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The purge continues: the contemplative religious are next

While all the rest of the Catholic world is McCarricking (you heard it as a verb here first!) we’re still plugging through the nun document. The more I read it, and the more I hear from religious about it, the more clear it becomes that this is just the next step in the Great Bergoglian Purge. In fact, these days they’re coming right the heck out and saying it out loud.

Bishop Gracida has posted my latest for the Remnant.

At a meeting of religious formators in April 2015 in Rome, Carballo said quite clearly that it is Vatican II that must take precedence over the classical charisms of religious life. “With this explicit reference to the Second Vatican Council, we point to our profound conviction that the council is the point of reference, non-negotiable, in the formation to the consecrated life.”

In his speech in Avila, Spain a month later, Carballo spoke even more plainly, denouncing the “many fundamentalist groups” in the religious life, saying, “This is not of the Spirit.” “Vatican II is our compass” he said, adding that the pope “takes his lead from Vatican II.”

Carballo said that with the collapse of vocations over the last 50 years, it is clear that the forms of religious life that have been known through the last 20 centuries have “done their task in the Church.” This, he said is a time of “purification” for the religious life. He called “some forms” of religious life “antiquated” and claimed that they “say hardly anything to people.

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