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The medium-heeled are abandoning Anglo-Land: or why the 1st World Sucks

Did any of y’all ever see this website?

It’s hilarious. It’s called “Crack-shack or Mansion” – and it’s a fun interactive game where you try to guess whether the crappy little shack you’re looking at in Vancouver is a house for sale for more than a million $ CAD, or a crack den raided and seized by police.

Go ahead! Click it! It’s hilarious.

Yes, that’s a house that’s on the market in Vancouver for $1.78 million.

Now, here’s a place you can buy in Umbria for about 360,000 Euros. Which works out to about $540,335.70 CAD.


Now, admittedly, a castle, even a well-renovated one, can be a little pricey to heat, but…

Wonder why the so-called 1st world is becoming an unlivable sh_____le?

It’s pretty much the Boomers’ fault.

Wondering why I will never consider living in a major urban centre again?