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Still thinking of you

Pope Francis lets us know that even during his Lenten retreat, he’s still thinking of us…

… and still hates our guts.

When Jesus feels that certainty of Peter, it makes me think of so many fundamentalist Catholics,” Francis said. Peter, Francis said, “denied Jesus, had a massive crisis, and was made pope!”

I don’t remember where I saw it, but I recall a couple of days ago seeing someone warn that just because he’s on retreat doesn’t mean he hasn’t got a whole file of his daily insults, heresies and blasphemies all spooled up and ready to launch.

And sure enough, the Ol’ Faithful geyser hasn’t disappointed.

I suppose by now nearly everyone has seen it. I was in Perugia for the last couple of days and not paying much attention, and even I saw it. And I was kind of, “Yeah… whatever…”

I guess the only thing I really have to say about this now is that by this time these shouldn’t really worry us that much. In the first couple of years when we were all trying to figure out what was going on, they had the ability to shock and dismay us. But at this point, his cards are all on the table. We know exactly who this guy is, and what he’s all about. We know who his friends are and what they are about. And we are very familiar with his rather small set of talking points.  Bit of a broken record, to be honest.

If we react with more than a shrug then we should maybe concentrate more on our own faith, on keeping our eyes locked on Christ instead of every little gnat-bite this creature wants to inflict. Thicken up the skin a bit.

Really, there isn’t much more that he needs to tell us.