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Mad Vlad; dangerous to know


Not “the new Constantine”

So, quite a week, eh?

What a month, in fact!

I know quite few people were worried about what Clinton had planned in the US/NATO relations with Russia. A lot of them are now breathing a sigh of relief that the US doesn’t have a president who was planning on starting World War Three with Russia as a means of covering up her illegal financial activities (or whatever it was… seriously, I wasn’t paying that close attention).

The trouble is that in the case of Vlad the Mad, the last Strongman, the aggressor wasn’t the US or NATO. And while y’all have been tweeting your tweets, he’s been busy on his Baltic borders:

(Keep in mind that RT is a Putin mouthpiece)

Enjoy that feeling of safety while you can, boys and girls, because its happy, illusory wafting isn’t going to last much longer.

This week Moscow admitted it has deployed cutting-edge Bastion anti-ship missiles to the Kaliningrad exclave, north of Poland, plus equally advanced S-400 air defense systems to shoot down aircraft and missiles as far as 250 miles out.

With this move, the Kremlin has established control over the Baltic Sea, most of Poland and the Baltic republics—NATO members all. Russia now can exert anti-access and area denial—what the Pentagon calls A2AD for short—at will, meaning that any NATO aircraft or ships entering the region can be hit long before they get close to Kaliningrad.

That scenario, wherein Moscow’s forces overrun a Baltic republic or two before NATO can meaningfully respond, is judged alarmingly plausible by Alliance planners, yet nobody should be surprised that Vladimir Putin has done this.

Yes, but what’s the date of that article, you say.


Buckle up, kiddies. It ain’t over yet.


39 thoughts on “Mad Vlad; dangerous to know”

  1. Bartek says:

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  2. c matt says:

    Ahhhh, Truth, the first casualty. No doubt the truth lies somewhere between Putin = Hitler bent on world domination and Putin = secular savior from modernism. I think his threat is overblown, mostly because it is in the economic interest of the MIC to do so (just read an article on hyper-sonic maneuverable missiles that the Ruskies and Chinese are developing and we are soooo far behind, but Lockheed Martin is ready and willing to step up to the plate (dinner, not baseball) and help us out – for a little pocket change, of course). As for Ukraine, US meddling had nothing, NOTHING to do with their current misfortunes I tell ya. I suppose if the jackboot were on the other foot, the US would not take too kindly to the Russians plotting and supporting a coup in Mexico installing “their” guy, surrounding the US with Russian puppe- I mean, “allies,” stocking up missiles and bases on our southern and northern borders, and constantly demonizing Obama as the second coming of Hitler (it’s always Hitler, so 20th century). I love that map of Russia surrounded by US bases captioned “What was Russia thinking locating its country in the middle of our military bases?” And all this so US oligarchs can squeeze Russia out of the European gas market.

    Is Putin a threat? Sure, just like poking a bear makes a bear a threat. Perhaps if we poked less, he would be less of a threat. We don’t need to be his friend; we certainly don’t need to be his enemy.

  3. Kram says:

    Putin is the saviour from modernist secularism we’ve all been waiting for!

  4. Hilary White says:

    Just one thing: stop telling me that Putin is the saviour from modernist secularism we’ve all been waiting for. It’s starting to grate.

    other than that, pray a Rosary.

  5. edison says:

    Evangeline asks a good question: “What on earth would you have us do, Ms. White?” (join you in the full-fetal position???) I’d really like an answer to this, because apparently the Europeans aren’t responsible for their own defense any more.

    Europe seems hell bent on destroying itself…..the problems of riots and immigration are ones of their own making….so no sympathy here.

  6. Hilary White says:

    Putin pulls the trigger and we’re the ones who get nuked. You all, including Canadians, can wring your hands at leisure. It’s not Anti-Americanism. My grandfather was from Texas and I wasn’t born in a “quaint village in Italy” but on the west coast, with friends up and down the I5 corridor from Vancouver to Eureka. Nearly all my friends here in Italy are Americans.

    And no, I haven’t forgotten that both my grandfathers, the American bomber pilot from Waco and the English tank crewman from Portsmouth, risked their lives to stand up to an evil dictatorship. Nor have I forgotten that my family was permanently scattered, never to unite again, because their homes were bombed, their cities reduced to rubble. My uncle and mother grew up together picking through rubble to find toys to play with. My mother was five inches shorter than me because she grew up without a great deal of food in post-war English rationing. Without heat in winter except for the kitchen coal fire. She was shellshocked by the time she was six weeks old.

