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Posting lite; looking for home

Sorry about the sparse posts lately. I’ve actually been writing things for other people, but mostly I’ve just been preoccupied with personal things. The house in Norcia can’t be moved back into, despite previous premature phone calls to Germany. It’s all very complicated and difficult, but that’s the bottom line.

I met with my friendly realtor and he said Norcia is “un disastro totale,” worse by far than any quakes we’ve had in living memory. Indeed, the history books show that the only ones worse were the ones in the early 1860s in which tens of thousands died when their medieval stone houses fell, and the terrible catastrophe of 1703. Many – close to most – of the houses still standing in Norcia are going to have to be bulldozed. The quakes haven’t stopped (I was awake five times with the Adrenaline Rush of Mortal Peril the first night) and no one has any idea when they will. They’ve slowed down, but that was also the case in the days before the October quake, so it’s nothing to go by. So, Luca and I agreed that the sensible thing is to look for a new place. Somewhere close, and accessible, but somewhere else.

Luca said he could try to find me something in or near Perugia, which I’m keeping in mind. Perugia has a Mass, so there’s that, and you don’t have to live in the city itself. Rents are good in the villages – some of which are quite beautiful – and the bus services are very good. I visited Cascia overnight last week, and said the intercession prayer at St. Rita’s, but there was nothing in Cascia to rent either. I’m thinking of Spoleto area as well. Considering options.

Tomorrow I’m on the train up to Narni (yes, that Narni) where, judging from the internet immobiliare sites, the rents are simply mindbogglingly cheap – and go even lower in the “frazione” or surrounding villages and hamlets. There seem to be plenty of listings too. They also have a good bus services and there is also a Mass there to go to. Narni is also on the train line, which is convenient. And no earthquakes.

I have to get my stuff out of the house as soon as possible, and I’ve only got just under 4 weeks left in this place. I could have wished that someone had told me this about the house in Norcia before I had only a few weeks left, but whatever. Anyway, this and writing for other people – fulfilling some writing commitments that have been sitting on the shelf for a while – is going to take most of the time I’ve got to spare from house hunting. So things are going to continue to be a bit sparse around here for a bit.

This isn’t the worst thing that’s ever happened, and we never know where God is going to lead us next, so I’m OK. But I’ve been badly worn out from this, and sleeping has been a problem. It took me fully five days to recover from my last trip, and I’m off again in the morning.

As for All the Stuff, I’ll try to keep up, and keep y’all up to speed with me, but things are moving so fast in Rome now that even with all my attention and all the energy in the world, it wouldn’t be enough. More and more I feel like the Coyote, watching helplessly while the Roadrunner effortlessly streaks away from him, tearing up the roads as he goes.

The absolute latest is that apparently some of Francis’s Conclave supporters are asking him to resign, saying that he’s going to … well… basically destroy the Church. And they’ve got their collection plates to think about… those Beamers don’t pay for themselves, right? As our friend Sam pointed out, the “progressives” have progressed themselves right out of a job. Anyway, the weirdness just keeps getting weirder. We’ll keep watching.

But meantime, I wanted to say thank you all again for the generous support, financially and with prayers. The latter I could use more of, in fact. I’ve had a priest in Rome offer the traditional Mass for the intentions of my benefactors. And please be assured that I remembered you all – particularly the ones who have written to me asking for prayers – at the shrine of St. Rita in Cascia.

Keep praying, and keep going.


8 thoughts on “Posting lite; looking for home”

  1. Maria says:

    I am putting you as a permanent intention on my daily Rosary, Hilary —

    Not to worry — The Lord is in charge of everything — and He told Sr. Lucia of Fatima that He has given a new efficacy to the Rosary in our times — and that there is NOTHING that the prayer of the Rosary can’t resolve. I have found this to be so very true in my life ~~~ over and over again! — Ave Maria, Gratia plena~~~

  2. Barbara says:

    May Our Lady be with you on your house-hunt. My main Rosary is one I bought at Cascia and I treasure it; with St. Rita on the case you are bound to find something suitable, and cheap.

    Our Mission priest told us last night during his conference that “God is NOT an environmentalist.” No kidding. He destroys, both parts of the earth and our feeble structures, at His Pleasure. So much for Francis’ “sister, mother earth” bull.

  3. Andrew Dunn says:

    HI Hilary, here in Philadelphia we also have a Shrine to St. Rita of Cascia. I’m going there tomorrow and will say a prayer to her for you as well as the Religious in Norcia. As for your living situation, turn it all over to God and let Him put you where He wills you to be. I hope I’m wrong but I have a gut feeling that Norcia will never be fully re-built and in fact, with Bergoglio in charge, the Church there will likely suffer very much simply because he hates the Church and those — like the good Monks in Norci — who actually believe everything the Church teaches and are willing to defend those teachings no matter what. Bergoglio HATES such faithful people with the greatest intensity. I will not at all be surprised if he goes after their assets and the order itself like he did the Order of Malta – and all out of pure spite. Again, I hope I’m wrong – I know Norcia is very special to you and so many.

  4. David Wilson says:

    Miss White,
    you will be among my regular Rosary intentions, also your quest for The New Home.

  5. Doug Valenzuela says:

    Good evening Miss Hilary White –

    You may find this latest post of interest.

    If for any reason you cannot open this, please provide your e-mail address and I will forward the entire e-mail to you. Fascinating study of the Norcia neighborhood.

    God bless!!

    Doug Valenzuela

  6. Isabel says:

    It’s very difficult and you don’t have to feel bad about feeling bad. I got driven out of my house by a flood following a hurricane last fall and I was only out of the house for 3 months – and I wasn’t even that attached to the house and I could have moved away altogether – so I really had nothing to complain about, especially since I’m now back in the house. But I lost a lot of things and a lot of work I never even thought I cared about, and I had to rebuild and do things I had already done. Still, somehow you never feel the same about the place even if you go back, and I honestly haven’t slept well ever since then and I have felt about 10 years older. It’s hard for people who haven’t been through a loss like this to understand.

    But it is sometimes true that, in addition to everything else everybody else around you is suffering, God is giving you a kick in the pants. I hope you find something good, and Narni sounds like a possibility. But with all the chaos in the Church right now, everything is up for grabs, and that’s perhaps why God has set you free from being able to return to the old stability. There is probably something else out there for you now, and with the increasing urgency and speed of events, perhaps He wanted you to be free and ready to respond. Just my completely useless two cents, not even worth two cents in any currency.

  7. Ursula says:

    Dear Hilary. The Carmelites in Birkenhead are praying for you to find a good home quickly. We will pray too.

  8. Eejay says:

    I once lived in a bedsit in a building that was ready to split in two. We all had to leave. This change of direction, which I had not planned, led me through darkness and death. Battered, scarred and exhausted, I came through and found Christ and His Holy Church, and there you can hide yourself in His Holy Wounds.

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