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Category Archives: A plague on both your houses!


“Conservative” is getting like those funny pics you can’t figure out what you’re looking at. Bunny or duck? Bunny or duck? Bunnyduckbunnyduckbunnyduckbunnyduck… Steve lines up a few helpful statements from Cardinal Yes-I’m-Conservative Schonborn, just to keep handy… In His Own Words: Cardinal Schönborn on Exhortation’s

Pre-emptive interpreting

So, Cardinal Brandmuller, one of the “good guys,” has just issued a statement telling everyone to “interpret” the Joy of Secks according to traditional Catholic moral teaching. [Auto-translated] “In view of the previous discussions will find special interest those paragraphs of the post-synodal letter, which

The CDF will save us!

So, rumours are going around that Muller’s CDF has made some kind of objection. That he’s “fisked” the EoD and there will be some kind of “explanatory” document produced to tell the Faithful the Bad Bits to ignore (Jimmy Akin, call your office). Yeah. That’ll


So, I tried to cancel my Twitter account the other day and discovered that I had failed to stash away the passwords in a safe place and have, of course, forgotten them. So, I guess Twitter is going to follow me forever. I wanted to