    So, let’s not go there, mkay? I’m not Anti-American because it would be self-defeating, me being an American and all.

    But maybe some are a little hypersensitive? Maybe some are looking for insults to get tetchy about so they can avoid confronting something. So terribly sorry you’re now facing the same cataclysmic social and political upheaval the rest of the world has been dealing with for some time now. That the American exceptionalism isn’t quite what it was.

    Worried about riots? Talk to the French. Worried about immigration? Talk to the Germans and Italians. I was in a train station in Grosseto a few weeks ago, and I made damn sure to stay on the platform in full sight of the railway cop because the crowd of young African Muslim jackals loafing around the station were eyeing all the women.

    Things are tough all over, and I’m very sorry you’ve had a difficult election cycle.

  7. Evangeline says:

    Very often I have sensed some anti-Americanism coming from you, often veiled but, there it is again. What on earth would you have us do, Ms. White? We are just now enjoying the end of the fight of our lives in preventing the demonic Hillary Clinton from getting into office and bringing us even more Marxism than we have enjoyed these last eight excruciating years, and you are slamming us for what, having an ocean? Well let me leave my house right now and go down to the beach and start tugging Mexico across the Gulf!
    In our world, not in a quaint village in Italy, but in real-world, real-life United States of America, we are all pretty busy just trying to keep things flowing in the right direction day to day. And you’ll forgive us if our country has made mistakes, but we have found most people outside of the United States have damn short memories about who helped them during times of war, or who helped them when they had a huge earthquake or hurricane or typhoon or some other disaster. Let me help you with that, WE DID. And America is no doubt what someone great once said about her, she is a “benevolent giant”. This is just true. We are not perfect, but how many superpowers ARE.
    So if Putin has some ill intent for the US or the world, then he’ll just have to pull the trigger. We are a little jet lagged right now, from celebrating the avoidance of the near total destruction of our country following the worst presidency thus far, and we are daring to feel just a bit of hope that maybe, just maybe, things will start to get a little better around here. Please forgive us if we aren’t ready right now for the “Flog America Tour”.

  8. Hrodgar says:

    You know, Craig Mac does have a point there. If I’m right and a significant chunk of Putin’s defenders are largely reacting against his vilification by the same sources which have so often vilified them and theirs and shown little regard for the truth when doing so, citing the NYT isn’t going to convince them. Also, let’s face it, it is very unlikely that the NYT didn’t lie about something important in the articles cited.

    “Briefly stated, the Gell-Mann Amnesia effect is as follows. You open the newspaper to an article on some subject you know well. In Murray’s case, physics. In mine, show business. You read the article and see the journalist has absolutely no understanding of either the facts or the issues. Often, the article is so wrong it actually presents the story backward—reversing cause and effect. I call these the “wet streets cause rain” stories. Paper’s full of them.
    In any case, you read with exasperation or amusement the multiple errors in a story, and then turn the page to national or international affairs, and read as if the rest of the newspaper was somehow more accurate about Palestine than the baloney you just read. You turn the page, and forget what you know.” – Michael Crichton

  9. Cassandra says:


    Finally you and George Weigel have something in common.

    It’s silly to say that people on the other side of the ocean have nothing to worry about. Russian ICBMs are not pointed at Norcia. In any US/Russian conflagration, it’s not Norcia that has the most to worry about. For that matter, put your strategic veil on and provide a good reason why Russia would *want* Europe. The EU is facing a demographic collapse from contraception and is overrun with Muslim refugees and insurgents. Why take Europe when you can profit by selling the EU gas and oil? Same for the Baltic states that are dependent on Russian energy. Why be responsible for a population when you can extract cash for energy? Seriously, Hilary, you have the strategic sophistication of a FrancisBishop.

    Let’s look at those sources you’re linking to. Could I not go to them and find stories heaping praise on Francis? Do they not excoriate the Church for its “medieval” views on abortion, contraception, gay rights, and “oppression” of women? Do they not attack all you hold dear? If they reviewed your blog, they’d castigate you for being a right-wing extremist nut job. With emphasis on nut job. Yet they print something you’re predisposed to believe and suddenly you’re all in on their dedication to the truth.

