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To J. Walker: activate the Omega 13

I just got your note, but there was no return email address. I actually have a bit of concrete advice.

Don’t drop the deacon’s extra-RCIA classes. Follow up with the SSPX guy and keep talking to the deacon at the same time. Gather info for challenging the deacon’s false ideas and bring him into the fold.

Consider it an apostolic work.

Keep going.

Never give up. Never surrender.




3 thoughts on “To J. Walker: activate the Omega 13”

  1. E. George says:

    Jonathan Walker,
    You must really watch the movie. It’s a modern classic. The scene where the captain and his computer officer cum love interest attempt to deactivate the self-destruct is a classic, an excellent metaphor to keep in mind with regard to the church. Enjoy.

  2. Jonathan Walker says:

    Thank you, Hilary. Very generous of you to reply on your website, especially considering this will be quite opaque to other readers. Sorry I failed to provide you with an email address – I thought the channel I’d used allowed a reply.

    As it happens, I met with my NO deacon several hours before I saw your reply here. Against all my expectations, it ended just as if I was taking your advice anyway (which seems rather a seal of authenticity for what you’ve said). So I’ll be continuing to meet with him weekly, but on a completely frank basis, since I gave him my grimmest account of the dubia; we had an earnest but good-tempered exchange of views, rather than the show-down I feared.

    Of course, I’ll spend most of the next month covering my walls with charts as I plot out the complex allegorical relations between the Church and Galaxy Quest that you obviously intended here.

    I missed the film when it came out, so I’ll have to watch it first, but relying on Wikipedia’s plot summary, here are a few shots in the dark:

    Nesmith and the officers of the TV show’s NSEA Protector, suddenly find themselves out-of-their depth, in control of a real spaceship and having to improvise to save everyone on board. – They’ll be Cardinals Burke, Brandmüller, Caffarra and Meisner?

    The Spaceship Protector – That’s an easy one: the Church.

    “The humans take a shuttle to a nearby planet to find a replacement beryllium sphere as a new power source.” That will be the TLM, I reckon. Clearly you’re looking a little into the future here, Hilary, but you’re surely correct.

    “While they were able to recreate the ship from the broadcast episodes, the Thermians have no idea how to pilot it. The crew hesitantly take the controls, and despite their [the crew’s] ineptitude, the Thermians cheer them on.” – Hmm … Thermians … SSPX?

    “Nesmith’s previous actions have enraged Sarris, a reptilian humanoid that seeks to wipe out the Thermians.” – Sarris, Sarris … now who could that be?

    “Sarris sets the Protector to self-destruct and departs …” Oh no! What have we stumbled onto here?

  3. Andrew Dunn says:

    I shudder to think about what’s being taught in (many) RCIA programs right now in the shadow of Bergoglio.

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