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“Cashless society” = ultimate digital totalitarian surveillance state

A mass surveillance state would be easy to develop if our society moves away from physical currency. And as a result of that some truly terrifying things can happen there after we’ve already begun to see the likes of credit card companies and payment processors terminate their services with certain individuals and businesses because of their political views.

Well what about the idea of a person essentially being frozen out of society entirely a true digital unpersoning. You walk into a store and attempt to purchase something using your debit card or your thumbprint, or whatever future biometric system we’ll be using, only for the transaction to be declined. You’re no longer allowed to buy that train ticket or purchase those groceries because of something you may have said online was deemed offensive to the bureaucratic ideologues who control the international monetary system.


“China; the nation competing for the global superlative of most dystopian”

“Emotional surveillance system is allowing supervisors to scrutinize employees brainwaves for signs of distress