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A blessed and fruitful World Day of Prayer for Creation and Our Common Home to you all

“Look! Over there! Fluffy bunnies!”
(rumoured to be Cardinal Wuerl’s final words before hustling onto the plane for Rome.)


The Vatican wants to know: What are YOU doing to “care for creation”?

Did you know you might have a vocation to care for creation?

This just in via email, made my morning.

Hey.  So, is tomorrow the day that your weather turns nice?  If so, I’m jealous. I just wanted to be sure I wished you a very happy and blessed and fruitful World Day of Prayer for Creation and Our Common Home.  Just for fun (and penance), I read the article on the Vatican website. It’s a riot.  When I got to this part, I thought of you:

Vocation of creation care

Ms Leaño says that the “beauty of the Season of Creation is that people have the freedom to express this part of our faith to love and take care of creation”. She spoke of an event called “Rise for Climate Action” on September 8 in which many environmental groups will participate. “It’s a way to publically witness to this vocation of creation care”. The GCCM also encourages people to join in coastal clean-up efforts on the third Saturday of each month. Individuals around the world are joining through ecumenical prayer services, cosmic walks, and planting gardens.

Did you know you might have a Vocation of creation care?  I hope you will always remember that when you are gardening.  I’m going for a “cosmic walk” tomorrow. 

Are these people insane? Is everyone insane?  


Just in case there were still readers out there thinking there are any grownups left in the Vatican.