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Abandoned monastery; abandoned Faith; abandoned civilisation and the coming cataclysm

As more and more people are saying, I don’t honestly see any human, natural means to avoid the consequences of everything we’ve been making and doing for the last 200+ years.


Exploring the ruins

Imagine for a moment that you’re in a sci fi movie and it’s hundreds of years from now and our entire civilisation is completely gone – basically imagine that all the things that are happening now long ago took their course and reached their inevitable conclusion. Now imagine that we’re even well past the upheavals that inevitably would come when a global, highly technological society completely collapses. All the big global wars, all the little civil wars, all the famines and plagues and nuclear and chemical dead zones, all the camps and grand and petty tyrannies, all the horrors are over; only the empty and crumbling cities are left – places of such evil legend that to this day no one ventures there.

Let’s imagine that the worst fears of the Preppers came true and those who survived the cataclysms were the ones who left the cities to seek out lonely places, learn pre-industrial skills, and set up little well-guarded enclaves behind stout walls and palisades, hunkered down to grow beans and hunt wild boar and wait for it all to blow over.

Now imagine that after those hundreds of years, despite the stories he’d heard all his life by the fireside, one young fellow decides he wants to go and have a look at the remnants of the old world for himself.


More random apocalyptic braining…

“…First there is prosperity as never before. Then people apostatise as never before. Then a decay of morals as never before. Soon a large number of foreign people comes to the country…”

“…his fame however grew from his prophetic visions of a third world war, an attack on the Vatican that causes the Pope to flee, a revolution in Russia and much of Europe, a terrible event involving 72 hours of darkness, a warming climate and the sinking of three large cities under the sea as well as an invasion of the United States. Earl Mayer described his visions appearing to him like a movie. He experienced much of the information as numbers which he did not understand. An example of that was his vision of people talking into and playing with Zuban. Zuban is or was a brand of cigarettes in other words he had visions of people talking into and playing with what he thought were cigarette boxes. Think about that for a moment. He predicted his own death in July 1959, saying before he died, “I am glad that I can go now because I won’t have to experience what I see.”

So much for what we’ve seen to date…

“…Soon after this there is revolution then the Russians attack the West overnight. Everybody is yelling peace! Shalom! then it happens. A new Middle East war suddenly flares up. Large fleets stand in hostility against each other in the middle in the Mediterranean. The situation is tense but the real igniting spark is thrown into the tinderbox on the Balkans [ed… what else is new? This seems to be what the Balkans are for.] The third world war will come but I cannot predict the year. It will be preceded by signs in the skies which will be seen by millions of people. War will begin on a rainy night shortly before harvest time when the ears are full war will begin.”
Then it rains a yellow dust in a line, the golden line. The golden city of Prague will be destroyed. It starts there. It continues in a straight line to the sea by the bay. The tanks drive but those who sit inside are covered with death. There where the dust falls nothing will live, no tree, no flowers, no animals, no grass. Everything will wither and turn black. The houses will stand. What the dust is I don’t know and cannot say. It’s a long line. He who crosses it dies.” 



Why has the pro-life movement failed? Lack of conviction.

Back in about 1998, when I first got involved in the pro-life movement in Canada, I guess I more or less figured what everyone did; that all you really had to do was overturn some laws. It didn’t take long to understand that this would be like cutting the tops off the dandelions. Most of the Boomer-generation pro-lifers got involved thinking they had to just overturn the abortion laws (or in Canada’s case, put them back in.) They grew frustrated after a couple of decades because it turned out to be a lot harder and bigger problem than that. I ran into this a lot; the older generation of pro-lifer, by the late 90s, had all but given up.

Eventually it became clear that it was because they were committed to keeping the roots of the problem. They liked the Sexual Revolution; they liked Vatican II; they liked the comforting, insulating products of Modernia, and wanted to just limit its more extreme manifestations (the killing of children). When they were confronted with the inescapable realisation that the problem was their entire Modernist civilisational proposal – the idea that man can live without God and his societies can be run without reference to Him – they backed off, claiming that the problem was just insoluble.

The next generation of pro-life activist – people my age and younger – started to develop a much more comprehensive approach. But of course, by then it was far, far far too late.

Quite frankly, we’ve got it coming.


Some thoughts on the replacement of Catholicism with … that other thing

From a friend via FB messenger:

“In the Church, papolatry is one helluva drug. I first got an inkling of this at Yankee Stadium in April 2008, listening to 60,000 people do a football cheer of BEN-E-DETTO!!! BEN-E-DETTO!!! while an elderly German bishop was celebrating a mass on the field. I first joined in, then stopped myself.

“I asked in wonder, ‘What is this new religion I’m participating in?’ It’s very consoling to ‘just go with the pope’ and celebrate the New Springtime. You feel like you’re with a great mass of people, holding multicoloured hands across the globe. Certainly it ‘feels’ better than being a disdained minority, ‘stuck in the past’. But this world is not all there is. The true springtime awaits us if we persevere to the end, and I prefer to have eyes wide open to see it.”


And a final word on the corruption of the intellect…

Jordan Peterson might want to look more deeply at the history of the degradation of philosophy. Derrida may indeed be the most dangerous “transgressive” thinker of the last century, but his ideas didn’t come out of the void.

The ideology we are dealing with now is what I’ve called the “Anti-Rational Principle,” and it is, essentially as Dr. Peterson says, “that thought itself is an agent of oppression.”

This ideology is a cultural dead end; there’s no coming back from it and there’s no “forward” anymore to progress to.


This has been a test of the Emergency Apocalyptic System.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled cat videos.