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No, Francis Bergoglio is NOT “afraid of a confrontation” with the cardinals

And he certainly doesn’t have anything to hide.

People who are thinking that the pope is worried about a confrontation with the cardinals at the consistory are completely and utterly failing to understand him. Sorry Laurence, but no. Most emphatically not at all.

There has not been a single day in the last three and a half years in which this person or any of his cabal have demonstrated the slightest interest in hiding anything.

He hasn’t answered the cardinals  – and has now reportedly cancelled his meetings with them this weekend – because he knows he doesn’t have to.

His world is only and exclusively about power and his agenda. He does not care about the cardinals, or their dubium. He didn’t answer them because he doesn’t have to. That’s the only reason. Imagining that he’s somehow “afraid” of them or their objections is demonstrating a failure to grasp the  most important thing about him and his cabal: narcissism. To these people, other people, including cardinals, don’t really exist. People aren’t really people to such men. They’re tools.

The cardinals (and bishops) have served their purpose. They’ve played their part in furthering the revolution by turning up and playing along with the farce of the two Synods. Anyone with eyes and ears could have and should have seen and understood what was happening at those two insane dog-n-pony shows. The fact that these men were willing to come all the way to Rome, participate in that absurdist farce

…and smile for the photo-ops afterwards with the man who was so brazenly manipulating them tells us everything we need to know about them. There is such a thing as culpable ignorance.


Look at these men. Are these men who are the slightest bit worried about anything? Anything at all?



Let me explain it to you: Bergoglio and his ilk (Danneels, Marx, Kasper, Wuerl etc.) believe in a “Church” without Christ. But what is a Church without Christ really about? It can only be about power. And he/they know they have all of it.

All of it. 


Having all the power means he doesn’t need to answer anyone about anything. He cancelled the meetings with the cardinals not because he’s afraid of a confrontation but because he has everything he needs. For him and his puppet masters/cabal the only thing that matters is the agenda and implementing it, which they are doing without batting an eye at the dubia. Such things are about as important to them as a mosquito is to you and me.

This is narcissism. For such a person only what he wants is important. He uses people the way you and I use kitchen implements. The cardinals (and bishops) have served their purpose, therefore no further attention needs to be granted them. This kind does not know fear because it has never and can never occur to them that anything can stop them.

So, please everyone, stop annoying me with this “he’s scared” nonsense. My eyes are starting to ache with all the rolling.



35 thoughts on “No, Francis Bergoglio is NOT “afraid of a confrontation” with the cardinals”

  1. c matt says:

    Bergo ignored the cardinals because he can – that is, he doesn’t have to confront them, so he won’t. His thinking is no doubt thus: At worst, a couple marginal cardinals declare him a heretic or whatever, he counter declares them no longer cardinals, its 1054 all over again and the remnant declare the see empty. As we all know Bergo & CO. no longer believe in or care about God, it is all about power. How many pewsitters will stick with Bergo vs go with the remnant? THAT is what they care about, and I would guess that they are pretty confident about their odds of retaining the majority, vast majority, of pewwarmers.

  2. Hilary White says:

    Why would anyone look at MSM for information about the Church?

    Anyway, yes there was. RT just did a thing on it.

  3. Aaron B. says:

    Hilary, thank you, could you please point me to somewhere I can read about this process? I wasn’t aware one existed.

  4. Tony from Oz says:

    Barbara is on the money in suggesting the fact that who – save us, the remnant/’engaged’ Catholics – even KNOWS about the presentation of the Dubia. Indeed, I have searched in vain for any report in the mainstream media online, except an article in The Australian (a right-wing major journal in Oz). But nary a peep out of any of the other mass circulation dailies.

    What?! A Pope opposed by Cardinals for the first time in over 6 centuries? Nothing to see here – keep moving along please!

  5. Remnant clergy says:

    A Freemason intends to install indifferentism and approval of sin.

  6. Hilary White says:

    Aaron, here’s where you make your mistake.

    “They actually want obfuscation, for him to muddy the waters by saying he didn’t mean what he said,”

    These cardinals are following a very carefully prescribed process, the first step of which must be to “ask for clarification”. They are fully aware of what the following steps must be.

  7. Hilary White says:

    “But many have said he doesn’t care about doctrine, only practice.”

    But of course, he has spent every waking moment of his pontificate attacking doctrine. The idea that “it’s not about doctrine, only practice” is the sales pitch. Don’t buy what they’re selling.

