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A thousand words

I am informed by friends that these have appeared, plastered up on notice boards all over Rome. Antonio Socci described it as the City being “carpeted” with them. It says, “Francis, you police congregations, have priests removed, have decapitated the Order of Malta and the

Reality is divisive

In light of these pronouncements of Pope Francis and the principle of dialogue and acceptance of legitimate plurality of opinions, which was fostered by the documents of the Second Vatican Council, the unusually violent and intolerant reactions on behalf of some bishops and cardinals against

Winnowing time

So, in case there was still anyone in the Catholic world who thought that the pope didn’t want to institute a regime of universal sacrilege, we have this announcement from the Vicariate of Rome. The pope is the bishop of Rome, but he mostly acts


This is Valletta, the capital of Malta, after the German bombing. Every stone of it was rebuilt, and you would never know. It is possible to rebuild. This is true of cities, as it is of the Faith. ~

What I’ve been working on while not posting much here. A friend has been helping me (…has been doing all the work…) to set up a website to provide information and support to older women seeking a way to live the religious life. It’s an

The Catholic Drudge is back

Congratulations to our friend Frank in his new endeavour, the website, Canon 212, that is, effectively, the Catholic Drudge report. Remember when Pewsitter was interesting? And then suddenly a couple months back it got really boring? Turned towards American politics and away from things that