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Marino vs. Francis

The Mayor of Rome just resigned. Ignazio Marino was the socialist who replaced the more or less decent Alemanno a couple of years ago. As a crazed social progressive militant expansionist, I’m among those who are not the least bit sorry to see him go.

Frog’s out of the pot now…

A friend comments: When the Faith is proclaimed, a German bishop cries: As well they should. They’ve overplayed their hand. They should have settled for the continuing, incremental slide into indeterminancy, but Pope Francis (wittingly or unwittingly) drew them out from their cultural cover. Check

Go help the Remnant

The Remnant can be counted as one of the pillars of the Traditionalist Catholic movement in the Church, and they’re in trouble… My buddy Chris Ferrara writes today: The Remnant enjoys a level of influence in the Catholic world far out of its proportion to

Let’s play a game! Big Prizes!!

They all sound vaguely familiar and more or less all have the same theme: that of “reconciling” opposed things. Like, “Yes, marriage is indissoluble, and yes, Our Lord said that you can’t get divorced and that a person who does that and gets “married” again

Le Synode est moi

A Vatican contact writes: Nota bene: Watch how the Synod is being orchestrated. First, there is a huge emphasis on unity and consensus. This was a theme hit upon over and over during the Pope’s address and during the interventions of Forte, Baldisseri and others.