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Category Archives: Cheer up; it’ll soon be over

Stay on target

Yes, we had another one. We’re all fine. Most of the stuff that was going to get knocked down by a big earthquake was already knocked down in August. The Basilica of San Benedetto suffered quite a bit more damage, but that is all. No

PPA – Papal Positivists Anonymous.

There should be, like A.A., a P.P.A.: Papal Positivists Anonymous. “Hi. I’m Bob. I’m a papal positivist.” (applause) “Hi Bob.” “What woke me up was when…” I’m going to keep saying it and saying it until… I guess, I get tired of saying

Yellowstone Asteroid

Yeah, so, y’all know that Asteroid I’ve been talking about for years and years? Turns out it’s not going to come down from the sky so much as up from the ground. The volume of the newly imaged, deeper reservoir is a whopping 11,000 cubic-miles