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We’re well past “whistle-blowing”

Nowadays, they’re blowing their own whistles. As I think we’ve said, it’s not a conspiracy if they’re doing it in the open, sending out press releases and putting it on the websites. Giving Ted talks.

There seems almost no point in “figuring out” what’s “going on.” There certainly isn’t much point in asking what’s going on. We know what’s going on. We can see it in the headlines. They’re coming right out and saying it.

This morning, as I was swimming to the surface, I was lying there, curled up and thinking about it all. Of course now that the sides have more or less definitively lined up, what are we really called to do?

What do we do?

It’s the only question worth asking.


20 thoughts on “We’re well past “whistle-blowing””

  1. Helen Weir says:

    “Aim Higher: Spiritual and Marian Reflections of St. Maximilian Kolbe.” That is what I recommend, for starters. It is approachable in terms of length, but the content is intense. It is not systematic or analytical; Father Maximilian was in the process of dictating his Marian Summa when the Nazis came to arrest him. So his message to us about who Mary is was finalized by his martyrdom at Auschwitz: She is the Queen of the Kingdom of Her Son, to which the Kingdom of All Heresies is opposed–in Father’s era, in our own, and always. The Woman and the Dragon: there are no other alternatives. Kolbean Mariology can sound a bit jarring at first, even to Catholic ears; we don’t realize how pickled in Protestantism we have truly become. But the Immaculate Conception is a dogma of the Faith, more solid than the earth and the moon and all the stars. Therefore it and all of its ramifications–theological, liturgical, political, devotional, philosophical, personal–can be trusted absolutely.

    “Aim Higher”features, as an appendix, an explanation of the Act of Total Consecration written by Father himself; this is where to begin. Remember in The Silver Chair, when all the heroes trying to recover Prince Rilian started out from the place where he was lost? They never got anywhere. What Narnia needed was a new starting point: namely, Aslan’s own instructions. Who else would know in which direction true hope lies? We, too, keep trying to solve the ecclesial crisis by figuring out what went wrong and attempting to fix it from tbere; but this will never work. We have to do God’s work God’s way; we need to start where He says to, if we mean to end up where He Himself is. The Immaculate Conception is God’s new starting point, for each one of us, for the Church, and for the whole human race; the only starting point that directs us to the Beatific Vision. Which is why those who want to “accompany “us along some other road (not naming any names here) need first and foremost to uproot Total Kolbean Consecration, totally.

    Great piece at The Remnant, btw. Can’t wait for the next one!

  2. Hilary White says:

    Helen, I’ve just finished a long piece about all this for the Remnant which will go up on the website soon. I read a bit of the Traccia, and was impressed. I’ve got De Montfort’s book, but haven’t read it. I’m a pretty big marian slacker. Can you recommend a book?

  3. Helen Weir says:

    We must do what Father Maximilian Kolbe did when he, too, was “hopelessly” enmeshed in the culture of death: consecrate ourselves to the Immaculata, who alone has “conquered all heresies in the whole world,” including Bergoglianism. The bishops must do their part–a part we lay people cannot play–and we must do our part–a part the bishops cannot play. Yet each and all must come to belong to Her without limitation, so that She (who alone, because of Her Immaculate Conception, has the capability of effecting such a transformation) will bring God’s own good out of all that has gone wrong, and nurture unto ultimate triumph in Heaven whatever merit remains. A good offense is the best defense. That is why specifically Kolbean consecration, with its apostolic dimension not stressed or included in other legitimate forms, is the real key.

    It’s like we’re all trapped in the Lifelock commercials or something. What good is monitoring the autoimmune deficiency of Modernism, if we aren’t going to do anything about it? And there is only one thing we CAN do, which (thankfully) is the only thing that is going to make any difference anyway: Totally Kolbean Consecration. Jorge Bergoglio realizes this; why else go after the FFI with such ferocity? And for all the things this pontiff is trying to prevent us from doing, there is one thing he can never succeed in stopping: the willed commitment to making Her the Queen of our own hearts first, and consequently becoming Her instruments in bringing all other hearts now beating or that will beat in the future to the same blessed hope. If we don’t do this, the devastation will be more our fault than the bishops’ or the pope’s. ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

  4. louiseyvette says:
  5. louiseyvette says:

    “Tell this guy.”

    Honestly! These men! Don’t they know that if they cleaned house (and only they have the authority) that the world would shape up too? Do they have any Faith at all?

  6. Hilary White says:


    I can’t think of a single bishop who better encapsulates everything Trads talk about with conservatives. This steadfast support for the Church’s JPII-era teaching on sex is their great claim to orthodoxy fame, but that is exactly and precisely where it ends. All these “classic” neo-cons follow the pattern, but maybe none more obviously than Chaput. They hate the old Faith – particularly as it is manifested in the liturgy – more passionately than any outright liberal does. Trads have nicknamed him Eagle-Feather Chaput.

  7. Andrew Dunn says:

    RE: … Anyway, don’t tell me about it. Tell this guy.

    Charles Chaput… my archbishop. He’s an interesting fellow and I’m not sure what to make of him sometimes. On one hand, he’s unapologetically pro-life and “conservative” on the issues of the day which enrages the liberal CINOs. But on the other hand, it’s more than obvious he is not a fan of the Traditional Latin Mass, nor sacred music. Hopefully he’ll come around on those two sooner rather than later: I can’t stand looking at that damn table he has set up in front of the very beautiful high altar at the Cathedral Basilica of Sts. Peter and Paul here in Philly.