    Are there Russian trolls? No doubt. Right along with US trolls, Chinese hackers, and every other kind of troll. Misinformation abounds. Are you going suggest that western media is not a source of disinformation on abortion, contraception, gay rights, the Church, and so on ad nauseam? But you freak out about the suggestion that there is Russian political disinformation?

    Here’s a source that is not a covert Russian troll: Stephen Cohen. He is neither Christian nor conservative. He’s a liberal Jew and emeritus professor of Russian studies, history and politics who admits he holds a minority view (some intellectual honesty). Take a listen to his interviews concerning the background of US/Russian relations over at the Is he a reliable source of information? I can not tell you that. I.can.not.know. (And yes, does link to those interviews, but that doesn’t by itself discredit him). I don’t know who’s reliable. What I do know from a lifetime of experience is that one has to be very, very cautious of accepting the drumbeat of agitation from western media. It rarely turns out well. In fact, give me an example of when it did.

    You mention the Ukrainians. It’s appropriate to ask: *Which* Ukrainians? The ethnic Russian Ukrainians of Crimea and Donbass or the western Ukrainians? Whose opinion is correct? More to the point: Can you state with absolute certainty that US covert operatives were not involved in the overthrow of the Ukrainian government that precipitated the crisis? Would you swear an oath to that in front of the Blessed Sacrament? I wouldn’t. It’s not as if the US has never ever been involved in “regime change”. Not ever. US regime change does not have a good history of working out well for the people involved, especially Christian populations.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m not about to canonize Putin. Even after hundreds of hours of research on him, he remains an enigmatic figure. But Putin is no Stalin. But I’m not about to canonize any western figures either. What justification would you give for the US handing Eastern Europe over to Stalin after WWII, not to mention having provided arms and support to build the Soviet army? The US has a history of providing aid and comfort for short-term goals to those who then become the next enemy. What western leader would *you* hold up as a beacon of light? We live in dark times, and I don’t see any good guys. There are no places to hide anymore.

    Hilary, your post on the Russian matter does not come across has any more than a very shallow perspective of the very complex situation. On this particular matter, you sound no more knowledgeable or sophisticated than a neo-Cat on matters of the Church. Let’s look at this from a traditional Catholic perspective:

    The West need not fear the Russians; the West needs to fear The Lord. The West’s problem is not the Russians; the West’s problem is Sin. The West is steeped in sin and rebellion against God. If it doesn’t repent, God will punish the West. Russia may (or may not) be the Instrument of Divine Justice. It may be the Chinese. It may be Islam—which I would argue is already in play. It may be the Australian Aborigines. It doesn’t matter. If God weighs the West in the balance and finds it wanting, IT IS OVER. The history of salvation demonstrates this over and over and over again. Same story, same end.

    OTH, if God desires a people to be spared, they are spared. He saved the Israelites from the Egyptians (and the Midianites with 300 hundred men). He turned back Alexander the Great from Jerusalem and Attila the Hun from Rome. All by Divine power. He doesn’t need the US and NATO to handle Russia.

    Get in the state of grace and you have nothing to worry about. We must all die once and then the judgment.

  10. Craig Mac says:

    So, Hilary sources the New York Times, Forbes,
    and the BBC. Very reputable sources to understand world affairs from a traditional Catholic perspective??
    I would suggest Pat Buchanan, E Michael Jones, Paul Craig Roberts, and even Chris Ferrara. Catholics should not be neo-cons.

  11. louiseyvette says:

    The propaganda is all anti-Russia. Really, I highly recommend listening to Peter Hitchens on this. Smart man, and beautiful voice. 🙂

  12. edison says:

    Funny….the defense budgets of our European allies don’t reflect an “immediate concern”….probably b/c they are still leaving their own defense to that “lot who sit back behind their ocean.”

  13. Hilary White says:

    Or Lithuanian.

    Very nice for you lot to sit back behind your ocean and say idiotic things about this monster. The rest of us are actually a little bit more immediately concerned.

  14. Anna says:

    Hilary White says:NOV 23, 2016
    “don’t believe he poses a real threat to western nations”

    Unless you happen to be Estonian.

    Or Ukrainian”

    Or Polish.

