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Lazy blogging: Hilary does Drudge/Pewsitter … with graphs!

Still pretty poorly, but I’ve got that feeling you get when you know you’ve turned the corner and are on the mend. Like when you wake up after having a really furious bout of flu, and you suddenly realize the worst is over. You’re not well, but you know you’re not going to be ill forever. So, I figure I’ve got just enough energy for some lazy clicking and pasting.

Perhaps not a lot of wording is really needed, since it’s been the sort of week when the general direction of world affairs can be determined just by reading headlines in more or less chronological order.

Mattarella categorically refuses to consider stopping Islamic invasion into Italy (and consequently into the rest of Europe), declares “solidarity” with “immigrants”.

Dutch vote for Jihad

Theresa May virtue-signals in House of Commons; “We have to say Islamist not Islamic attacks… because that SO TOTALLY IS a distinction with a difference, dammit!”

Tommy Robinson calls bullshit, quite loudly…

(BTW: in case you’re wondering what the whold Tommy Robinson schtick is about…I’ll let Gavin explain it to you in plain words and hilarious accents.)

Liberal media says, “You’re meeeeaaannnn!”

Canadian Parliament passes Shariah, Islamist anti-blasphemy law

Montreal man of indeterminate religion calls for slaughter of Jews.

“North African” stabs policeman in Foggia car attack.

Mayor of Brussels: “All our mosques are controlled by Salafists

Today’s Islamic Terrorism Clock

Erdogan stirs up Jihad in Europe, threatens NATO

“French/Tunisian” stopped in Brussels before he also drove a car into pedestrians.

And now, for a series of randomly selected graphs: