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The yoots will save us!

Hey, y’all know that whole neo-conservative thing about how “the youth” is all onside and the hippie-dippy dinosaurs are going to die off and everything’s going to be fine? Yeah, not so much. Young U.S. Catholics overwhelmingly accepting of homosexuality ~

But, secks…

Ann helpfully helps with: “Interestingly, Francis’ last spewage, Laudato Si, was written and released in Italian – NOT Latin – to great fanfare. Now, we go back to the Latin. Could it be that these diabolical infiltrators went back to Latin because only in Latin

The @ArchbishopBlase Suggestion Box

A WUWTS special feature It’s the #Churchoflistening, right? Apparently, Archbishop Blase has asked… Archbishop Cupich ‏@ArchbishopBlase What kind of world do we want to leave to those who come after us, to children who are now growing up? #LaudatoSi Ann helpfully helps with: Ann Barnhardt