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The purge continues

A short time ago there were some news stories circulating that Bishop Morlino in the US had started celebrating Mass ad orientem. After Cardinal Sarah straightened the path a bit, apparently Bishop Dominique Rey of the Diocese of Frejus-Toulon in France announced that he would follow Bishop James Conley of the Diocese of Lincoln, who is already is offering Mass facing the altar.

I suggested to some friends that it was in gestures like this that could be read signs that there is at least some opposition to the Francis juggernaut.

Today we have another indication:

This is the diocese of Albenga-Imperia that was recently the subject of a Francidian purge. The TLM-friendly, ad orientem-celebrating bishop was drummed out. Among his offences was reportedly having given refuge to some of the former Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate who had fled the order when it was purged in its turn.

I would venture that this is an indication that my assessment of the political signalling from bishops like Morlino is correct.



7 thoughts on “The purge continues”

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  3. Hilary White says:

    Why do you go to the NO then?

  4. Hilary White says:

    Popes who write documents shouldn’t resign and then get into the papers praising his abusive successor if he wants those documents to count for anything.

  5. Marcus20 says:

    We see NuChurch now.

    The New Order of Mass, the New Communion in the Hand, the New Mercy, the New Rosary (luminous mysteries), the New Sign of the Cross, the New Tabernacle placed to the side or even outside the church in another building . . . but the bishops keep assuring us: “Nothing has changed!”

    If nothing has changed, then why have all these changes been necessary?

    And why all the horror when anyone wants to pray in the ancient ways?

    The bishops in the United States love Hillary Clinton, who wants the public to continue funding abortions through Planned Parenthood.

    The bishops’ charity in the United States — Catholic Relief Services — has been exposed once again aligning itself with “charities” that deliver “abortion services.”

    You know what?

    Look at what they do.

    The Catholic Church supports abortion in its actions and pronouncements.

    Pope Francis praises Emma Bonino.

    Only people who identify Catholic find this difficult to see.

    It’s denial.

    The New Church is something New.

    In the United States, it’s essentially a wing of the Democratic party.

    And in China, most of what seems to be the church is controlled by the communist government.

    Keep giving them your donations, keep attending their New Rites . . . Why not? Don’t you support all this?

  6. Christine says:

    Did not Summorum Pontificum specify that priests are now free to celebrate the traditional Mass (which of course is ad orientem) without their bishop’s permission? I suppose many of us have suspected that Francis might eventually attempt to rescind Summorum Pontificum (which might look awkward in a shared pontificate 😉 but for the moment, surely bishops have no authority to forbid the TLM?

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  9. johnhenry says:

    As a silent act of civil disobedience, I keep my head bowed and never look at our Novus Ordo priest (whom I like) during the Eucharistic Liturgy except during the elevations.

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