  15. Hilary White says:

    Anyone with common sense can see… except of course, naive North American Christian conservatives desperate to shill for any aspiring tyrant who blows them enough pink smoke.

  16. Hilary White says:

    The International Criminal Court in The Hague has accepted the evidence of Russia`s war crimes committed amid the conflict in Donbas, Ukraine`s prosecutor general Yuriy Lutsenko claimed Tuesday, according to Ukraine Today citing Interfax.

  17. Hilary White says:

    Russia’s border doesn’t end anywhere, Vladimir Putin says

  18. Hilary White says:

    Sources on the ground, or sources in the ground. Tell it to 10,000 dead Ukrainians.

    Or maybe find out if Alexander Litvinenko has a wife, and tell it to her.

  19. david drewelow says:

    hilary, the sourcing on this to get the real picture in this area is not available via the internet. better stick with the francis intrigue where you have voices on the ground. there you have done well.

  20. Cassandra says:

    Hilary, what makes you believe *you* haven’t been taken in by propagandists? I can guarantee you have, because there’s propaganda flying on both sides. Always has been. Business Insider is your source for 100% reliable information? Really? You’re being naive. The reality is far more complex than the simplistic US/NATO good vs Putin evil. Where the truth lies is just too difficult to discern from media reports. The Church is divinely instituted by Christ. But when was the last time you just accepted as true anything that came out of the Vatican press office? Yet the western MSM is to be unquestionably trusted in political matters?

    I’ve been watching US actions worldwide for a very long time and looked back historically as well. I can not look at that and see a pattern of altruism. It was the US that sold Eastern Europe out to Stalin at Yalta and the Chinese to Mao. Then there’s selling out the Cristeros to Calles. That’s just a sampling. The list is very long. There is an expression derived from something Kissinger once said: “To be an enemy of America is dangerous; to be a friend is fatal.” That is too often true to be comfortable. When you, Hilary, fled Canada, it wasn’t the US you fled to. When GloriaTV was being harassed and raided by the Swiss and German police, they did not flee to the US either. Their headquarters are now in Moscow. I find that interesting.

    Yep. US good/Putin evil. Platitudes for the simple-minded.

  21. Jack Burton says:

    Crimea has been the home of the Black Sea Fleet since before Catherine the Great. How would the US respond to outsiders looking to oust us from the Philippines, Etc.?

  22. Hrodgar says:

    I’ll agree that Putin’s apparent ambitions and Russia’s recurring delusion of being the “third Rome” or whatever are quite likely enough to start trouble on their own. But remember that just because one side’s at fault doesn’t mean they can’t both be, and the West has certainly has done a fair bit of pushing on their own, things like, for instance, breaking a treaty to expand NATO eastward (that “expansion” in the video title really didn’t need those scare quotes).
    America under the outgoing administration has been particularly egregious, demonstrating both an unwillingness to keep deals (breaking a cease-fire agreement in Syria) and a lack of spine or loyalty (allowing our own ambassador to be brutally murdered without reprisal), but the EU has it’s own problems (like Satanic rituals at train tunnel openings).

    In short, sure, Putin seems to be a bit of a bully. And we have apparently decided to both provoke him and making ourselves look (and often simply be) weak and contemptible and even just plain evil at the same time. We’re making ourselves look like fat, soft targets and going out of our way to provide excuses for his aggression. What did we expect?

    Given that Grandma Abortion Witch would have certainly continued this policy, while the Frog Casino King only might continue this policy, and even if he does is very unlikely to be as thorough as his opponent would have been or predecessor was, some cautious relief might be called for, on the grounds that things were very nearly much worse. And hey, on the bright side, if it does come to war, at least we’re a bit more likely to have jus ad bellum this way, which isn’t nothing.

    P.S. While those who paint him in too innocent a light are pretty clearly wrong, to accuse them of being Russian propagandists is, at best, rash judgement.
    Much of the defense of Putin – much more, I think, than from pro-Russia propaganda – comes as a reaction against the MSM vilification of him. After years of being vilified by the same parties oneself for decades, it can be easy to think that the enemy of my enemy is my friend and all that. But the Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries are right about this at least: “The enemy of my enemy is my enemy’s enemy. No more. No less.”

