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Like a polar bear in a Greenpeace meme…

the ground under the “conservative” position is melting away

Waking up yet? Shall I put a pot of coffee on?

But slowly, the ground on which these ‘neoCatholics’ stand was being chipped away, until the only metric left to them has been the Church’s teaching on sexual morality. As long as the pope continues to defend and uphold these, the narrative tells them, it doesn’t matter how many Korans he kisses. All that stuff is open to debate. Sex, marriage and babies is the bottom line. Except that this bottom line has been drawn in chalk on the false floor. And Francis has begun to erase it. The ‘conservative Catholic’ position had been safe in this demarcation zone, at least until Amoris Laetitia.”

No no, nothing to see here… go back to your regularly scheduled normalcy bias.

(Seriously, one of the very, very few natural consolations I’ve got left is being right all the time. It never gets old, really.)