despite having long standing reservations about your writings, I decided to quote yor alleged Cardinal Zen remarks about “…. Pope Francis’ evil designs…” in my editorial (Catholic Truth newsletter) just gone to the printers, only to discover, via one of our
    ( American) bloggers, that you have inaccurately reported the Cardinal’s original words.

    I’ve asked our bloggers not to quote you on anything from now on. I’m mortified that I used you as a source. Never again. Stop being so keen on getting “scoops” and double check your sources in future – and believe me, I’m going to take my own advice on this. Big time. Right now, I’m already working on my apology for our next edition. You once called me a “nutjob” – I’m suppressing the adjectives about you which spring to mind, since I’m due at Confession and my list is quite long enough. As above mentioned American blogger said: just show you really can’t trust anyone named Hilary/Hillary. Quite.

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  8. Piotr says:
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  11. Barbara says:

    Yes, Michael Dowd. Just this past weekend I got a panicked call from a friend who had watched the Alinsky piece. She was shocked and wanted to know if I was aware of all this. Well, yes. There is a terrific little clip floating around on Youtube – an interview BIll Buckley did of the late unlamented Saul on Firing Line about 40 years ago. Buckley, not the most polite interviewer, can barely restrain himself with Alinsky. It’s a fun 10 minutes. Funny, we can still smell the sulphur in the air long after Alinsky’s death.

  12. Hilary White says:

    Cardinal Zen functions as a bishop in a place where his brother bishops are arrested in the dead of night, kept locked up in re-education camps, mental hospitals and are beaten and tortured by the government, to be “returned” 30 years later by being dumped naked and wrapped in plastic and very dead at the doorstep of their nearest relatives.

    It’s the sort of thing that would tend to toughen you up a bit.

  13. Michael Dowd says:

    Agree that word about the nefarious activities in the Vatican are spreading far and wide. Just this morning a Buddhist friend of mine sent a note from Jihad Watch about Podesta’s plan to infiltrate the Catholic Church with progressive propaganda. I told him what Podesta is doing is entirely redundant as the Catholic Church was infiltrated long ago. And also today I got a note form someone at EWTN about a program concerning Saul Alinsky and Hillary Clinton. Though this is not news to most of us it would seem that some naive Catholics are waking up.

  14. jose Jesus Ploneda CARDENAS says:

    The blood, cries and suffering of under ground Catholic Church has been heard by our Lord Jesus Christ. He has rewarded them with Cardinal Zen, who can see through the fog of heresy infecting almost all the faithful, as far as the eye can see. The outrageous compromises of the Catholic faith have now become the norm within the church’s walls, a warning prophesied by our Lady of Akita in 1972 if we did not listen to our Lord.
    To destroy the Roman Catholic Church; the People’s Republic of China’s Religious Affairs Bureau in 1957 established the Chinese Patriotic Catholic Association (CCPA); This frontal attack will fail just as the Patriotic Mexican Catholic Church tried to do, it had been established by Mexican President Calles in 1925; They cannot obliterate it because it was founded supernaturally; Divinely by our Lord Jesus Christ. I ask the intercession of the Cristero Martyrs, my Grandfather’s cousin, St. Miguel de la Mora and seminarian Tomas de la Mora, to strengthen the faith of our shepherds so they can STAND. Cristeros battle cry ¡Viva Cristo Rey! ¡Viva la Virgen de Guadalupe! (Long live Christ the King! Long live the Virgin of Guadalupe!) jose Jesus Ploneda CARDENAS

  15. John AU says:

    Great commentary Hilary. No doubt the ball has started rolling . The teasing question is what happens next?
    Prayers are urgently needed for the brave Cardinal Zen and his flock [Rosary recommended]
    United in Christ.

  16. justin says:

    that man false prophet Francis from Argentina wanted to mess up with the Chinese Catholic Faith, but he knows not any kungfu. I guess he should go back and learn some kungfu then !!!!!!

  17. Tom Healey says:

    Do not follow this pope…….It would be hard to imagine Cardinal Burke or Bishop Schneider speaking so bluntly as this Cardinal Joseph Zen. Compare this man living under persecution by the brutal Communist regime, with the soft, fat western bishops so eager to placate the powerful haters of God and the church. The affluence of the West is surely a mixed blessing, regarding the flourishing of the Christian faith. With the exception of the letter to PF by Matt, Ferrara and Vennari, the group of 45, the bishops, they are all soooooo careful, so academic, so boring.

    Maike Hickson posted another great piece yesterday for 1Peter5 concerning Bishop Schneider. It finally occurred to me, because I still reacted negatively, and I was not clear why – the few bishops who struggle to remain faithful are REACTIVE, and I don’t doubt their faith or sincerity, However, they look to the future with hope and trust that the church will triumph in the end. And so they should. But they will never be great leaders. It’s my impression, that despite all the disagreements within the Trads, all are hoping for a bishop who is PROACTIVE, who will take the bull—- by the horns to prevent, to halt, the ongoing assault, by Bergoglio.

  18. Ademar says:


    China’s Catholic Church is being treated by the Marxism-sympathizing Vatican nowadays the way my ancestral Ukrainian Catholic Church
    was treated under Marxism-sympathizing Paul VI and his Sec’y of State Casaroli: throw the Ukes under the bus (including their Cardinal Slipyj)
    so that we can do “ecumenism” with the Russian Orthodox (lead by Chekists in cassocks). Plus ça change, plus la même chose .

    As for that pesky internet enabling us little people to run around the Vatican power’s-that-be info control‎: Well,
    they need to join forces with the globalists and totally control and censor it like China already does…wait! that’s already
    coming down the pike! Plus ça change, plus la même chose .‎

    Our Lady of Fatima, ora pro nobis!!

  19. Frank Walker says:

    I’ve read that the faithful Chinese Church has recently ordained as many as seven bishops without Vatican approval. The underground Church has become another SSPX-type situation. I think the China capitulation is so telling. Is the Patriotic Church now Catholic, or is FrancisChurch now the Patriotic Church?

    Western Catholics have much to learn from Cardinal Zen and the faithful Chinese today. At least they know where they stand.

  20. Lynne says:

    Thank God for Cardinal Zen.

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