    P.P.S. You might like Ianto Watt’s book “The Barbarian Bible.” He may or may not be crazy, and I don’t agree with him about everything, but he makes a lot of good points that I haven’t seen many other folks making. His forecast of Russia’s likely course of action is reminiscent of yours.

  23. Dumbest Ox says:

    Dear Hilary, the Russians have a legitimate vital national interest in the neutrality of the buffer states on their borders. We in the USA, Canada, and the UK find such thinking foreign to us (although we in the USA are belatedly starting to recognise our exposure to Mexico.) We have big moats to protect us. Russia does not. G W Bush allowed the empire-building neocons to expand NATO to Russia’s borders, to the detriment of European stability and the USA’s security. Obama is sleepwalking into WW3 and Clinton would have promoted WW3 for the right price.

    Buffer states are important. It was vital to Hitler and Stalin that they carve up Poland first so they could get at each other. See “The Chief Culprit” by Suvorov. Please also read Pat Buchanan and Carroll Quigley about the start of WW2 in Europe. Hitler beat Stalin to the punch by mere days otherwise Stalin would have swallowed all of Europe. Whichever butcher one might have preferred, the existence of an intact Poland was a vital obstacle to the start of the butchery. We have allowed NATO to expand up to Russia’s borders thus removing vital obstacles to the start of WW3.

    Well, big moats are all very well for the blessed residents of the USA and Canada, but what about the Poles, Ukrainians, etc.? Their physical safety depends upon their maintaining calm relations with the bear to their East. I think this is in keeping with authentic Church teaching on just war. It is impossible for the USA to protect them, just as it was a foreseeable impossibility for Britain to make good on its pre-WW2 guarantee to Poland.

    All the above has to do with practical worldly concerns; what about the spiritual? Each of us is responsible for getting to Heaven, WW3 or no. Whether it’s easier under Russia’s influence or the West’s, is perhaps debatable. I can say the situation in the USA is bad and getting worse.

  24. J Ronald Parrish says:

    I hope Putin treats his neighbors well, but as a citizen of the United States I oppose a nuclear war to protect Estonia or Ukraine. If the Russian trolls did actually contribute to the defeat of baby killer supporter Clinton who would have filled the Courts with like minded Judges, I thank them. Yea, I know Trump may turn out to be a lier, but Clinton was a sure thing for the baby murder supporters.

  25. Gladstone says:

    Came across a copy of this book mentioned in the following link and just getting into it. Hilary’s link to Russia’s tactic of disinformation is key. The Russians don’t think we are dumb, but they do think us extremely naive. They understand Americans’ visceral attraction to the underdog, and that certain sentiments of ours can be exploited to our detriment. Disinformation campaigns, it seems, follow the maxim of “anything but the truth.” Just like trying to attain sanctity in the novus ordo religion: they’ll give you anything but Christ. Simply because the AngloEmpire is evil, doesn’t mean the other side is good. In fact, growing domestic disgust for the Empire is a disinformer’s dream come true. Such political conditions make us hugely vulnerable to manipulation via disinformation.
    By the way, were we disinformed when that wall came down in ’89?

    “Another terrible war will come from the east to the west. Russia with her secret armies will battle America. Will overrun Europe.”
    “Russia will march upon all of Europe, and particularly upon Italy, bringing much more ruin and havoc! ”
    “Russia will march on all the nations of Europe, particularly Italy, and will raise her flag over the dome of St. Peter’s. Italy will be severely tried by a great revolution, and Rome will be purified in blood for its many sins, especially those of impurity!”
    Blessed Elena Aiello in three prophetic utterances from 1960

  26. Craig Mac says:

    Wow, if you disagree with Hilary’s assessment you are a paid operative of Russia! None of the commentators have agreed with your view. C’mon Hilary…support your viewpoint with objective evidence.

  27. Hilary White says:

    Man, Craig, the propagandists have certainly had their way with you, haven’t they? At least they bought you dinner, I hope.

  28. Hilary White says:

    “don’t believe he poses a real threat to western nations”

    Unless you happen to be Estonian.

    Or Ukrainian.

  29. Michael Dowd says:

    Nice to get a break from the madness of Pope Francis. There’s an upside to Vlad. Maybe he can scare Europe into returning to Christianity or be the scourge. of God.

  30. louiseyvette says:

    Is that news or fake news? So hard to tell these days.