  8. Evangeline says:

    He’s a dangerous man, surely. I am not sure if he must answer this or not, but the four Cardinals have put the questions, and it appears as if they are serious about getting an answer or…next step. They wouldn’t have done this if they weren’t considering it, I’m sure it has all been discussed and all are on board. If it remains just the four, what contemptible men the other bishops are. We see these men are mainly careerists or destroyers in their own right. Or too effeminate and weak to say anything.
    But whatever the next step is, the four will take it. As many have said, they have nothing to lose. However, whatever he can do to them, he will. He is ruthless and vindictive. I wouldn’t put anything off the table from him.
    He/they do have all the power perhaps. Perhaps God does not mind being mocked. Perhaps He will allow this to go on and on and on.
    Perhaps not. This is similar to the recent American election in this regard, it was understood by many Americans in the last few months that we were watching powers and principalities play out, not just powerful men and women. Many prayers went up petitioning God to help us, and not just by Catholics, probably not even mainly, but by Protestants. Our church has hit the skids, and PF and his cronies represent the destruction of the church as we know it. Hopefully there are enough prayers going up to reach God’s ear, that He might have mercy on His Church and send the remedy. It is already late, our church is emptying and most Catholics have absolutely no idea nor interest in what is happening.

  9. Fr. RP says:


    I agree that Pope Francis canceled the meeting and refused to answer the dubia out of a sense of his own unlimited power and to put it in the face of those whom he deems to be lesser men than him and yet would dare to question him on anything at all. He is the typical Tyrant/Narcissist: in love with power and himself.

    That being said: All tyrants are deathly afraid of their subjects, that’s why they ruthlessly hunt them down. The thing they fear the most is that the people will push back and not give up, so they try their best to crush them.

    Also, all Narcissist are deeply afraid of their incompetence/unlovableness, which is why they are so full of bravado about themselves: they must keep the demon of self-doubt at bay at all costs, which is why they hate anyone who points out any little fault.

    Pope Francis is very afraid. Which is why he is escalating the conflict and acting like a mad dictator…

    If the devil fails to seduce, then he puffs himself up to try and frighten those who he himself is actually afraid of, if that doesn’t work he try’s to physically harm them all the while hoping that they won’t stand up to him. When ever the devil is raging it’s because he is losing not winning.

  10. RodH says:

    Hilary says: “I would agree, except that he is currently taking steps to aggressively enforce agreement with his programme. ” In recent months I guess I can see why you’d say that. But many have said he doesn’t care about doctrine, only practice. It could be that as he actually meets resistance from true Catholics, his actions against them will change. My point tho was to indicate that he will continue no doubt to hurl insults at those he dislikes. I would not expect that to change. His pontificate could be described as Rule by Derogatory Remark. But his actions seem to tend toward the “live and let live”. I guess we shall see now that he has been directly confronted if that is to continue.

  11. Thomas says:

    I think his insouciance is somewhat overstated in this post, Hilary. His actions suggest an avoidance of direct confrontation with orthodoxy, and one does that for a calculated reason: fear of losing that confrontation, of having one’s project derailed, etc. His aim is to spread confusion, ambiguity, and ultimately disunity. A meeting with bracing clarity must be avoided for this to work.

  12. Aaron B. says:

    Absolutely right. He is ignoring and scorning them, not hiding from them. A pope is an absolute monarch. He can’t be impeached or called to account for himself. They can’t even demand a meeting. Besides, the document itself was clear enough (the heretics who applauded it certainly think so), and he’s already confirmed it once to some South American bishops. These cardinals don’t want “clarification”; they know what he meant. They actually want obfuscation, for him to muddy the waters by saying he didn’t mean what he said, so they can then put a Catholic-ish interpretation on it.

    The only power the Cardinals have over him is the power to say, “Um, sorry, but we goofed when we elected this guy. Turns out he wasn’t/isn’t Catholic, so he’s out, and we’re calling for a mulligan on the election.” They’re a long, long way from even considering that.

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  15. Michael Dowd says:

    So Hilary, the answer is very simple: he must be smote by God so that all will know.

  16. Hilary White says:

    The rage reaction when crossed is also textbook narcissism.

  17. Hilary White says:

    I would agree, except that he is currently taking steps to aggressively enforce agreement with his programme. It may be that his *stated* idea of the Church is this live and let live liberalism, but the reality is very different.

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  20. Brian Miles says:

    I pray to God he is in for a very rude awakening. Please, Lord, may he either be converted – repenting in sackcloth and ashes – or be deposed.

  21. Rod Halvorsen says:

    Bergoglio must be boiling over the dubia, but in the end he doesn’t care. In fact, “fine with me” is where I see this going. He has made clear he sees the Church as a loose federation of scattered dioceses. He has expressed love for the Orthodox system and of course he’s already told Anglicans not to convert. His model is sort of Anglican Communion/Orthodox polity with liberal Lutheran doctrine. So at some point I see him saying to the Big four: “Go ahead, believe what you want and teach what you want. And Cupich can believe what he wants and teach what he wants. And Marx, too.” Sure, he’ll badger, insult and hassle all those who teach Catholic Truth, but I really don’t think he cares in the end. Look at his attempted rehabilitation of the SSPX! It all fits. A Bergoglian “church” that believes everything and nothing. Sort of the Hindusim of the Christian world.

    Thus making it essential that these men have him deposed.

    And that is what I think they are planning. The topics in the letter are not merely focused on marriage/divorce/remarriage. It struck me that they actually address and question Bergoglio’s core beliefs and as such I believe the Big Four are not merely trying to flush out whether Bergoglio is a heretic which I think is a foregone conclusion, but rather, trying to demonstrate that he has apostatized. We will see how far this army of 4 can march, and whether they will be able to recruit sufficient soldiers of Christ before they attempt to scale the Walls of the Vatican.

