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Only holiness counts

A priest speaks:

Only Holiness subverts this mess in the Church

I’m no longer worried, or scared to speak my mind as charitably as is possible, over a man – and group of men – who are given over to, and in some cases filled with, the enemy. It’s blindingly clear now. What they don’t understand yet is that what they fear most isn’t the Pharisees and right wingers and the conservatives and pro-lifers and climate change deniers.

It’s those whose lives are truly given over to Jesus Christ and who, filled with the living spirit of God Himself, walk in righteousness and justice within His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church, filled with a hunger and thirst for the Lord, filled with a heart longing for Heaven [that they fear]. And [they are] no longer worried at all as they grow in confusion on their hell bent quest.

It’s about being a Saint. And not some fairy tale imitation LARP, but a genuine red blooded, fraught with drama and intrigue, actual man or woman made in the image and likeness of God who simply believes and adjusts their life accordingly; meditating upon the law of the Lord day and night, walking in sacramental grace, and praising and worshipping the Lord.

Truly, that’s what they’re afraid of. They’re like rats that have infested a rectory, that run and scurry when the lights are turned on. There comes a time when they’re not afraid of the light – and that’s when the rats’ weakness peaks. Because it’s their destruction. No, the ball is in the Lord’s court and, if He is going to have mercy on those who fear Him down to the thousandth generation, then He has a good thirty thousand years or so left in which to do so.

No fear – it’s like watching clowns with bull dozers and realizing they’re destroying an illusion of what they think they’re destroying, because they don’t even believe in what they profess to destroy.

Cardinal Burke is right to say we should serenely study our Catechisms. We should also serenely read our Bibles, attend and assist at Mass, recite our prayers, and continue to shine the light on the three ring circus – heresies, confusions, bachanals, gay orgies and satanic symbols and beliefs included – that’s taking place all around us.


This is why the various conspiracy theories don’t interest me.