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Breeves for Nuns Project Complete (Or, “How to use the internet correctly.”)

Well, y’all did it.

This is a dozen brand new, Baronius Press, 3 volume Roman Breviaries, and there are probably another three in the post, for a total value of US $5400.

How to use the internet correctly.

Note from Sister: “Please tell everyone how grateful we are. This is just totally overwhelming.”

“We are going to try to design some nice labels to put in the front of each breviary on which we’ll write the name or names of the donor/donors of that particular set. Then the sister who receives that set will pray for that particular donor each time she prays the Office.”


Well done everyone! And thank you.

We are still waiting for probably three more to arrive at the monastery, but the nuns are now equipped for the next phase of learning the traditional rites of the Divine Office.

In fact, we might have over done it a little. But if there are extras, it seems clear that there isn’t going to be any shortage of vocations. These sisters are already doing well in that area, and when it becomes possible to make their transition to the traditional forms public, it seems clear there will be more.