  22. Barbara says:

    Barbara Jensen: I have been thinking about this too – that the man in the pew would start to stir and make noises. So I did a very small poll of my friends and family, all of whom are NO Catholics. Most of them have no idea of what is happening – their priest gives nice homilies on Jesus’ Love, they are not concerned and don’t seek out any other opinions. Some who do read to some extent what’s going on are not concerned because they have bought into the ‘God will not abandon us’ motif – both camps have been softened up by 50+ years of the new church teachings and practices.

    There will be no uprising, no counter-revolution. Francis is not afraid 1) because he thinks he’s right and enlightened by the ‘holy spirit’ and 2) there is no meaningful opposition. A remnant means a remnant.

    If we were to be given the power to choose our own punishments and chastisements by God, what would they be? When HE chooses for us, what we see is what we get.

  23. Gerard Brady says:

    He’s not afraid but he is ‘boiling with rage’ according to his fellow diners in the casa. Evil needs to be opposed even when the odds seem to be heavily stacked against anything you do being efficacious. I hope some of the other cardinals who have not declared find the testicular fortitude to join the four who have .

  24. Janet Wilkie says:

    Not everyone in the photos is smiling. Of the Africans, the one on Bergoglio’s right in not, and neither is the very dark man on the extreme right. A couple of other smiles look odd, perhaps forced, perhaps not.

    In the photo of people surrounding Bergoglio, the man in the blue shirt to his left and behind him looks anything but happy.

    However, there are far too many happy campers.

  25. DJZ says:

    I take it that Dave Armstrong has done a poor job on converting you to Camp Frank, eh?

  26. Jonathan Walker says:

    Laurence England said: This article is too rigid.

    J. Ronald Parish replied: “The truth is rigid, Mr. England.”

    The truth is rigid, yes.

    Irony, on the other hand, is flexible. Best to keep on the alert for non-solemn nonsense.

  27. Angie says:

    Bergoglio was called in Argentina a plague of Egypt. Bergoglio was already a formal heretic in Argentina, and Bergoglio with his heretic team are founding their own church with our money and the resources of the Church, unlike Luther who started his own church with his own resources.

  28. DJR says:

    Let me explain it to you: Bergoglio and his ilk (Danneels, Marx, Kasper, Wuerl etc.) believe in a “Church” without Christ. But what is a Church without Christ really about? It can only be about power. And he/they know they have all of it. All of it. ALL. OF. IT.

    This may be true, but it’s only for a time.

    “Death comes for us all, my lord… even for kings.”

  29. Barbara Jensen says:

    Francis may have ‘all he needs’, but what he does not need is to be exposed to the general public that he is dismissive of his Cardinals. Cardinal Burke knows that there is a follow up step if Bergoglio ignores the Dubia. It will be the formal correction that he explained in his interview with the Register. Antipope runs the risk of being outed to the common man and woman on the street for the phony he really is. Also, other weaker prelates may join Burke and where will that lead? I do not think ‘scared’ is the right word, but Francis is on shaky ground and one never knows when the sheeple will get cognizant.

  30. Mugwump says:

    He is a Peronist and a Peronist is all about power. I am not surprised.

  31. Ana Milan says:

    If PF doesn’t answer the Dubia (which follows Tradition) then “Qui tacet consentire” comes into effect & as Card. Burke says they will proceed with the next step. He cannot continue making new rules that go against the Magisterium & Teaching of the CC for nigh two thousand years. He is not God but is subject to Him, like the rest of us. He was elected Pope in order to uphold the Deposit of Faith, Magisterium & Tradition of Christ’s Church on earth not tear it apart. It will depend on his answers (or silence) as to whether he can continue to hold the Papal Office.

  32. J Ronald Parrish says:

    The truth is rigid, Mr. England.

  33. aelianus says:

    I don’t agree. I think his aim is to permanently establish the possibility of overthrowing a defined dogma and so render a restoration impossible. The initiation of the procedures for deposition will frustrate this aim. He went through the farce of the synod in order to render as many people as possible complicit so as to make it more difficult for them to object. He then issued a rambling Exhortation with lots of other errors and placed the main focus of his attack in a footnote. Then he leaked a private letter of approbation of an episcopal clarification of the obvious meaning of this footnote. This all looks like a man trying to avoid direct engagement with the enemy. If his unorthodoxy is openly asserted by Cardinals it would be in danger of becoming proverbial and then the fact he said something would become a counter indication to its truth. He has to avoid that. That being said he may now think he needs to get his retaliation in first and remove the offending Cardinals from the Sacred College. Despite the hit he would take in terms of bad PR he might think it is better than receiving a formal admonition.

  34. John says:

    First person to say it. Totally utterly agree. He couldn’t give a monkey’s arse what the Cardinals do. However, Cardinal Burke and co are doing the right thing.

  35. Laurence England says:

    This article is too rigid.

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