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“Resta con noi”

Notable, perhaps, is the fact that when Benedict XVI resigned, the Romans put posters up around town saying, “Resta con noi”…

“Stay with us.”

It’s interesting to go back and look at what I was thinking on that day:

Those who follow Vatican affairs are always acutely aware of the unfinished work, the hopes and needs of the Church and the world, and this anxiety is felt perhaps even more acutely now. We worry that Pope Benedict’s reform programme – the cleaning up of the “filth” of sexual misconduct in the episcopate and clergy, the removal of the plague of banalties and restoration of holy things to the altars, the clarification of long-vexed theological and disciplinary questions – will not be carried on, that the next pope will have different priorities.


Update: The photo above, of course, were photos that the commune put up and they translate to “you will always be with us” – which is mostly a bit of official nonsense. “Resta con noi,” I remember now, is the song sung by a group of Catholics who gathered in the piazza a night or two before Benedict flew off to Castelgandolfo. It was a sentiment that was lying heavily over the city that week, and that was summarized pretty well by the many signs held by people who attended the last Angelus address of Benedict XVI.

“You are Peter: remain!” A home-made sign held by the Roman branch of Militia Christi at the last Angelus address of Benedict XVI (my pic)

One huge factor in the Benedict pontificate that the mainstream media totally failed even to notice was how much the Catholic faithful – those few in the Church who were actually still believers – loved Benedict, and how wrenching his resignation was for so many. It should hardly be surprising that this has turned to bitterness to some degree.


12 thoughts on ““Resta con noi””

  1. Evangeline says:

    What town can we all move to so we can talk to each other when we are all booted off the Internet?

  2. David Wilson says:

    Carolann, Miss White,
    Miss Barnhardt has a recent post indicating that she’s had some issues. My mac was fine when I visited, just now, but I hope that this helps reassure you. From a post on the 2nd:
    “Under Cyber Attack, New Web Host Found, Changing Servers Now
    Yes, I came under some sort of cyber attack several days ago. It appears to be affecting mostly Internet Explorer and MSN browser users. Firefox, Safari, and Chrome seem to be fine. But caution is urged.

    This happened at about the same time that I was given notice of termination by my web host of the past eight months, due to my public position on the Bergoglian Antipapacy. Thankfully, yesterday, I finally found another web host, the site is being migrated, and the cyber attacks will be addressed and dealt with.

    In researching web hosting companies, I quickly discerned that “free speech” and “no censorship” are now dog-whistles for “this firm will host porn”. As I have said many times, satan is a very good chess player – masterful at setting up what appear to be checkmate scenarios, in this case, in order to speak the naked truth about Jesus Christ and His Holy Church, you have to do business with pornographers and sex-traffickers. Um, no. God always provides. Look at the chessboard again – you aren’t in checkmate. You’re still alive, and even able to move offensively.

    I’m sorry for any of you who had any damage done to your computers by this, or inconvenience of having to re-install anything. But, this is war, and things like this should be expected, and I’m afraid that we will only see an increase in denial-of-service, virus and trojan attacks as we move forward in this pivotal year of ARSH 2017.”

  3. Internet Nerd says:

    If you are getting warnings about visiting sites…

    I checked the two that were mentioned in the comments.

    Those sites serve their pages over HTTP, not HTTPS. The Internet is becoming more secure and all sites should be moving to HTTPS since Chrome and other browsers will start getting more even more opinionated in their warnings. Anti-virus software, firewalls, etc. Eventually, HTTP will no longer work for any site.

    It’s a good thing, not a bad thing. All of your communications will be encrypted between you and the other site if the site is using HTTPS. It used to be only for checkouts and other pages where confidential information is requested, but the goal is to have every site under HTTPS.

  4. louiseyvette says:

    Thanks, Hilary, I really needed a reminder of my broken heart today. I loved Benedict dearly.

    @Fuquaysteve – same here

  5. Hilary White says:

    Be sure to put a piece of tape over your monitor cam.

  6. Orphelin de Benoit says:

    And, while I am dreaming, perhaps the few people who still go to Red, I mean, St Peter’s, Square will beign to chant “Benedetto” again. Perhaps we could chant it over the wall to the convent where he is being confined in the safety of the wolves.
    The Ceaucescus knew to have a helicopter waiting in case the crowd turned ugly – but they were too slow. Frank should perhaps make sure his has its engine running at all times.

  7. Orphelin de Benoit says:

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the Resta con Noi posters were to reappear next?

  8. Fuquaysteve says:

    Yes on my smart phone your site comes with a warning statement…Unsecure…As right now there is a red triangle flashing at me…

  9. Hilary White says:

    I don’t know but I got a similar message today when I tried to open a page at One Peter Five. . I don’t have any idea how the internet works. It’s probably a battle between the wizards or something.

  10. Carolann says:

    Dearest Hilary,

    I ‘m not sure if it a glitch, but has been declared by my computer as “unsafe”. Has anyone on your end receivied this message? Very concerned.

    Domini Vobiscum Carolann

  11. Magdalene says:

    Still wrenching. And the horror show/circus goes on unabated in the Vatican. And men of the same ilk are being appointed to assure this will continue until Our Lord intervenes which I pray will happen soon.

  12. John Cahill says:

    Different priorities to say the least. It’s a shame Cassandra was already’ taken as a journalistic nom de plume. That would’ve suited you to a T. Mind you, I don’t automatically accept everything. But I have given up “Oh, that’ll never happen.” I’m down to “Oh, Lord I hope she’s wrong about this one.”

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