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Eeeeviilllle… like the froo-eets of the devillllll…

The other day The Skodge suggested that the pope and his little band of incompetent minions are starting to feel a little … errrmm… pressed. A little hemmed in by the opposition. So, taking the initiative, they’ve lashed out at anyone who opposes them. Not for the first time, of course.

Maleficent on the minion problem.

Today, Pope Francis complains loudly about the wicked, wicked folk who still think that Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Holy Trinity isn’t a liar.

“…Rigid people lead a ‘double life,’ they seem good but they often aren’t; they are strangers to God’s freedom, ‘slaves of the law’. ‘How they suffer’!

Here’s Francis’ thoughts on the minion problem. Not that different, in essence I guess:

Francis said: “beneath rigidity there is something hidden about a person’s life. Rigidity is not a gift of God. Meekness is; kindness is; benevolence is; forgiveness is. But rigidity is not! Beneath rigidity there is always something hidden, in many cases a double life; but there is also some sort of disease lingering there. How the rigid suffer: when they are sincere and they acknowledge this they suffer! Because they are unable to feel the freedom that God’s children feel; they do not know what it is like to walk in the Law of the Lord and they are not blessed. And they suffer so much!” They seem “good because they follow the Law; but beneath that there is something not so nice about them: either they are bad or they are hypocrites or they are ill. They suffer!”

“Either they are bad or they are hypocrites or they are ill.” See, this is what makes me think that Jorge’s philosophical education has been lacking. There is another logical possibility.

Meanwhile, I thought y’all might like to see a photo of the huge crowds crowding the Via delle Conciliazione in Rome for the “pilgrimage” for the Jubilee Year of Mercy…


14795641_10154479563520168_834047770_oTaken today.

This is the piazza that is attached to Castel Sant Angelo, (that’s to the left outside the photo) the big bit of fortressery outside the Vatican at the terminus of the Via delle Conciliazione, on the Tiber and just in front of the famous Bridge of Angels. It’s a popular place for tourists, buskers, street vendors, gypsy pick-pockets etc.

The little empty white tent in the photo is where you start your “pilgrimage” up the street to St. Peter’s which is the thing set up by the Jubilee of Mercy in Rome to fulfill the requirements for the plenary indulgence… (if we still believe in such things, that is).

Recently the Vatican issued a press release – that has been thoroughly mocked by everyone I know in Rome – claiming that thus far 15 million pilgrims have come to Rome to do this.

A pal who is good at figures tells me that this would necessitate about 50,000 people per day doing this little route.

I know that some people have done it. You go, they say, to this little tent and fill in a form. They hand you your package of materials that includes some prayers and perhaps a hat. And a wooden cross. Along the Via delle Conciliazione they have cordoned off with bollards a section of the road for the 50,000 pilgrims a day who are crowding the route…



It’s not just that we all seem to have more or less forgotten about this absurd publicity stunt Francis concocted to promote his wicked plans to subvert Christianity, it’s that they all seem to have forgotten about it too. It doesn’t take much perspicacity to see that the “Year of Mercy” was of no more interest to this cabal than any other of their stunts. It was a minor item in their strategy list, and quickly got engulfed by their much larger and more important plans for the pair of Synods and the subsequent Exhortation of Desolation to follow.

People still taking Catholicism seriously – the kind of people who pay attention to things like Jubilee Years and plenary indulgences – are simply not part of the plan.

It is a matter of no moment to them at all that they are caught in really, truly outrageous lies with regards the numbers. Indeed, wildly and brazenly exaggerating the numbers at your events is kind of an Italian hobby. For the world outside Italian politics, ecclesiastical and secular, claiming a ten-fold or hundred-fold overestimate of your event attendance is what we harshly judge to be a “lie”. But for Italians this is just how things are done.

So… anyway… the actual Jubilee Year of Mercy, having immediately fulfilled its actual purpose as a strategic press release, limps alongs in its alternate, secondary reality as a Catholic devotion.



13 thoughts on “Eeeeviilllle… like the froo-eets of the devillllll…”

  1. Aaron B. says:

    Even through translators, he always sounds like a petulant 14-year-old: “I don’t need all your old-fashioned rules, man! You adults with all your rules, you’re just uptight, probably feeling guilty about something!”

  2. c matt says:

    You sure that was a Year of Mercy thing in Rome/Vatican City, and not a photo from a Hildebeast Clinton rally?

  3. Barbara says:

    I find the scariest words of Pope Francis “…or they are ill.” There were many sent to the Gulag because they were mental ill – according to the standards of the powers that were – if you didn’t toe the line, believe the lies – you MUST be ill. Be warned.

  4. T. Audrey Glamour says:


    I am hoping that the crossed out bits are in English…and you are using the Latin!

    I’ll pray for Sue C today.

  5. Bosco49 says:

    Speaking of rigid, how’s this one:

    “Hier stehe Ich, Ich kann nicht anders.”
    (“Here I stand, I can do no other”)” – Martin Luther –

  6. Rory Donnellan says:

    Seems about the same numbers at the Vatican pilgrimage as Hillary Rob’em Clinton rallies.
    Why would a Modernist who teaches no-one actually goes to hell ever need a plenary indulgence?

  7. Hilary White says:

    The monastic diurnal that I use was given to me by the abbess of the Benedictine house at Rosano in Tuscany. It was the only English/Latin one they had and she said I could keep it. Its previous owner (a lady named “Sue C”) had gone through it – presumably on the instructions of someone else – and penciled out all the nasty bits. The “thees and thous” are all crossed out and quite a lot of the language has been given little penciled-in upgrades. The last two lines of Psalm 137 are firmly crossed out.

  8. Jean says:

    Did you intend to highlight the irony of Francis accusing others of rigidity?
    I think, if I must choose sides, I will rigidly choose to follow the Lord (rigidly) rather than his lordship and his followers (one of whom lives in my parish).

  9. John Cahill says:

    Does this bishop-in-white still pray his Office? How does he avoid gagging on the 118th psalm? You know, the long one. The one in which every other verse is “how I love thy law, O Lord” or “I delight in thy commandments” or “I meditate on thy statutes”. Or even “The wicked have told me fables but not as thy law” in verse 85. Some of the psalms are surplus to requirements in the Pauline rite but this one is still in the LotH. I looked. Maybe he has his own version of this as in other things.

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  12. Remnant Clergy says:

    Since modernists and Freemasons want everything fluid, everything to evolve, including dogma, standing firm to eternal truths is deemed rigid and wicked. This should be no surprise as Francis has consistently attacked truth in this manner.

  13. Martha says:

    …and also when I saw the big, stupid, Disneyland sign saying ‘misericordia.’ Everyone is wondering if that’s the name of a new Bishop from Africa or something.

  14. Martha says:

    Ha! Crying laughing when I saw the picture!

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