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Posso/potrei, potay-to, potah-to…

So, LSN apparently reads me, but I guess I’m too much the Bad Kid these days to get a link. But, whatevs. Today we have the update that not only has the Vatican website not corrected the “mistake” in their Italian transcription of the pope’s

Dose crap-priests, doe…

Hey, remember when I said that Jorge’s stupid and dangerous remark that people could just kind of come into the confessional and mutely think or grunt their confessions and all the priest had to do would be to wave his magic priest-hand and say the

What a Silly Lash!

~ My husband, whose conversion to Catholicism was greatly eased by his discovery of the Traditional Latin Mass, is a bit of a Latinist, so he fussed and spluttered when he came across this amusing passage in an interview with His Grace the Archbishop of

More bad language

  Cardinal Sarah: Gender ideology and ISIS are like beasts of the Apocalypse According to the full text of his intervention (see below), given to the Register and Aleteia, the prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship said “we find ourselves between gender ideology and