  31. louiseyvette says:

    “I know quite few people were worried about what Clinton had planned in the US/NATO relations with Russia. A lot of them are now breathing a sigh of relief that the US doesn’t have a president who was planning on starting World War Three with Russia”

    I’m one of those who are relieved, and while I don’t believe Putin is anything like a “good guy,” I also don’t believe he poses a real threat to western nations. Russia could end up being an ally in future if Nato would stop its sabre rattling.

    Whatever happens, I think 2017 will see the proverbial hit the fan, big time.

  32. Craig Mac says:

    Sorry Hilary, you are way off the mark here. As previous commentators pointed out, it is the US & NATO who are the aggressive parties at this point. They have surrounded his country with armaments and military bases. Putin is a “nationalist” who is opposing the hegemony of the West over eastern Europe and the Middle East. He also became enemy #1 once he took control of the private central bank in Russia and booted out of his country the financial oligarchs. If the “aggressor wasn’t US or NATO”, when was Russia the aggressor? Evidence please.

  33. Hilary White says:

    Wow, now there’s some propaganda talking points! Enjoy your cash, dude.

  34. J Ronald Parrish says:

    I agree he may be dangerous to know. However, one cannot help but wonder what would the reaction of the United States would be if Russia entered into mutual defense treaties with Mexico and Canada and began placing missles and troupes in those countries.

  35. aged parent says:

    I am not one of those who soaks in the 24/7 anti-Putin propaganda of the mass media, much of which is hysterically inaccurate, but that doesn’t mean I canonize him either. But it seems pretty obvious that Putin is reacting to the continual provocations of the US/EU right at his doorstep. Putting thousands of troops and equipment a few minutes from your border coupled with non-stop anti-Russian hysteria might make a country’s leaders a tad nervous. Think of the Cuban missile crisis of 1962 and reflect on our reactions when Soviet hardware was being installed 90 miles from Florida. The US/EU presence on Russia’s border is less than one mile. (One wag commented, “How dare the Russians put their country so close to our military bases!”)

    The US is bribing and badgering European countries to accept US missiles on their land to counter the supposed threat from Russia. Money talks, of course, and it is hard for politicians to refuse it, but even so I marvel at the stupidity of European countries to go along with the madness of the USA warmongers. Do they not realize they are pawns? If a US missile is fired from, say, Poland, where would we imagine the Russians would retaliate? It’s madness.

    At this stage of the game, considering world events I have far more worries about America’s hegemonic action than Russia’s, real or imagined.

    Yes, Russia is an enigma but it is no longer Communist, two things it would be helpful to keep in mind.

  36. Andrew Dunn says:

    Russia was not consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary as requested at Fatima so what do we expect? I believe as several mystics have predicted that because of this in-action from the Vatican, Russia will be used as an instrument to punish the world. It’s no coincidence that St. Michael the Archangel is heavily venerated in Russia. As for Putin, I know he’s not an especially nice guy but, that aside, look where Russia is morally compared to Western Europe these days? Russia has cracked down on pornography, abortion, sodomy (same sex ‘marriage’ and the adoption of children by sodomites is forbidden). Mass attendance (well, Russian Orthodox Mass) is up and Putin himself goes to the Liturgy. Over in Syria, yeah Bashar Assad is a bad guy but the only alternative is ISIS and it’s nothing short of insanity to think that Assad can be replaced with some invisible ‘moderate’ ‘freedom fighters’ that’ll cut off ISIS – didn’t we learn anything from Afghanistan and Iraq? Now let’s look at the mindset with Western Europe and increasingly, the US and Canada… Pornography is so embellished into the culture, it’s everywhere including children’s textbooks. Sodomy is now a civil rights movement and increasingly, those of us who speak out against the dangers of sodomy (dangers to the body and the soul) are coming under official, government persecution. Abortion and the culture of death (i.e. Belgium’s assisted suicide) are spreading and are becoming ‘rights’ or in the case of the U.S. Supremacist Court, are ‘rights’ that no one noticed in the U.S. Constitution until 1973. And the leaders of Western Europe and the Obama regime here in the U.S. have chosen to ignore the reality of islam and commit suicide with unchecked immigration – and don’t get me started on that blaspheming heretic on the Chair of St. Peter. We reap what we sow but I take comfort in knowing that ultimately, God is in charge and that in the end, the Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph.

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