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16 thoughts on “Marcel Lefebvre: the new Athanasius”

  1. reebok outlet says:

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  2. philip johnson says:

    Dont trust Bergoglio.Do not trust him.He is under the influence of the Malefactor.

  3. M. Ray says:

    Indeed, Archbishop Lefebvre can be viewed like a new St. Athanasius. However….would St. Athanasius have put himself under the authority of Arius Himself, in order to combat Arianism? Because that’s what the SSPX is now asked to do. The SSPX are expected, by quite a few trads, to put themselves under the authority, by way of obedience, of the leader of the Modernists (Francis) in order to combat Modernism. Does that make any sense? No, it doesn’t.

    Archbishop Lefebvre rightly believed that the SSPX should not reconcile until Rome came to its senses and embraced Tradition and proper Catholic teaching. Quite a few Traditionalists mistakenly believe that Archbishop Lefebvre only held out for so long because he wasn’t convinced that Rome would allow him to offer the Traditional Mass and sacraments. But that was only part of it. He firmly believed that Rome was in apostasy, and that they could not reconcile with Rome until the situation changed. But it hasn’t changed – it has only become worse.

    All of the traditional groups that have reconciled with Rome are now quiet and don’t rock the boat. The FSSP, ICK, Transalpine Redemptorists, Cardinal Castro Mayer , as well as others, are all now quiet and behave themselves and don’t cause any trouble for the Modernists. That’s what’s going to happen to the SSPX if they reconcile. In fact, they already have only a little to say about the shenanigans going on in Rome and elsewhere in the Church.

    Just my opinion.

  4. Lynne says:

    To the folks who want the SSPX to be reconciled with Rome, now is not the time. I would think that would be kind of obvious, given the attacks that the Pope has made on those defending the orthodoxy of the faith. If they were reconciled with Rome tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, the FSSP or the ICKSP or the SSPX would be attacked (or perhaps all 3). It’s safer for all traditional priestly societies that the SSPX remain canonically irregular for now.

  5. Hilary White says:

    No idea. Totally waffling on it. Wish I had the crystal ball everyone seems to think I have, but I’m confined to guessing, same as everyone else.

  6. Fuquaysteve says:

    I hope you are OK after more quakes. No, I am sure this is not a sign of collapse. Well maybe.

  7. Tiger184 says:

    My prayers are with and for you today. Just read about the latest earthquakes.
    Stay safe!!

  8. Gerard says:

    Kasper’s statement strongly echoes Fuchs and the Majority Report that advocated for the change in the Church’s teaching on contraception that Paul VI rejected in Humanae Vitae.

  9. Andrew Dunn says:

    Hilary, I want to thank you for this, as well as your overall content choices on this site and for your articles here and on The Remnant and One Peter Five (did I miss any other sites?) I knew we were in trouble when Bergoglio came out on the balcony that night and the liberal media here in the U.S. immediately began to praise him. Hint to everyone reading this: if the American media immediately praises someone they know nothing about ala. Obama, that’s a warning sign that hell just got the upper edge. Still, despite my gut feeling with the media’s reception and my observation with Jesuits in the U.S., I gave him the benefit of the doubt that he might be a different breed. So, I bounced from “conservative” site to “conservative” site but was met by a lot of wishy washy, non-confrontational tripe that talked in circles. Meanwhile, I look around my Archdiocese only to see parishes closing right and left when they were supposed to be full again after the election of “the greatest pope evah”. The persecution of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate was a big red flag. Then there was the dismissal of the very justified crackdown on the feminists in the LCWR (can’t call them nuns). Every month, then week, then day, a new blasphemy. Maybe Bergoglio is an anti-pope. Maybe – no probably – he’s a blaspheming heretic. Whatever the case, I know that God is ultimately in charge the the Immaculate Heart of His Mother will triumph. The oil is being separated from the water and Bergoglio is making it happen. I’m torn right now between the TLM and the Divine Liturgy. I pray that God will lead me to where He wants me to be but there’s no way, never, even if torture is inflicted, that I will go back to francischurch/novus ordo. Take that Jorge!

  10. Luciano says:

    Powerful and true!

  11. M. Ray says:

    Hilary, do you believe that the SSPX should reconcile with Rome at this time?

  12. Barbara says:

    Thank you for digging that up – wonderfully stirring. Matt is right, it is difficult (for me, at lease) to remain charitable. The best I can do is mention Francis, Kasper, et al in my prayers in a general way, then leave their judging to God.

    Our prayer must be for the restoration of the SSPX to Rome. Who left who is not so important as this group acting as a leaven so badly needed right now.

  13. Standtall909 says:

    For all we know the PRIVATE correction could have already happened. We will never know when that happens of course and who knows what comes next.

  14. susan says:

    and to all of it…ALL OF IT, I say Amen!

    God bless Micheal Matt, his family and associates…they have been voices of Truth crying out in the wilderness for a loooooong time. Perhaps now, some sleepy eyes are opening.

    Archbishop Lefebvre….ora pro nobis.

  15. Evangeline says:

    Great video, really well done, and Michael Matt may not realize it, but he’s giving hope to a whole lot of people who are beginning to feel really badly. You do as well, Ms. White, and you may not want to hear it, but, gratitude needs to come your way. Thank you for your contribution to the resistance.
    I can’t imagine what it will take to unearth these malfactors from Rome. Michael is right, all the men who tried to say VII was bad were right, these men prove them right. And now we can see what was swept under the rug by each pope since then. Pope Benedict reportedly told one person “My authority ends at that door” (to his office). Why on earth would the pope be constrained, why would the pope be helpless to do something about sodomites growing in numbers to the level they are at now?
    All I do know is Cardinal Burke has an awful lot of people counting on him and the other good Cardinals now.

  16. Karen says:

    Hilary, can you tell us your thoughts on Cardinal Burke? First, he’s a coward, then he is a hero and now he’s getting cowardly again. I don’t know what to think. What do you think about the dubia and how he is handling this situation? Thank you.

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