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St. Cecilia

What’s she singing?

Happy thanksgiving, ‘Murrican friends!

Try this. I just had some and it was great. Cranberry sauce is good for poultry because it’s acidity cuts the fattiness of the meat, cleanses the palate. This plum sauce is out of an old English cookery book and traditionally accompanied roast goose. I made it recently for the European version of thanksgiving, St. Martin’s. I just tried it on some dark turkey meat and it’s great.

When I made it I sort of forgot that I’ve got a bit of a fluttery tummy when it comes to very acidic things. The original recipe calls for way more vinegar, but it’ just about knocked my head off. So I had to load in a bunch of sodium bicarb, extra sugar and butter. It turned out pretty well, (and btw: those are the chef-trick things to do when your thing is too acid) but from now on I’m not doing more than 1/2 cup of vinegar. If it’s not enough liquid, just top it up with a little water, and remember to keep the heat down very low. Sugar burns at quite a low temp.