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Settling in

I know, it’s been even sparser than usual. I really do regret not being able to blog as much as before, and I’m trying hard to get back to it. I’ve only this weekend managed to get the house into shape, and today my classes started. I’m going to be in town every morning on weekdays for a month, or possibly more.

But I’ve got my internet recharged for another month, and a huge backlog of writing work, all of which is very research-heavy. And looking things up always inspires more short posts. I hope to get back into the swing of things this week.

Meanwhile, some pics of the new surroundings are here.


5 thoughts on “Settling in”

  1. Hilary White says:

    Felix: click the link

  2. Dahveed says:

    From Ohio, this area looks beautiful, even though it isn’t Norcia. Thanks for sharing this with us. You are among our regular Rosary intentions, here in the sticks.

  3. Felix M says:

    “Classes”. Please tell us a bit more.

  4. Barbara says:

    Your ‘back yard’ looks wonderful. Looking forward to you having time to help us make sense out of this mess we’re in, and give us the benefit of your thoughts.

  5. Tina says:

    Happy Homecoming!

    Beautiful countryside. I saw the other pictures on the Orwell blog. It certainly will be quiet and restful for you. Good luck with your classes. What are you taking? I must have missed that part. Anyway, I’m really happy for you and the kitties.

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