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2 thoughts on “Last days”

  1. Andrew Dunn says:

    I wish that I had seen Norcia: it looks like such a beautiful and peaceful place. Several years ago I did take a tour of Italy with my former parish and we spent three days in Assisi, one day in Rome???, one day in Florence and one day in San Giovanni del Rotondo with an excursion to Monte St. Angelo. I was a little disturbed going into the trip that we had just one day in Rome and this was a Catholic pilgrimage. However, the peaceful beauty of Assisi and that whole Umbria section made it all worthwhile. While it was nice to see the four major basilicas in Rome (no time to do anything else in just one day), if I had to go back, I’d spend as much time in Umbria as the schedule would permit and forego Rome completely. No dirty humid air, no obnoxious people blowing horns on every single street, no aggressive gypsy thieves (oops, I meant to say poor beggars, forgive me Papa Bergoglio). Umbria was/is a slice of Heaven on Earth. May God in His mercy resurrect Norcia from the rubble and restore the faith in that awesome region.

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