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Cardinal Ouellet, “conservative” – posters a “work of the devil”

He’s the sharply dressed one on the left. (OH! I crack me up!)

Helpfully demonstrating the value of “conservatism,” former Primate of Canada and current Prefect of Bishops – whose “conservative values” have left him isolated in the Vatican – takes a moment to chastise the faithful and call them devil’s minions for having dared to ask the pope for genuine mercy.

“These methods of anonymous posters are a work of the devil, who wants to divide us. They are not the methods that should be used in the life of the Church. ” He said the program “Vatican Rooms” to Tgcom24, Card. Marc Ouellet, Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, about the posters appeared in Rome to criticize Pope Francis.

Really? They’re not the methods we’re supposed to use?

What would your eminence suggest?

Dubia, perhaps? Formally submitted by the lawful authority and in accordance with the requirements of Canon Law?

How’s that working out?

I think I’ve mentioned that the term “conservative” in Novusordoism is more or less meaningless.

“Conservative” is getting like those funny pics you can’t figure out what you’re looking at. Bunny or duck? Bunny or duck? Bunnyduckbunnyduckbunnyduckbunnyduck…

And here, at OnePeterFive:

It was that corrosion that was destroying the Church, dissolving it like acid. It is Bergoglio the papal wrecking ball who is the solution to this false Nuchurch that we have allowed to grow and almost eclipse the Church of Christ. He is taking these “conservative” bishops by the shoulders and – almost literally – shouting fashionable heresies into their faces and daring them to deny them. The joke is that the things he is asserting every day are nothing more than the same heresies that these bishops have winked and smiled and nodded at for all these years. Bergoglio is simply daring them to either oppose him or oppose Christ, and not allowing them to continue to fudge.

It was not the so-called “liberal” Catholic Church that lulled the great majority of lay Catholics into vice and error and indifference. It was these “conservatives,” including popes, who tried to convince everyone that we could all just get along, that reality was something we didn’t have to face, that there could be harmony between Christ and Belial. They were the ones who perpetuated the most dangerous lie of all.

Well, that illusion is now at last being shattered, and Francis Bergoglio has said, in essence, “Tertium non datur.” There is no “third way”; there is only my way or you’re out.

Conservatism, I’m beginning to think, is not much more than a variety of Stockholm Syndrome. At the moment, any token “conservative” still holding on to his job in the Vatican is mostly there to be trotted out used as a shill to legitimise the regime.

So, the helpful clarity continues. Well done, your Eminence!



14 thoughts on “Cardinal Ouellet, “conservative” – posters a “work of the devil””

  1. Margaret says:

    You only have to look at Bergoglio’s face and evil eyes to realise he’s not holy.

  2. James McCoy says:

    “Ouellet, I know it’s raining, but don’t you dare hold that umbrella over me! It makes me look feudal.”

  3. Hilary White says:

    M. Ray,

    You’re talking to one of the One Peter Five people right here, and I can assure you that you’re talking utter tosh.

  4. Nick Frascatta says:

    In earnest reply to louiseyvette: There are four good prelates remaining in the Church, at least. The four Cardinals who penned the dubia.

    Keep plastering Rome, and any other Catholic locus, with posters calling out Bergoglio for the humbug he is. The weenies who denounce our protest as “of the Devil” have no credibility.

  5. Evangeline says:

    Yes, louise has hit the most depressing part, there are no men left.
    Which is more nauseating, the sycophants, the one who either agree that Jesus wasn’t merciful enough and Bergolio can do better? Or the Marxist bullies who seek to find the dissenters who dared to put up posters which brought cheers from the common people.
    I can’t decide which of these two is more vile, it’s so close!
    If I was tech savvy I’d be starting a website where a global initiative invites everyone to put up posters on a certain date, some significant date in say, March. How great would it be to have a huge movement where we all agree to put up our own posters outside our local Chancery, and in other strategic spots, take photos, and post them, telling their location! This would be one thing we could all do to send our own message to the pope and his evil minions, as well as our local Bishop. There would be posters from all over the globe! Perhaps this would motivate some Cardinals to call an imperfect council….
    Why can’t this be done!

  6. M. Ray says:

    Notice that One Peter Five acts as though the Francis wrecking ball is something new in the Church. At One Peter Five, they believe that JP2, and Benedict were good, solid popes. They are new to tradition, and don’t realize that Modernism has been having a field day in the Church for quite awhile now. They rarely criticize the Vll Council, and seem to think that it had little to do with the current crisis. They mention the “conservative” popes, but stop short of really criticizing them. Bergolio the wrecking ball would not exist if it had not been for the Council, and the post-conciliar popes, especially the abdication of B16.

  7. louiseyvette says:

    I agree about the clarification process, but it’s dismal to think that we perhaps do not have even one good Prelate left in the Church.

  8. Michael Dowd says:

    Yes, in some ways, despite himself, Bergoglio is a breath of fresh air and a stand up guy. He’s on a mission to out the heretics especially himself. But now you know, just what do you plan to do about it Alfie? I would expect most Catholic are too far gone to even notice. Shame.

  9. Fuquaysteve says:

    Yes the thugs are most likely sniffing around…I guarantee that no matter what, the trail will lead to Burke, who will be in charge of the streetcleaners in the Vatican.

  10. Steve D. says:

    Just another wussified bishop leading us to perdition.

  11. Hilary White says:

    It’s also traditional for those dodgy geezers to employ thugs to go find and punish the pamphleteers.

  12. Mike says:

    Correct, once again.

  13. Barbara says:

    Yes, well done you! The whole Catholic Church in Canada has been in self-destruct since your time at the helm. Thanks! Your home Province of Quebec has about 3% of faithful left who attend Mass. Thanks! We groaned when we learned you had been put into a place where you could pick Bishops from the faithless clergy in Canada and elsewhere. Thanks!

    Conservative? Do we ever look at this word and find out what it means? To ‘conserve?’ To conserve what? Conserve how? Conserve for what purpose?

    Dear Cardinal, so you are being marginalized because of your conservative values? Too bad. Sorry but all my sympathies are with the thousands and thousands of Canadian Catholics who you were supposed to shepherd and help to Heaven. BAH!

  14. Eejay says:

    I understand that this poster stuff is a traditional way for the Romans to show their disdain for dodgy geezers in authority. Well done to those/him/her for putting them up, makes me feel less isolated. God bless Cardinal Burke.

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