  8. Benjamin Van Dyck says:

    I do not know the greater context in which Mgr. Chaput spoke those words, but there is indeed a tendancy among the hierarchs to transfer their duties upon their flocks as an excuse to be negligent, as if democratisation of the Church has not already laid ecclesiastical life to waste.

    People need leaders. This is a truth that has been intentionally obscured by the oligarchs to keep the nations in perpetual instability and, as such, powerless to defend themselves against their machinations. The same oligarchs have been trying to import the anarchy of democracy into the hallowed corridors of the Church to subvert her influence throughout the world. which explains the excessive focus on the general priesthood of the faithful.

    We can counter this destructive mentality among the Clergy by insisting that they take the lead. The primary activity of the laity, at this moment, must be to demand from our shepherds, by virtue of their divinely imposed duties, that they lead us to counter-revolutionary combat. Let the gold and silver of the crozier flicker at the helm of the divinely beloved armies, and let the voices of bishops thunder against the faithless Jews and Mahometans. And, indeed, let the Bishop of Bishops be admonished by his brethren in the Episcopate.

    Aside from prayer and penance, this is all that we can do at present. Living in a country like Belgium, with all the mitred buffoonery going on here, I can say from first hand experience that no significant improvement can be effected unless one has militantly counter-revolutionary bishops. It is the great priority in the regeneration of society.

  9. Hilary White says:


    Of course,

    just don’t hold your breath or put off dinner waiting for this particular crop to lead the faithful to Christ.

  10. Benjamin Van Dyck says:

    Miss White,

    A diocesan bishop is ontologically a Prince of the Church by virtue of his office, whether he acts in accordance to his lofty state or not. Journalists and armchair theologians cannot resolve the grave disorder in Rome; only the Clergy can. I share your frustration regarding the negligence of the shepherds, but they are still the persons who hold the legal key to liberating the Apostolic See of Pope Francis, and no degree of lay activism can substitute that. They must deploy the ecclesiastical weapon* granted to them by Divine Law, but like I said, God Himself might intervene before that happens.

    * Summus Pontifex a nemine iudicatur, nisi deprehendatur a fide devius.

  11. Hilary White says:



    which “princes of the Church” did you mean, exactly?

  12. John F. Kennedy says:

    Thy will be done. If it means fire and brimstone all around… so be it. It not like we haven’t been warned.
    I’m just sorry my children will have to suffer due to the fools who refuse to listen and to see the signs.

    “Armageddon Days Are Here (Again)” by The The

  13. Benjamin Van Dyck says:

    The Princes of the Church must confront the Pope of Rome in a direct way, in an open clash. Lay people cannot replace them in this duty that they possess, and the nations will not be converted en masse before the situation in the Apostolic See is first resolved. The cardinals and bishops must break their silence; that role belongs to their lofty stature within the Church, and not to the laity.

    My position is that an Imperfect Council should be convoked to deal with papal heresy, but it can rightfully be feared that there might come a divine intervention before that takes place. If Heaven brought the Sack of Rome upon the Seven-Hilled City, centuries ago, due to its sins, a similar event could come to pass in our days as well, especially since the barbarians, which the internationalist oligarchies import into Europe, rabidly desire the conquest of Rome, as did the founder of their sect.

  14. Fuquaysteve says:

    Start and end at Adoration….have your own oratory and pray fervently.

  15. Michael Dowd says:

    Well, Cardinal Burke says we must resist. Like stop giving them money.

  16. Dorota Mosiewicz-Patalaske says:

    We dare to remember. Every time we hear a statement directly contradicting previous statements and actions, instead of forgetting what we know, we remember. We hold these contradictions together in our God-given rational minds and we remember – let your yes be yes and let your no be no. We would rather run into some feel-good fantastical narrative thanks to learnt disability of positive spinning of inconvenient truths, but we must remain rigid in our faithfulness to reason and logic, and in our aspirations to virtue. It hurts to look with eyes wide open, but we look. We gather up the courage to know what we know.
    If we can do this, the rest will be easy. We always speak truth (we have the Word of God and two thousand years of faithfulness to the Word of God to assist us). Let the chip fall where they may. Let us remember – God does not change, God does not reinterpret Himself, God’s identity is not subject to politics of the day and fashions. it is not fluid. It is set in stone in this universe always surprising and flexing our limited understanding.

    We let no one shame us into submission with a false mercy, with linguistic acrobatics and language events.

    We see what we see and we know what we know.

    We are told by our Creator that He alone is in control.

    Nothing they do to us can brake the power of God. We remain faithful, and He will never leave us.

  17. Evangeline says:

    A great question, as malaise sets in and we see that our church is going up in flames.
    They need not even hide their plans and schemes any longer. It is all out in the open and not enough of us care. Some, but not enough.

  18. Michael F says:

    Make reparation for the sins and ingratitude of mankind: “Appearing with the Queen of Heaven in that (Dec 10.1925) apparition was the Infant Jesus, Who said to Lucia: “Have pity on the Heart of your Most Holy Mother. It is covered with thorns with which ungrateful men pierce it at every moment, and there is no one to remove them with an act of reparation.”

    Our Lady then spoke: “See, my daughter, my Heart encircled by thorns with which ungrateful men pierce it at every moment by their blasphemies and ingratitude. Do you, at least, strive to console me. Tell them that I promise to assist at the hour of death with the graces necessary for salvation all those who, in order to make reparation to me, on the First Saturday of five successive months, go to confession, receive Holy Communion, say five decades of the Rosary, and keep me company for a quarter of an hour, meditating on the fifteen mysteries of the Rosary.”

    It’s very clear what we should do…

  19. louiseyvette says:

    Go fishing… Until Jesus turns up and tells us what to do next.

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