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Support a jumpstart for Norcia businesses



Emanuele (R) and his cousin Alessandro Persiani (L) on our hike up Monte Patino this August, just a couple of weeks before the first quake. Gorgeous view of the whole valley, and they’re looking at their phones… Young people!

This is a post via Facebook by my friend Emanuele Persiani, the guy who does all our computer and telecommunications work in Norcia.

“I wish I had a place to work” a Go Fund Me campaign aimed not only at getting ABC Online back up and running, but via the revival of inernet and other communications in Norcia, the rest of the business community of Norcia as well.

We had a small shop in Norcia. Even a house in Norcia.
After August 24, 2016 we had to leave the house.
After October 26, 2016 we were told we had to leave the store because it was dangerous.
After October 30, 2016, we can no longer enter into Norcia.

Now we would like to work, but we must do it now in order to stay in Norcia and continue to follow the customers, our web marketing, our phone shop. We just need a little space. So we ask those who can to help us to take a shop on wheels or a prefabricated structure. If you want to donate some money to give us a structure to work would you do us a GREAT pleasure!

Thanks to everyone who read this message. If you want to send me. Emanuele Persians / ABC Online / ValnerinaOnLine – Norcia

(Also, he owes me a new DVD player that I bought but didn’t work and got sent to Foligno for repair and I never saw again. And I’m not going to see it unless the shop gets going again, so…)

Here’s an article (in Italian) where Emanuele lays out his idea for “Little Norcia” a tent business district where the small  businesses of Norcia can get going again and create a foundation for daily life in our beloved town.

Small Norcia, the proposed exchange Valnerina charges down economy  NORCIA – … Behind those cranes that are giving support there is’ the retail outlet ABC Online , the micro company that deals with these social channels. ABC Online was on the ground floor of the Palace Counale whose bell tower, every moment threatening to fall. He was’ them to assist with many services (web maker, photography street view, support social networks, official center digital signature, TIM center … etc). As ABC Online there are dozens of activities ‘commercial that, at a critical time like this POST earthquake of October 30, destructive in many ways, you are faced with a different problem: HOW TO ACTIVATE AGAIN HIS ACTIVITY’ COMMERCIAL . The situation is not ‘at all simple, each company has a different story, each company MUST start.

How to do? The municipality has decided to dedicate an area for commercial use, probably creating a new batch urbanized in a position to decide, create a LITTLE NORCIA where to find ALL SERVICES PREVIOUSLY ACTIVE. How can you help us?

The idea is to create a functioning business district where the small local companies, the mom and pop places like our buddies at the produce store, the lottomatica, the clothes and shoe shops, the farmacies and even the sausage and prosciutto manufacturers, etc. can get up and running again, at least enough to provide goods and services to the people who have elected to stay in Norcia.

Please go and support him if you can.

Thanks. It might make all the difference to get us all back home, and Norcia back to being a real town.

And share and repost, esp if you’ve got more people in your friends list than my little hundred or so…



2 thoughts on “Support a jumpstart for Norcia businesses”

  1. Neysa Wiens says:

    Oh My Goodness….Hilary!
    I discovered the fioritura of the PG online last year, and HAD to come all the way from Vancouver, to see if it was REAL, amd not just ‘photoshopped’.
    This year, i stayed for 23 days, taking pictures and painting watercolours. i have come to love the people so much, that I started studying Italian as soon
    as I returned last year. We have an Italian Cultural Centre in Vancouver.

    My heart has been broken by the terrible tragedies of multiple earthquakes affecting so many historic hilltop towns, and then the latest, on October 30th, which caused so much damage in Castelluccio and Norcia. i want to Help! I am trying to discover if there is any possibility of importing the fabulous, excellent products in Norcia shops, to Vancouver. There are wealthy folks here, who love all the best foods…..i have asked at the ICC just now, and hope to contact the Italian Consulate, and two of the large Italian Import stores here in Vancouver.
    Would love to keep in touch with you. i do write my very much loved friends at Il Casale San Martino. Blessings! neysa

  2. Emanuele says:

    Really Thanks!!!

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