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You keep on using that word; I do not think it means what you think it means

The internet world being unable to stop laughing at Walford (poor little mite) the regime is trotting out bigger targets…

Confusion in the Church exists. But “it is certainly not the Pope who provokes it, but those who, to oppose it, do not hesitate to multiply the voices of dissent”. This is stated by the philosopher Massimo Borghesi, author of the first scientific study on the thought of Francesco, Jorge Mario Bergoglio. An intellectual biography (published by Jaka Book), which in this interview with Vatican Insider comments on the new criticisms of the theological thought of Joseph Ratzinger, the document written by the three Kazakh bishops on Amoris laetitia , and the neo-scholarly matrix of traditionalism that accuses modernism Vatican Council II and the Popes who have succeeded since then.

And again, it’s being pointed back at Benedict Ratzinger. We’re suddenly hearing over and over that he’s been with them all along and it’s him the criticis of Amoris Laetitia are attacking… really. No… REALLY! You like Benedict XVI!?? Well, THOSE BASTARDS ARE REALLY ATTACKING HIM!!



It’s funny how they want us to believe there isn’t a coordinated counter-attack… all these people, the usual suspects, just happen to suddenly be using the same terms.

It could happen.

Stuff like that happens.

Like when that guy and that other guy did the same thing at the same time… that time.