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Francis’ synod on sex abuse: “Will not be talking about anything except minors.”

Time to dust off some old memes.

A friend is listening to the opening press conference right now and his helpfully sending me some little paraphrases, like kitty treats, to get us all interested.

At least they’re being up front about the intention to avoid actually addressing anything.


For those with the stomach for it, here’s the whole thing.

Ed Pentin (at 1:12:18):

“It was often said during the Synod on youth that abuse of seminarians vulnerable adults as it was put, would be addressed at this meeting. partly because of the McCarrick scandal. When this meeting was initially announced, it was to be about the protection of minors and vulnerable adults but now it seems to be about protection of minors only. I just want to know will this meeting include abuse of vulnerable adults, seminarians in particular.”

Diane Montagna (at 1:27:22)

“Recently, Cardinal Mueller … noted that more than 80% of the victims of these sexual offenders are teenagers of the male sex. Will the problem of homosexuality among the clergy be addressed as of this problem? Since it is obvious from the data that many of these acts committed against minors are homosexual acts.”

On the “hypothesis” that the culture of cover-up comes from priests and bishops being themselves involved in illicit sexual activity…

Cupich: “You were right in saying that it’s a hypothesis. And hypotheses have to be proven. And I think that is something that has to remain at that level, of hypothesis.”

… So, naturally the last thing we would want to do is investigate this question…